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Martell TV : The Indiegogo Campaign Post-Analysis

I think a lot of people misunderstand what crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter are. A lot of people think the job of the platform is to market and sell your project. That is not true. Crowdfunding platforms are actually more like an eBay Store listing. It’s an e-commerce page, but it is still a store. You still need to sell your perks and you still need to market the campaign. And you have to reach out. A lot of

Re-designing the Power Up TV Website

Update 5/3/2016: I am no longer affiliated with Power Up TV, having sold the company last year. This article remains for historical purposes. If you’d like the latest info on starting a YouTube MCN consider my book How to Start Your Own YouTube Network: An Insider’s Guide.   I now work as a consultant. Consider hiring me! *** As of this writing, Power Up TV has grown to over 1,200 YouTube Partners and generates almost $10,000 in total revenue per month.

You can get a TV Station + a Custom Website for $300

  I’m writing this to remind folks that, as part of our limited-time offer, you can get a custom made website for your TV Station if you choose the $300 tier (or more).   Like the offer says, you can’t ordinarily find custom website work for $300. This is an incredibly good offer we’re only giving to those early adopters who want to have a Station with us. We’re willing to invest our own time and money helping you be

Why Indie Film-makers Need Their Own TV Stations

One of the smartest things that an indie film-maker can do is run their own TV Station using our app, Martell TV. It will allow you to raise money for any type of film you want to make, ever. Is that too bold of a statement? I’m not apologizing, because I’m speaking truth. Owning your own TV Station allows you to guarantee distribution which means guaranteed ROI for investors. That means you can raise money for anything you want to

How Any YouTuber Can Build a TV Station : A Guide for those without a Radio-TV-Film Degree

The web TV app my company has created is promising a lot to YouTubers. We’ve boasted that it allows YouTubers to operate with the same business model as real broadcasting networks, for just a one-time payment of $200 for a Premium Station. But how does that *really* work, you may wonder? The point of this article is to serve as a basic guide on how I, as the designer of the app, intended it to be used. It is my

FAQ for Trolls

As a mild-web celebrity (If there was a D list for YouTubers, I guess I’d be on it) I get a lot of trolling. I sometimes reply to it, I sometimes ignore it. But now I think I’ll just write an FAQ and continually update it. This is a time saving life-hack; just make an FAQ filled with my pre-recorded responses to my trolls.  Any time one of these trolls reaches out I’ll just forward them to this article. Case in point,

Why all YouTubers should have a mailing list

Note: This is an older article. I sold my MCN Power Up TV to Thunder Studios in January 2015. I now work as a consultant. Consider hiring me! As most people who know me have heard, I’ve been running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to finish our web TV app. I’ve been promoting the project heavily through my social profiles and reaching out to personal friends to do the same, but I kickstarted the project with one technique; a full-throttle

Mid-Campaign Musings; Why I Will Be Successful

This post is a followup to ‘Today I really need all my friends..‘ which I wrote when I launched the Indiegogo campaign. We’re now three weeks in and have (as of this writing) raised $3,300 toward our goal of $40,000. Yay! I have an article I am working on called ‘The Rise of Martell TV – An Indiegogo Examined’ which will delve deeply into how I’ve been raising the money for this campaign, but I won’t be publishing it until after

The YouTube Entrepreneur’s Guide to VidCon

It’s the final day of VidCon and I’m sitting at the hotel waiting to pickup my suit for the day, so I thought I’d write a little guide for attendees of future VidCon events who are also entrepreneurs and want to make the most of the event. This is my first time attending VidCon, but not my first time attending conventions. I’ve worked as a game journalist for four years, and have attended a lot of entrepreneur focused networking events. I’m

The Rise of Power Up TV : Behind the Curtain

Update 5/3/2016: I am no longer affiliated with Power Up TV, having sold the company last year. This article remains for historical purposes. If you’d like the latest info on starting a YouTube MCN consider my book How to Start Your Own YouTube Network: An Insider’s Guide.  You can also hire me as a consultant. *** While pitching Martell TV  to investors I have often had angels grill me about my projections concerning the cost to advertise our internet stations and

Life as a vagabond entrepeneur

They say that the only thing certain in life is death and taxes, but the truth is dreams are renewable. Life isn’t over until it’s over. By some appearances it may seem I’ve been quiet this past month, but the truth is far from it. My rebranded YouTube multichannel network (MCN) Power Up TV! is doing fairly well, even though I’ve yet to do any marketing for it. This is largely due to the affiliate marketing program we’re using to incentivize

While the music plays on…

But I am not allowed to show the crowd What happens when romance has gone I must hide my feels singing through my tears While the music plays on So as some people have learned, I am moving Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc. to Los Angeles. Why? I supposed everyone deserves an explanation of some kind. First you must understand. I am the founder of a startup that is raising money. No matter how much I might like to say certain

How to Build a Successful YouTube Gaming Channel

Anyone saying things like “luck” or to “just make good content” doesn’t understand how YouTube works. There are actual steps you must take to engage with viewers to build an audience, and it’s not something that can be broken down into a few bullet points. Fore-warning: This article is lengthy and exhaustive. It includes almost everything I know about building a successful YouTube channel, culled from years of my own mistakes and advice from creators more successful than myself. If you