This article should be read as a continuation of my previous article, Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Elected Officials and Other Community Leaders, which discussed Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd). All the same legal disclaimers apply, which you can read here. To eliminate redundancy I am not repeating them here, but it is intended for readers to first read these legal disclaimers before proceeding. As said in the first part, every single person who is exposed had access to the exact same information I am showcasing here. They know the other members, they participated in the conspiracy and I have no sympathy for the consequences of their plot being exposed. This nonsense is ending.

UPDATE: The Video podcast version of this article is now available to watch on YouTube via this playlist. There are some slight updates between this version and the current incarnation of the article.

Also, not to sound like an e-beggar but I am an independent reporter. I am not part of any other media organization except my own small company. This article is exposing around two thousand people as part of what I believe to be a criminal conspiracy, and I anticipate they will try to sue me for libel despite all the evidence I show here. In reading my last article, you will see the people I report on have already discussed suing me for libel over my past articles criticizing their activities, as they want to censor me. If you’d like to contribute to my legal defense fund so I may continue reporting on their activities, this is a link to my donation page. (Gofundme deplatformed me, so I switched to GiveSendGo). Thank you and I hope this article informs you in a way that the Newberg Graphic has not.

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Newberg Superintendent Joe Morelock Has Not Responded to My Emails

Just a quick update on my last article. I sent the following email to Newberg School District Superintendent Joe Morelock on October 14th, which I have not yet received a response to. I believe he’s had sufficient time to do so. I am making my letter to him public so that others may ask him these questions; perhaps he will answer them if others ask?

Pamplin Media Group and the Newberg Graphic Response to My Criticism Of Their Reporting

Before we dive into the criminal conspiracy committed by the Progressive Yamhill Facebook group members against residents of Yamhill County, I want to take the time to point out something important about the powerful media enterprise Pamplin Media Group that controls many of the newspapers in Oregon. This company, owned by Robert B. Pamplin Jr. (apparently the 3rd wealthiest man in Oregon according to his Wikipedia bio), currently owns many of the historical city newspapers in Oregon.

Here is a list from Wikipedia of newspapers Pamplin owns,

One of the first things I did when I published my expose of the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) mafia is send an email to Mark Garber (President & Publisher), J. Brian Monihan (Vice President) and Vance W. Tong (Director of Operations), who are listed on their Contact Us section of the website as the individuals who run Pamplin Media.

Everyone in Oregon should know that Gary Allen, editor of Newberg Graphic, replied back to my email informing me that he will not issue any retractions on Ryan Clarke’s misleading reports that are based on information and statements obtained from NEEd mafia members, who created a conspiracy to mislead the residents of Newberg.

To specifically read about how NEEd coordinates with press to deceive the public, including the members of the press who are actual members of NEEd, you can click this link to jump to this part of last expose article.

To this date, the Newberg Graphic has not reported on any of the information I have released in my previous article that demonstrates the criminal activities of the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) group, whom the Newberg Graphic has bent over backwards to serve as their mouthpiece, spreading their lies and assisting with their goal of causing hysteria in Newberg.

Instead of reporting on the criminal conspiracy, Ryan Clarke engages in speculation over a heavily garbled audio clip, recorded using a low quality microphone on a phone, held to a low quality laptop speaker, recording someone talking who is obviously very far away from the microphone of the computer with echoes bouncing off the walls.

Pareidolia is the same phenomenon that allows people to think they are hearing the voices of ghosts from the white noise of tape recorders. The sound of whoever was speaking was recorded far from the original microphone and then that garbled clip passed through several different machines to finally become that video clip; this makes the recording no more reliable than a game of telephone.

Reporting something like this as “news”, from such a garbled audio clip, is incredibly unethical and dishonest. Especially as he ignores the evidence my article has shown while fixating on something this unsubstantiated.

It seems clear to me the writers at the Newberg Graphic, and all writers at other newspapers owned by Pamplin Media Group, refuse to report any news that might undermine their personal political agendas, which are very obvious by what they do report and what they refuse to report on.

By refusing to retract published articles that are based on information which came from Newberg Equity in Education members (who, as detailed in my first article, are part of a criminal conspiracy with the stated goal of dismantling and rebuilding America into a racially segregated society via the indoctrination of children into Critical Race Theory), Pamplin Media has demonstrated it has NO INTENTIONS to comply with the SPJ Code of Ethics.

Those who do not comply with the SPJ Code of Ethics should not be considered journalists. The SPJ Code of Ethics are the professional guidelines for journalism in America. Breaking these guidelines is as bad as violating the Hippocratic oath for doctors, or the oath of admission for attorneys.

These are relevant sections of the SPJ Code of Ethics that I believe Pamplin Media is violating by refusing to retract their coverage of Newberg, Oregon that was based on information provided by NEEd members. Ryan Clarke repeatedly leaving out of key details, such as that Tai Harden-Moore was far more than just a “concerned parent”, is itself a major violation given she worked as a ‘diversity consultant’ for the City of Newberg,

I would suggest that if you want to support journalism you don’t support any publications owned by Pamplin Media Group, as they do not engage in legitimate journalism, clearly.

My previous expose article was read by over 10,000 people in the Newberg, Oregon area within 48 hours of publications.

The first part of this report was an article just about Newberg, Oregon (population around 23,000 people). This continuation is for the residents of Yamhill County (population of around 107,100), where many of Pamplin Media Group’s newspapers operate.

I have placed this information about Pamplin Media Group into this article at the beginning because I think it is important that residents of Yamhill County understand Pamplin Media Group is not bringing you the kind of information they should be. The information in my prior expose and this new article was extremely easy to obtain, costing me NOTHING except time and they know about it, because they replied to my email about the article.

Pamplin Media Group has the resources to have exposed these activities to the residents of Yamhill County long ago, and even when they are given this information on a platter, they do nothing with it. You’ll find NONE of their publications have covered my last expose.

They clearly think they can control the narrative and manipulate the citizens of this county.

I say they cannot. America is NOT an absolutist country. It is NOT a zero-sum game. It is NOT an oligarchy. The amount of money and influence you wield does NOT change the amount of power you have at the voting ballot box.

ANYONE has equal opportunity to be just as politically influential in America as the wealthy elite!

I proved this with my reporting, by exposing those who I believe engaged in a criminal conspiracy (NEEd) in their intimidation of elected officials and coercion of private businesses, no matter how politically powerful and wealthy they think themselves to be!

I now prove it again with this second expose on the activities of Progressive Yamhill, who I believe to be an extension of the criminal conspiracy formed by Newberg Equity in Education!

All of their money and influence will not help them. Truth conquers lies!

I will teach you chuckleheads how America actually works!

I will show you why America is the greatest country in the world, where tyrants can be brought low by free people!

This lion roars again!

Welcome to Part Two of my Expose!

The Curtain Falls!

I have to admit. I played something of a nasty trick on the members of Newberg Equity in Education. You see, in actuality the group is a splinter cell of another larger group, which itself is of course part of a much larger group, too. But for the moment let’s focus on the larger group at the County level that Newberg Equity in Education is subservient to.

Let me explain.

Here is Megan Corvus (whom you may recognize from Part 1 of this expose as a representative for Yamhill Democrats) ranting about how elite and special her group is, and in so doing, explaining that Progressive Yamhill is for manipulating politics in the county and its cities.

Progressive Yamhill is not just a fun Facebook group for members to share funny memes and talk about politics. It has the objective of influencing local policy decisions in what Megan Corvus claims are “Progressive directions” (I disagree and believe they are Regressive, but let’s continue on).

Here is current Yamhill County Treasurer Kris Bledsoe asking members to help her election campaign, by sending letters to newspapers on her behalf, without acknowledging that Kris Bledsoe asked them to do this (tsk, tsk, naughty naughty, pretty sure you’re supposed to disclose that stuff, if a candidate asked you to do marketing on their behalf).

Here is an entire thread where Megan Corvus organized members of Progressive Yamhill to interfere with Newberg politics. You will recognize many of these names as people who are influential members of Newberg Equity in Education mafia.

I just want to take this moment to thank Megan Corvus so very much for making my job as an investigative reporter easier, by providing me this directory guide on which members were best to focus on when writing my article about Newberg Equity in Education. It was very helpful for me when I was writing Part 1 of this article.

Ah, yes. This is the part where I reveal the stage you conspirators have all been on.

Megan Corvus and co. , I have been in both of your groups, using information your mafia members have been posting between the groups, to figure out the connections between your criminal enterprise and what your goals are.

This also means that, Yes, as I am sure has just dawned on you all, that I did I sit there in your group watching as you all talked about the first article.

Thank you all so very much for incriminating yourselves in numerous ways, right before my eyes, as I screenshotted everything you said, while I simultaneously had public arguments with many of you in other public Facebook groups to flush you out like rats.

The proof that I watched it unfold before my eyes is the time stamps on messages.

For example, within 7 minutes of Megan Corvus posting about my article,

There I was, watching you all in one browser window, while in my other browser window I was logged into my own personal account, badgering the less astute members of your conspiracy in the public Facebook groups of Newberg and Yamhill County, so as to agitate your entire nest into a frenzy of self-incriminating statements in the Progressive Yamhill group.

Allow me to explain.

After analyzing your past group behavior when the group is under threat in a public Facebook group (such as the funeral incident, which yes, I will be showing here later in this article), I made a prediction about how to get you all to act within Progressive Yamhill to self-incriminate yourselves, so I could verify my hypothesis that you’re part of the same criminal conspiracy.

Step 1) Place the cult into a totally unexpected situation where every member of the group understands the existential threat it is facing and feels they must defend it. This is achieved by exposing the smaller group and all of its members, which includes some leaders of the larger group, so that no one is left out of the hysteria. Thus, Part 1 of this expose.

Step 2) Agitate the group by ridiculing some of its leaders in the expose shared in public Facebook groups, which compels the most loyal of the members to come forward to engage in their habitual pattern of virtue signaling, so they can be applauded by other members for daring to insult the person who threatens the cult’s pride.

Essentially, make the worker bees come out to sting on behalf of the rest of the hive.

So, as an example,

You’re just a worker bee, Erin McCarthy. You’re not a queen of the hive.

Step 3) Discredit the loyalists efforts to defend the hive so they retreat. Show them how quickly the table is turned on them by having their efforts to defend the cult undermined by the sharing of incriminating screenshots as a response to their posts — the very evidence they are trying to discourage others from seeing by trying to discredit me in their comments to my article.

The defender bees activities now harm the hive instead of defending it, as every bee sting is actually having the effect of causing further damage to the hive.

Step 4) The queens finally come out trying to defend the hive, but this is dealt with in the same way.

Step 5) Left with no other avenue to maintain its integrity, now observe the group do the only route it has left to maintain its integrity; the bees retreat to gather in the other hive that they think has not yet been infiltrated and is still “safe”, share their outrage, virtue signal to restore their damaged pride, and plot their next steps.

Yet, it wasn’t safe.

I was already there!

You were trapped and you didn’t even know it!

Now that I’ve allowed your cult a few days to do your virtue signaling, its time to show the world what you said.

Just to take a short break here to explain something important for the next part of this thread; they don’t actually believe I have mental health issues. This is just their virtue signaling Orwellian double-speak, since they are part of a cult where they believe anyone who is white has a “mental illness” called racism.

I made it very clear in my first article that I don’t endorse violence. I removed details like home addresses and phone numbers when I could have left it in. I said plainly that our system of government they so very hate is the very system that must punish them, using the civil and legal penalties, and ballot box.

The only reason they are seeking to discredit me here is because it’s the only thing they can do to explain away my actions. Their pride won’t permit them to admit they have been in the wrong.

The thing you must understand about virtue signalers is that they do not actually believe the things they say they do for virtue. I think they do believe they are racist people and all the arguments of Critical race theory, but they also understand they do horrible things in the name of it, which they self-justify by trying to re-frame their actions to appear more noble than they actually are.

They are fully aware of the moral depravity of their actions. That is why it’s called ‘virtue signaling‘. The delusion is not that they think they are morally good; their delusion is actually narcissism. They need the applause of the crowd, they need admiration, they need to feel their self-centeredness is warranted. Yet, they are actually very cowardly and fairly incompetent people who are unable to do genuinely good, useful things to solve real problems. For these timid souls, it’s easier to just re-frame an otherwise insignificant action — such as hanging a pride flag in a school — and make it seem like its some massively important critical thing to save the world, when it’s really not.

So, the cult members obsess about things that are in fact rather meaningless (like sexual orientation, skin color and gender, and especially hobbies and weird food diets) but that they think can have the appearance of being positively moral to others using motivated reasoning. This works for them, even if those actions are actually terrible, so long as the action can be framed to sound morally good. Virtue signaling is a common phenomenon among people who are in cults, because cults rely on exploiting narcissistic attributes in people to give them an easy path to obtain recognition, which is why they are so easily tempted with promises of secret knowledge, power and so forth,

“Just put a pride flag bumper sticker on your car and somehow, magically, you’ve become a revolutionary”.

You don’t. These actions are morally irrelevant. However, their belief these actions make them morally superior to others is in and of itself a reflection of their morality, especially when they decide to harass and intimidate others for refusing to agree with their cultish ideology. Their beliefs encourage them to become selfish, vain, greedy and dishonest yet believe themselves to be virtuous.

I’m explaining this so that in the next part, when you read people like Kristen Stoller say they are calling the police to do “wellness checks” for my benefit, you can understand what they actually mean is that they are trying to have me swatted by filing intentionally false police reports, because what they want to do is harass me in retaliation for exposing their evil to the world.

Filing intentionally false police reports is a crime, by the way.

However, you should know that before I ever published the first article, I had already called both the City of Newberg police and the Yamhill County Sheriff, informing them I would be publishing the article and what it was about. I sent a link to the article to a detective at the Sherriff department as well. I didn’t do anything that local law enforcement was not already aware of, and so their efforts to swat me were not successful. I did this because I had noticed in some past communications within the group, that they had tried filing false police reports against other people in the past as a means of intimidation and harassment. So, I pre-empted this tactic by informing local law enforcement they may try to do this against me.

Let’s continue on the thread now, with this in mind,

Please take notice of Scott Hodges, who I called out in a prior article for removing my articles criticizing Tai Harden-Moore from the Newberg-Dundee Community Facebook group he is an admin for. Scott Hodges is a member of Progressive Yamhill. Several of their members are admins at various Facebook groups related to cities in the county. They try to control the public narrative by making themselves moderators of other FB groups, so they can remove information that goes against their agenda.

Oh no guys, he’s got swords! WooooOOO!

Yes, I have blunted steel federschwert trainers, as part of my hobby interest in the combat sport of Historical European martial arts, which I have an instructor certification in. It’s an emerging sport that reconstructs historical martial arts from Renaissance Italy and Germany based on instructions from manuscripts that have survived for hundreds of years to present day. It does involve fencing with blunt steel practice weapons that reproduce the handling characteristics of weapons such as long swords and rapiers. It combines my interests as a martial artist with my interests in history, and I rather enjoy it. I also own a business that sells the sporting equipment to beginners. It’s not really that big of a deal but it is unusual enough I guess it requires some explanation.

Anyway, to correct Lisa McCraken, I do not liken myself to a “ninja”. It would be more accurate to say I study the European knightly martial arts, not the Japanese ninja arts. I suppose in some ways I have become somewhat of a knight-errant, appearing where I am needed to slay the dragons, so I won’t protest the label too much if you wish to assign a historical warrior character class to me, just make sure you get it right; I am like a knight, not a ninja.

Continuing on,

Ah, my weight loss progress motivation photos.

Rather odd how they are so afraid of my masculinity.

As you can see, Kristen Stoller admits she tried to swat me / file false police reports claiming me to be dangerous to her, when she knows that I am not. This is the kind of people they are.

They don’t actually believe in defunding the police and getting rid of the police, as they still want to call the police on people that upset them. They will try to use the police as a weapon against those they dislike who dare to expose them for what they actually are.

What they actually don’t want is anyone to police themselves and their own behavior.

Again, always look at what they DO and not what they SAY, to understand what they actually believe.

You do know I am in Newberg, as your members have seen me talking to the counter-protestors. They talked about that in your group before, as well as in NEEd. I believe I shared those screenshots before in the previous article. So, why are you lying Megan? Do you think new, more absurd lies can somehow help you?

Besides, you live in Washington County. Why are you interfering in Yamhill County politics and then acting like if I was out of the area it would make some difference? You don’t think about what you say very deeply.

It was dismissed because I did have insurance; the officer who wrote the ticket was inexperienced and poorly trained. It was also like, 20 years ago? How is that going to help you guys today?

Okay, let me explain it, since it went over your heads: You self-centered idiots constantly talk about your personal lives in your groups as you try to earn digital brown points from one another. It’s not my fault you’re a bunch of narcissists who can’t stop talking about yourselves in Facebook mafia club.

As I said, I don’t care about your personal lives. I’m trying to snare the whole lot of you in a wide net to bring your criminal conspiracy to an end. To do this I need to expose your connections, motivations and actions. There’s a lot of personal stories you share in the process of digging that information out of your group, because you’re all virtue signaling so much trying to gain a pat on the back from your fellow cult members.

I mean honestly, some of the nonsense I’ve had to dig through……. I probably deserve a Pulitzer just for being able to organize the constant self-congratulatory ego-stroking rants of over a thousand people made over a span of four years, into these two articles. They probably won’t give me one though, since my style is so gonzo.

Imagine that, talking about history on a holiday for talking about history. So terrible!

To you, it was Indigenous People’s Day, which apparently has sacred meaning to you as a member of a Critical Race Theory cult.

To me, it was a Tuesday. I don’t pay attention to most holidays, certainly not what day Columbus Day falls on.

Thanks for telling me, not that it matters to the story, but thanks.

I got to admit though, the Loki quote made me laugh.

How did you guys like my stereotypical Steve Jobs pose photo? That was a fun day at the accelerator many years ago, LOL

By the way, I don’t need “fancy LinkedIn” to see who is looking at my profile. I got a front seat to the show right here.

Sorry, I’m the only person driving the Carey Express. Nobody else can handle this wheel.

And now I know what fake account you are using in the public groups, thanks Scott.

I believe Starrett was looking for diversity of opinions, something your cult is incapable of.

But thank you for the leads Megan, you’ve been so very helpful to my investigation, because you are so very, very stupid. I and everyone else who downloads my spreadsheet of the Progressive Yamhill members can now look into the members of that health committee and cross-reference them to your list of members in Progressives Yamhill, and ferret out whatever connections might exist.

Your mafia engaged in intimidation and coercion against elected officials with the objective of pressuring them to change their votes or resign. You have no grounds to cry for having your criminal conspiracy revealed to the world.

What follows is pages from the Newberg school district handbook that was shared in the public Facebook group and then re-shared inside Progressive Yamhill by Robyn Hemsler. The pages demonstrate the teachers who participated in the harassment of Newberg school board members broke many of the rules. I’m not resharing it because it doesn’t really add to what I am showing here. That just gets them fired, it doesn’t put them in jail.

Ignorance of the law is no defense against breaking it. You’re not a child; you’re all adults. You are responsible for the nonsense you decided to do.

Megan Corvus, for someone who has spent so many years breaking laws to interfere with the local government, you sure know very little about the laws themselves. Let me explain this to you.

The involvement of so many City of Newberg officials creates a conflict of interest for the Newberg police department, since those officials control their budgets. Likewise, County Commissioners have jurisdiction over Sheriff departments via their budgets. This creates conflicts of interest with investigations done against those elected officials and their associates via the Sherriff department, meaning it has to be bumped up to the Oregon State Police. Similarly, the involvement of state officials such as State Representative Courtney Neron can create conflicts of interest for the State police, especially since Debra Bridges, who works for the Oregon State AG office, is one of the members of NEEd.

Then, of course, there’s all the assholes who are in your Progressive Yamhill group who have positions all over the county and state, some even at the federal level. For example, this smiling fellow, Scott Olson, who is one of your members,

Was the involvement of Progressive Yamhill properly disclosed, Scott Olson?
Oh, really?

Consequently, the FBI is the only law enforcement agency who can take this investigation on, due to all the conflicts of interest that have been created by your criminal conspiracy’s membership roster.

So, I re-iterate:

You’re all fucked.

You’re being investigated by the FBI.

Nobody else can run with this. It has to be them.

Everything you guys have done is a criminal conspiracy under Oregon law. You just helped me prove my case, actually.

Your self-incriminating statements indicate you have, as an organized group, engaged in a pattern of misdemeanors, felonies and other violations for the purpose of interfering with lawful administration of government, and that the NEED member list spreadsheet I released has accurate info in it as to who is a member of your conspiracy.

You’ve also helped me prove Progressive Yamhill is an extension of the NEEd group.

I’m not a lawyer but I think this is more than enough probable cause for warrants to be issued.

Welcome to the consequences of your stupidity.

Anyway, the important thing here is that they took the bait and I got these idiots to prove beyond all doubt Progressive Yamhill IS an extension of the Newberg Equity in Education group, and that many of the key members of Newberg Equity in Education are also members of Progressive Yamhill.

As such, the criminal conspiracy and RICO charges of the NEEd group should apply to all of the Progressive Yamhill members too, as the “ally-accomplices” that they are.


Members of the conspiracy, how does it feel to have your criminal network that took years to build up, be fully exposed and de-fanged in a matter of weeks?

I mean, you can’t operate from the shadows anymore. Everyone knows who you are and what you’ve been apart of.

You thought you were winning.

You weren’t winning.

You have lost.

You’ve gathered all the worst people in the county into a single group and made it easy to identify who you are, and why you shouldn’t have any political control.

Too little, too late.

I think I archived pretty much your entire Facebook group before I ever hit publish on the first article. I also created a spreadsheet of all its members, too. I thought there was a chance you might panic and destroy the Facebook group, so I took the time to do this first before publishing.

As for “having too much free time“…….well, I always have time to spare for justice.

You’re also mistaken to assume that I am part of anyone’s campaign. I’m not doing this because I want other people to win against you. I am doing this because you must lose, because what your group does is evil. I was ridiculing you a’bit about the knight-errant stuff, but after some consideration, that’s probably what my role really is in all of this. I inserted myself into the conflict because of my principles, not because I am with any of these factions.


Doxxing is the leaking of private information. I didn’t release any private information. I quoted information you made public. I explained this in the legal disclaimer of the first article.

You have no legal recourse to retaliate. Oregon has a very strong anti-Strategic lawsuit against public participation (SLAPP) law. I haven’t committed any legal offenses against you. Again, it’s your own fault for organizing your criminal conspiracy using Facebook.

I’d recommend that you don’t take legal advice from the very same idiots who led you all into this criminal conspiracy in the first place. That’s not legal advice, it’s just common sense.

Now, with this serving as my lengthy introduction to the expose, let’s dive into the facts about this cell of the cult and its activities over the past few years in Yamhill County.

Who Is Progressive Yamhill?

To understand the origins of Progressive Yamhill group (and the Newberg Equity in Education group, which I believe is a splinter cell of it) we have to roll the clock back to Donald Trump winning the 2016 presidential election. The loss of Hillary Clinton so greatly upset the supporters of the Democratic party that its leadership devoted significant resources to reaching out to municipal and county voters in states across America, especially in any pockets of conservatorship among otherwise liberal states. A well known example is When We All Vote, which has involvement of numerous celebrities and even Michelle Obama.

There are other groups though. Some of these groups use less than honest means of engaging in the political process. I believe many of these shady groups masquerade as just being about getting people to vote and pretend to be non-partisan, but in actuality, they are aligned with the Democratic party and use these non-profits and PACs to steer voters toward their candidates using deceptive and sometimes even illegal tactics.

The Indivisible Movement

The most important of these groups that relates to my investigation into the criminal conspiracy in Yamhill County is one called Indivisible Oregon. The group is part of the so-called Indivisible movement, which is promoted by the Indivisible organization. It has claimed responsibility for “beating Trump” and also says it is “saving democracy“. I very much doubt the later given the activities of its Yamhill chapter, which you will soon see have undermined democracy in our county and cities.

A convenient list of all the registered groups across the country is available via their website. How useful.

Indivisible is ran by an Executive Leadership team that consists of married couple Leah Greenberg and Ezra Levin.

They are, of course, supporters of Critical Race Theory, as per their Twitter accounts,

As mentioned in my previous article, ignore the pretty sounding words these people use. Always focus on their ACTIONS. Focus on what they DO and want others to DO. That shows what they are really about.

Per Ezra’s Twitter,

These are the wack-jobs that want new Supreme Court judge seats to be created, solely so they can add as many people as they want to over-rule other judges on the Supreme Court. There’s no legitimate reason to add new seats to this court and doing so just to pack the court with supporters is very unethical. We may not always like their rulings, but they are based in Constitutional law. We can’t just pack the court with lemmings every time we don’t like the rulings, that breaks the court system apart, which will cause the country to collapse.

The founders of the Indivisible movement also support the deceptively titled “For the People Act“, which is not actually for the people. Part of its agenda is to rob states of their right to supervise elections and outlaw the requirement to show proof of voter registration at the ballot box. The bill is so bad that I honestly think if it were to pass it could trigger a second Civil War in America, because it is such a tyrannical power grab over states rights guaranteed by the Constitution. I can’t see how Republicans would ever tolerate that, and I think many moderate Democrats won’t, either. So, this is probably one of the worst bills that has ever been proposed in American history and these idiots are supporters of it.

Examining the Indivisible movement, I believe their goals make them tyrannical, not democratic. You cannot “save democracy” using tyranny. I believe the consequences of what the Indivisible movement wants will burn our republic to the ground, as the will of most citizens will become disregarded in favor of mobs and conspiracies, such as the one their splinter cell has created in Yamhill County, Oregon and is the topic of this investigative report.

With this brand of Orwellian double-speakers, always look at what they DO and not what they say.

What they DO is what they ACTUALLY WANT.

I say what I say about the Indivisible movement because Megan Corvus, one of the influential members of both Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill groups, was trained by the Indivisible organization in how to conduct her conspiracies.

Progressive Yamhill listed in the Indivisible chapter directory

Progressive Yamhill is an affiliate of Indivisible Oregon, which is also an affiliate of Action Together Oregon, which is a group on the Action Network platform, a company that provides a suite of software tools to assist with political activism.

At the bottom of the Action Network website, you’ll find this disclaimer,

Uh huh. Sure. Wink wink.

Action Network is, I think, unreasonably powerful because many organizations are dumb enough to give them access to their list of members so they can use the suite of tools. The voter database information is far too valuable for any reasonable person to ever give to a company like this, and I think, anyone using their platform to organize their political campaigns just so they can send email and SMS alerts is probably a fool.

Anyway, these groups are just an extension of the Democratic Party platform, and they represent the most radical aspect of it, in my opinion. Their ideas are not original; they are the usual tripe of Democrat party platform things, like abortion rights and Build Back Better and so on.

The only thing unique here is they focus their efforts on organizing every day residents in cities to take actions that benefit the Democratic party agenda at the municipal, county and state levels, no matter how absurd they may be. It’s the most radical wing of the Democratic party in the driver seat over the decisions of many people.

Essentially, the Indivisible movement exists to radicalize Democratic voters into cultish mobs that harass and intimidate their neighbors as a means of asserting political control.

Indivisible Oregon and “Actions”

The Oregon group is designed specifically to coordinate numerous grass-roots groups in Oregon that operate at the municipal (city) and county levels, and convince their members to act as a collective. The names of the splinter cell groups are not always obvious, but they tend to be named using words like ‘Indivisible’, ‘Progressive’ or ‘Equity’ or other CRT buzzwords. They also use words like ‘Revolution’ sometimes. The coordination is organized via the publication of both public and private “actions”, distributed through the main group Facebook page and their private group, which are then reshared by leaders in the county-level and municipal-level groups. These ‘actions’ are a set of instructions for the cult members to carry out.

The important thing is that the “actions” put out by the Indivisible Oregon site are re-circulated throughout these groups. Here is an example of a recent call to action to spam call Senators,

Here is an example of the modus operandum of a typical “call to action, such as this one for supporting Build Back Better,

There is more, but you get the gist of it. They publish these “Actions” to tell people how they should feel about an issue, give them the contact information of a public official or private company, and then ask people to make daily calls with a pre-created script to serve as a template on what they want people to say when they make the phone calls, or send emails, or whatever. The goal is to overwhelm politicians and private companies with the deceptively created appearance of spontaneous support for, or against, social issues, without any disclosures the phone calls are being organized by a single entity. This is probably very confusing for the targets of the “actions”, who may mistake the source of the sudden volume of calls and feedback for being a legitimate representation of people’s opinions, when its really not. The only thing it actually means is that a cult leader got mad at them and sent their cult followers to harass them the way you’d send an attack dog at an intruder. The cult followers have turned some of their autonomy over to the cult leaders, allowing them to decide what to think and do.

More importantly, the “actions” are a kind of harassment designed to waste the time of the office staff, who have to sit there answering the phones all day, hearing the exact same script repeated from the same people who call day in and day out. It’s a form of, in my opinion, paper terrorism. While they aren’t legal documents being submitted, because the law says that these kinds of calls have to be responded to by politicians, it eats up time and therefore, the budget of committees and offices to deal with this volume of calls that groups like this create, and it’s probably one of the main reasons why it’s so hard to get customer service over the telephone from many large companies these days, because they otherwise get easily flooded with these kind of harassing phone calls from political action committees who utilize this tactic. When this tactic is used against very small seats of government with little funding for staff, like say school boards, it can be rather devastating.

Now you can understand why the structure of these kinds of groups led to something such as the organized intimidation of elected officials and coercion of local businesses (a racketeering charge) that I showcased in the previous article. These Indivisible movement groups are, by design, meant to foster a culture where every member of the cult unquestionably participates in “actions” like making harassing phone calls and bulk sending boiler-plate emails to pressure companies and politicians to change their policies to conform to the will of the cult. This is a routine task for those in the Indivisible movement.

There are far too many Oregon based Indivisible groups I have identified for me to list them all here, but it’s probably easiest for regular people to just assume that ANY politician who endorses Critical Race Theory is part of an Indivisible movement splinter cell and engages in the same kinds of activities that are showcased by the members of Progressive Yamhill. Not being listed among the ranks of this particular cell doesn’t mean they aren’t involved in a different cell. Again, many of these groups are focused on particular cities and counties where they can take “action”.

For now let’s continue focusing on the Yamhill conspiracy and its actions that I believe are illegal.

Manipulation of Public Offices Organized by Indivisible Groups

The phone call “actions” are just the most obvious thing they do in public. What the groups are really for is getting their members elected to public office and then to coordinate how they use those positions to benefit the agenda of the groups.

Please do note that some of the county and city level groups are not as well organized as the Yamhill and Newberg groups are, as you will see noted by Megan Corvus herself in her discussions about the topic inside the Progressive Yamhill group, and why it exists,

Here is what is in that PY (Progressive Yamhill) Volunteer Sheet, by the way,

Continuing on the thread,

There can be no doubt what the purpose of the group is, since they said in plain language what its about while chastising another member.

The existence and influence of Progressive Yamhill in the affairs of cities and county government, and even state, is undeniable, especially given the individuals involved who are public officials and what activities they engage in within the groups. This is because many of the “calls to action” made within these private splinter groups at city and county level are specific to the election of certain members of the splinter groups themselves, who then use their elected offices to push the agenda of the splinter cells (such as Progressive Yamhill) and the Indivisible organization.

And one of their members is

Seems she might have been a former member at one point based on this thread. I mean, how else is she supposed to hear the congratulations and “Thank yours” inside a private Facebook group, unless she is a member?

Progressive Yamhill Is Yet Another Critical Race Theory Cult

It is important that we do not lose sight of the fact that this group, like all other Indivisible groups, are part of the BLM / Critical Race Theory Movement.

As previously mentioned in the first part of this expose, Critical Race Theory is a Common Enemy framework that is ideologically opposed to the Common Humanity approach to diversity. It teaches people to not subscribe to Martin Luther King Jr’s dream for integration and acceptance, and instead, it advances the agenda of radical militant black separatist groups from the 1960s, such as the Black Panther Party and the Weather Underground.

That is, it teaches people to be racist. And within the echo chamber of these groups, the members and their leaders will freely admit to this.

As you can see, they are a cult of self-admitted racist people who believe everyone is racist. They believe in a twisted “white savior” kind of ideology, where they as a “white person” have enormous special benefits due to being “white” and owe a blood debt to those who are not for ancestral wrong. They believe they can become a good person by using that “white privilege” to carry out the will of “black” and “brown” people to create a segregated society that will benefit those “marginalized peoples”, which they publicly label as “equity” under their Orwellian doublespeak-ish terminology that is designed to confuse the general public about what they are actually doing.

What you have seen in the screenshots above, and what you will continue to see as we keep on going, is how they talk behind closed doors amongst their members. This is what is actually intended by their framework and movement. This is what the quiet parts sound like when said aloud.

As I explained in my prior article, Critical Race Theory is not genuine anti-racism training. Instead, it teaches people to become racists and then use these racist beliefs to justify the harassment and intimidation of others, even elected officials, with the goal of seizing political power. They sabotage the function of local government through the creation and participation in a criminal conspiracy designed to dismantle and rebuild America into an ethnically segregated society. They use their seats of power in bad faith to accomplish this agenda, claiming they are doing “good” while actually doing evil.

And they use our tax money to further their political agenda and personal interests once they gain those inches into government,

This is what Black Lives Matter and all related groups is designed to motivate people to DO,

Destroy America.

As mentioned in the first part of this expose, “Lu Pita” is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education. Just as she is a member of Newberg Equity in Education, she is also a member of Progressive Yamhill.

They are pleased with the chaos that is resulting from the consequences of the wide political divide that their efforts creates,

And they subvert our symbols and language to further the divide so our nation will collapse under the weight of its own dysfunctional bureaucracy,

They are organized and insidious. And they are breaking the laws designed to stop actual racists,

Here is McMinnville City Councilor Sal Peralta violating the Civil Rights Act of 1964. You can’t give preferential treatment to choosing committee members based on their gender and race. Yet, here he is, the supposed champion against ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’, being a sexist racist.

This is what Critical Race Theorists do in government positions.

This is why they must be stopped!

Their goal is to undo all of the social progress of equality that has been hard-fought and took so many sacrifices to obtain.

They will destroy our civil rights if they are allowed to continue to gain traction in our government.

Critical Race Theory is an ideology that preys on pre-existing narcissistic qualities of people like Megan Corvus, who believe themselves to be “white”, and weaponizes it, leading them to believe their skin color alone gives them enormous power in society, and that they can use this mystical status of “white” to become a hero.

They are not heroes and they do nothing heroic, because in actual habit, they ruin the lives of other people, turn neighbors who once were friendly into enemies, and create a twisted racially driven power dynamic in mixed-ethnicity relationships and families. They are re-igniting the last burning embers of racism in America, which was on the verge of being almost completely eliminated from our society until black separatists used our colleges to indoctrinate students into CRT using our tax funded institutions of learning. They require all teachers to learn CRT and so their ideology has rapidly spread throughout America, since the only people who get to graduate are those who adopt its ideology. I cannot fix this broken part of the system with this article, it’s going to take politicians using the Government Speech Doctrine to implement legislation designed to eliminate all public funding and government contracts to colleges that teach CRT. This is the only way I can see for how this cycle can be quickly ended.

What I can do is expose this particular cell of racist criminals who have enacted a program of sabotage against our local government at the city and county level, and in doing so, bring this conspiracy to an end. Their network is now useless once they are exposed for what they are and who is part of it, and the crimes they can be held accountable for their behavior with the criminal and civil court system.

Who Founded Progressive Yamhill and For What Purpose?

Progressive Yamhill was founded by politician Lynnette Shaw. Her current membership shows she left the group sometime in 2020 and rejoined it (maybe during her last candidacy?), but her old posts from the formation of the group remain,

Here is Lynnette introducing herself to the other members of the mafia,

Megan Corvus seems to be the most influential member however, at least judging by number of “call to action” posts she has made in the group.

Here is Megan’s introduction to the group,

The entire group does however have many elected officials, as the members like to brag about from time to time,

Full List of Progressive Yamhill Members in a Spreadsheet

You can download this excel spreadsheet of the members of the Progressive Yamhill group to see this for yourself. This spreadsheet is more raw than the one I made for the first expose, as it only links to their chats within the group itself and not their primary profiles. However you can use their Facebook user ID in the URL chain to locate that one, if you really want to.

As an example of how to do this, take Kristen Stoller’s URL in the spreadsheet,

707431587 is her username ID in Facebook’s database.

So if you enter,

That URL will link directly to Kristen Stoller’s Facebook profile.

Easy, right?

I also have screenshots of the entire member list, organized alphabetically, as proof these people are members of Progressive Yamhill. The screenshots are incredibly large files, as I used screen capture software to record pages into a single large image but I can open it in Photoshop and zoom in, since the image is a vector file. This information is available for law enforcement and other parties looking for visual confirmation of membership for anyone who is not already demonstrated to be a member in this article. I primarily focused on their leadership and other key individuals in this article.

Now, using this list, when you see people who speak at city council meetings, school board sessions, in Facebook groups related to local politics and when you read newspaper articles quoting people, you can easily cross-reference the individuals against this spreadsheet and see whether they are part of this no longer secret Facebook mafia club that seeks to disrupt our democracy.

List of Administrators and Moderators of Progressive Yamhill

And now, I reach into the shadows and start pulling those responsible into the light.

This is the list of the current admins of the group.

Now, let’s move onto the next group of losers hiding in the shadows. You’re all coming out into the light, too.

List of Identified Elected Politicians and Other Key Political Activists

By cross-referencing Lynette Shaw’s endorsements page of her campaign website to the member list of Progressive Yamhill, I gained further insight and used this to identify many of the key individuals are involved in the conspiracy. There are some people who I believe are close relatives of elected officials in the full list of the group members, but these are the people who were stupid enough to actually join the Progressive Yamhill group itself with their own personal Facebook accounts,

As a note, I believe the involvement of the entire executive officer team of the Yamhill County Democrats, a registered political party, means the Progressive Yamhill group is an extension of their activities.

This means the Yamhill County Democrats is part of the criminal conspiracy, too.

If you’re a member of the Yamhill County Democrats, or a supporter of Democratic candidates in Yamhill County, I highly suggest you dramatically re-think your voting habits if you don’t support Critical Race Theory and criminal conspiracies designed to subvert our democratic process. Because this is what the Democrats are doing as a political party in our county.

List of Committee Members

As you’ll learn soon, Progressive Yamhill engages in committee packing as part of their conspiracy. I see many people in their member list who I think are related to committee members but I am only listing people who are members of the Facebook group at the time I write this, or that I have seen were active members in the past based on post history.

Here’s a list,

First, as mentioned from part 1 of this expose (direct link to that section), for the City of Newberg,

City of McMinnville

City of Carlton

Yamhill County

(Just as a note, the page for other boards for the county seems to be broken)

I won’t repeat the proof of membership for those who I did in part 1 and previously in this article. Here is proof the new people are currently members of Progressive Yamhill, or have been in the past,

List of School Board Members

As with Newberg Equity in Education, there are smaller groups at the city level subservient to Progressive Yamhill in the school boards. These are some of the people who are associated with the Indivisible movement that I could identify,

First, Newberg Public Schools, as mentioned in part 1 of this expose,

McMinnville Public Schools

Yamhill County School Board

Please do note that if your particular city isn’t mentioned, that doesn’t necessarily mean there are no Indivisible movement members in your local government. They could just be part of another splinter cell group, or they had a relative use an account, or they used a fake account in the Progressive Yamhill group.

This particular cell that I have investigated has been hyper-focused on Newberg and McMinnville. Other cells are hyper-focused on other areas.

Watch what your officials do. If they support Critical Race Theory, it’s safe to assume they are associated with Indivisible in some capacity.

Every citizen of this state, and likely the rest of the country, needs to become very focused on local politics.

Stop spending your time watching the national news so much, and start paying attention to the local news again.

Pay attention to what happens in your home town! Get involved, get organized and take back your homes. Don’t let these people continue to gain control over our country, because they do not want to make things better. Their goal is to dismantle and rebuild while using Orwellian double-speak terms to make it seem as if they have good intentions, when the consequences of what they do will actually destroy everything past generations have built up for us.

Abuse of Elected Offices to Benefit the Criminal Conspirators

In any case, the cult’s primary objective at the county level is getting members elected to public offices and then exploiting their seats for the benefit of the group, primarily to push Critical Race Theory.

As an example, let’s look at State Representative Courtney Neron. In my last article about NEEd, I mentioned she was a member of it and is drafting legislation to benefit the NEEd agenda,

Courtney Neron is also a member of Progressive Yamhill,

State Representative Courtney Neron informing her Progressive Yamhill mafia buddies that she won the election.

Here is another example of how they use their seats of government; Stephanie Bell Findley (City of Newberg City Council Director) giving an award to her fellow Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education member, Remy Drabkin (McMinnville City Council President).

Remy Drabkin who, as noted in the post, also accepted this “proclamation” on behalf of Wine County Pride. This display of loyalty to the mafia sure has a lot of conflict of interest overlaps between it, doesn’t it? Yet, the residents of Newberg had no idea of the ties between these officials via these back-channel communications they use, such as the NEEd and Progressive Yamhill groups.

Here’s some lovely nuggets from Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla, who is also a member of Progressive Yamhill,

Look at the dates he and his wife joined Progressive Yamhill, and then the date he was elected. Now you understand where his true loyalties lie.

And here is 2 years ago in July of 2019, the same the year he was elected, giving exclusive, special access to members of Progressive Yamhill, which based on what I read in the group, is more common than it should ever be

I’ve seen him deliver special reports to his fellow mafia members related to his duties as a commissioner, such as this thread,

Exclusive and undisclosed back-channel communications to solicit opinions from a group of political activists you are a member of, to guide your decisions as a County Commissioner. Casey Kulla, this is very naughty!

Newberg City Council Director Stephanie Bell Findley makes yet another appearance.

By the way, I saw you participating in that thread, too, Kris Bledsoe, Yamhill County Treasurer. Don’t you think you can escape. You’re screwed, too.

Here is yet another thread of Casey Kulla providing exclusive backchannel communications about his job and its duties to his mafia, just so people can understand this is a pattern of behavior with him. I have many posts of him doing this but I can’t show them all in this article because we’ll lose track of the points I am trying to make in this article.

This thread from September 2019 involves a desire to expand the number of County commissioners,

Of course they want more Commissioner spots, because it benefits their organization and its operations.

Here’s something else,

Lecturing about abuses of power. So ironic.

Here is a thread from June 12, 2019 where he asked members of Progressive Yamhill to come make public comments without disclosing he asked them to, so Kulla could use their comments to create the appearance of support for things he already wanted to do.

Here is yet another example of him doing this,

It seems clear to me that, based on this and other communications I have screenshotted from the group’s back post history, as soon as Casey Kulla was elected as Yamhill County Commissioner, the members of Progressive Yamhill began influencing the agenda of meetings without disclosures of these strong ties. This is invisible government.

Here’s a thread where Casey talks about the “inclusivity” proclamation he wanted to pass as soon as he became County Commissioner. The thread reveals that it, much like how NEEd influenced a similar proclamation for the Newberg school district, is something engineered by Progressive Yamhill,

There you go. Invisible government. Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla using his elected seat of government to benefit the agenda of this secret criminal conspiracy mafia that is dedicated to subverting American democracy.

This is what the Critical Race Theory ideology causes its cult followers to DO. They are loyal to their cult alone.

In this thread he asks his fellow mafia members to send public comments to help him justify his decision during the board meeting. He already knows what he wants, which is what they want: to add more seats for the county commission, no doubt because they believe it will allow them to pack the county board with their membership.

Unethical and likely illegal for him to be asking this, especially undisclosed.

Apparently he also plans his other political related activism speaking sessions around the schedules of the Progressive Yamhill members, too,

And this,

Here is Casey Kulla making jokes about “committee packing”,

I find the committee packing joke ironic, given this thread,

Committee packing is exactly what Casey Kulla uses his seat of office to do!

Casey Kulla’s campaign merchandise is littered with the trans-racial pride flag, too, showing where his loyalties align (to the Critical Race Theory cult).

Sure, go ahead and buy your child a Kulla for Oregon school backpack and leggings with the trans-racial pride flag plastered everywhere. I’m sure that’s just what every grade schooler wants, to become a walking advertisement for Casey Kulla’s madness.

You want to hear something I think is really funny? This narcissistic, virtue signaling asshole actually believes he’s going to become Governor of Oregon, even though his paper trail of criminal behavior is this sloppy. I severely doubt that will happen now that I’ve published this article!

Casey Kulla, you’re clearly too damned stupid to be Governor, and the entire state is certain to become a hellhole under your watch.

Progressive Yamhill, you will not be controlling the state of Oregon through Casey Kulla. That nightmare ends here.

Anyway, the important thing to understand is this: Once groups such as Progressive Yamhill get their members elected to offices, the group members gain special and exclusive access to these elected officials, using the Facebook groups to organize back channel communications about the job they are doing. They use this access to provide benefits and perks the other members of the groups. This is unethical and I think also illegal.

Evidence Exists For Possible Personal Financial Benefits To Progressive Yamhill Members

So, the fundraising value of the group for political campaigns is obvious and I’ll show lots of evidence for that but I want to talk about personal financial gain here.

This very long thread is about a Yamhill County meeting that took place in April. You can skip to the bottom if you want, I just want to show the entire thing so nobody can say I displayed anything out of context as a possible defense.

I consider the highlighted section from Philip Higgins to be a solicitation to Casey Kulla in his capacity as Yamhill County commissioner. One which would never have been disclosed from any public records request made by the public because it’s here in the Progressive Yamhill mafia group.

And what is Phillip Higgins currently doing right now?

He’s trying to help Casey Kulla get elected as Governor, possibly because there may be some personal gain for Philip Higgins to be in super secret Facebook mafia club with the Governor of Oregon.

This is exactly why the Progressive Yamhill group is so unethical and I think, very illegal.

Proof of Efforts to Pack Committees With Progressive Yamhill Members

I have already shown that Casey Kulla has engaged in this using his seat of power as a Yamhill Commissioner. Here’s a refresher if you missed that part,

You’ll notice that Kris Bledsoe, Yamhill County Treasurer is also in it, too.

Here is proof this is a widespread practice among their membership for any city they are involved with,

And they violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964. You can’t give preferential treatment to choosing committee members based on their gender and race.

Thank you for providing the evidence to support my belief that is what your criminal conspiracy is doing.

As mentioned at the start this article, these elected officials are members of Progressive Yamhill,

Are there any disclosures that the applicants are members of their secret Facebook mafia group? I doubt it.

Here are some other misc. “actions” the group puts out to help them pack committees with their cult mafia membership,

The City of Carlton is controlled by members of Progressive Yamhill.

And the evidence is clear Progressive Yamhill was behind them,

Here are Progressive Yamhill members giving input on the hiring of a City manager,

Use of Progressive Yamhill to Manipulate Public Perceptions of City Council Meetings Coordinated by Elected Officials

Just as Newberg Equity in Education was used by Newberg school board officials to manipulate public perception of school board meetings by asking their members to flood the public comments with support for their agenda, various elected politicians in cities use the Progressive Yamhill group to engineer the same thing.

Here is an example using Newberg City Council members,

They also use Progressive Yamhill to help their members get appointed to city councils, an example is again from Newberg,

I don’t believe these obvious conflicts of interest and personal connections are disclosed. This, again, is invisible government. It is unethical, and I think illegal.

Proof that Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill Are The Actual Organizers of the Recall Brian Shannon PAC

As previously mentioned, I believe the filings for the Recall Brian Shannon PAC may be deceptive because the actual efforts are organized by these unregistered PACs, Newberg Equity in Education and Progressive Yamhill.

I showed some evidence for this in the NEEd article but here is what is in Progressive Yamhill,

From an earlier Newberg school board meeting recap thread, you’ll see the groundwork for this was laid months in advance, pretty much from the first school board session with the newly elected directors who won elections over NEEd / Progressive Yamhill members,

The document Megan Corvus shared should look very familiar to anyone who has read part 1 of this expose,

Thus, it is clear based on the communications within their secret Facebook mafia club that they are the actual organizers of the Recall Brian Shannon PAC and responsible for it, and that NEEd is a subservient group to Progressive Yamhill.

Likewise, Progressive Yamhill is also leading the charge on convincing the teachers and parent groups to indoctrinate the students and coerce them into political activism to serve their agenda,

Apparently even the custodians at some schools are in on it.

Also, I wasn’t sure where else to put this.

Yeah.….I don’t think she’ll be dancing to a seat of power anytime soon. Even AOC can’t help you now.

Progressive Yamhill Is Responsible for the Recall of Lindsay Berschauer

I mean, it’s probably not a huge secret but I just wanted to confirm that yes, they are behind this and the main organizers of it. Should they successfully recall her, they wanted to get their own candidate Lynette Shaw elected and then with Casey Kulla, they would vote to expand the commissioner seats so they can repeat the process, filling the commission with their own membership.

Anyway here is some proof they are deeply involved in the Recall of Lindsay Berschauer,

That is probably sufficient when considering everything else I have shown already by this point.

Proof that Newberg Mayor Rick Rogers Was Involved In The Hiring of Tai Harden-Moore and That Members of Progressive Yamhill Gain Financial Benefit From Abuse of Positions

Someone once challenged me to prove that Newberg Mayor Rick Rogers was involved in the hiring of Tai Harden-Moore. The individual claimed that only city managers do the hiring.

Here is a communication that preludes the hiring of Tai Harden-Moore as a “diversity consultant” by the City of Newberg. It demonstrates she was hired as a result of her exclusive membership in the Progressive Yamhill group, that put her into contact with people such as Stephanie Bell Findley, a Newberg City Councilor.

Stephanie Bell Findley, a City of Newberg Council member, made the introduction. Looks like she got her way.

So, Stephanie Bell Findley, and probably also Rick Rogers, has committed, ORS 244.040 Prohibited use of official position or office.


(4) A public official may not attempt to further or further the personal gain of the public official through the use of confidential information gained in the course of or by reason of holding position as a public official or activities of the public official.

Findley “got what she wanted” using her position, using a secret and illegal group of contacts to have back-channel and undisclosed public communications about the hiring of a diversity consultant for the City of Newberg. Using her seat of power, her personal agenda was served, not that of the residents of Newberg. That’s the common law definition of personal gain and this gain financially benefited Tai Harden-Moore given she was hired and gained further acclaim for that hiring that she has used to pad her resume. I wonder if there was any kickbacks? I think it’s worth investigating.

By the way, Tai Harden-Moore has some neat friends.

Stay tuned for a future article exploring that.

Anyway, I managed to dig these posts out of the pits of the Progressive Yamhill group related to Rick Rogers himself.

The mafia that helped elect him clearly gets what it wants from him now.

And try to protect him from being recalled.

Oh, yes. And there was this BBQ,

And now you understand why Rick Rogers preaches CRT in his videos to the residents of Newberg.

Attempt to Deplatform Me via Google Sandboxing

Wasn’t really sure where to put this but it seems one of their members went as far as trying to convince someone at Google to sandbox my website (meaning delist it from Google Search engine results) as a means of censorship, as outrageous as that sounds.

Sidonie Winfield, you like to deplatform people for their political criticism, do you? Well, let’s pull you out of the shadows then.

You don’t control the internet and you don’t control me.

Progressive Yamhill Intimidate and Stalk People Who Disagree With Them

In part 1 of this article, I showed NEEd members to often harass people who disagree with their members. Progressive Yamhill members also do this, too.

Here is what I assume to be an angry resident of Newberg upset at Newberg school teacher Angie Spracher for her indoctrination of children using the schools,

Angie Spracher is the same teacher who posted the TikTok videos, that clearly show her classroom is missing an American flag and has replaced it instead with Trans-racial pride flags, in clear violation of Oregon law, ORS 339.875 Procurement, display and salute of flags.

I’m trying to avoid making this article so long but you get the idea. It’s the same pattern of behavior as I have previously shown the NEEd sub-group engaging in.

I Believe Newberg Equity in Education is a Subservient Group to Progressive Yamhill and As Such, Part of the Criminal Conspiracy

The other important thing to know is that NEEd and Progressive Yamhill have many of the same key members; so many that I believe NEEd is essentially a subservient group to Progressive Yamhill, and as such, I believe that Progressive Yamhill is, per the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, an extension of the NEEd criminal conspiracy.

If you missed the previous section where I explained this, you can download this excel spreadsheet of the members of the Progressive Yamhill group to see this for yourself. This spreadsheet is more raw than the one I made for the first expose, as it only links to their chats within the group itself and not their primary profiles. However you can use their Facebook user ID in the URL chain to locate that one, if you really want to.

As an example of how to do this, take Kristen Stoller’s URL in the spreadsheet,

707431587 is her username ID in Facebook’s database.

So if you enter,

That URL will link directly to Kristen Stoller’s Facebook profile.

Easy, right?

I also have screenshots of the entire member list, organized alphabetically, as proof these people are members of Progressive Yamhill. The screenshots are incredibly long as I used screen capture software to record pages into a single large image but I can open it in Photoshop and zoom in, since the image is a vector file. This information is available for law enforcement and other parties looking for visual confirmation of membership in Progressive Yamhill for anyone who is not already demonstrated to be a member in this article.

I believe due to the close ties between NEEd and Progressive Yamhill (such as I have shown in this article) this means that ALL of Progressive Yamhill’s members are therefore in my opinion, complicit in the same crimes I have accused all of the NEEd members of committing, since NEEd is a subservient group to Progressive Yamhill and loyal to its leaders via the chain of command that exists within their organizational structure.

This is how RICO is designed to work; it makes the crimes of members at the bottom of the hierarchy be chargeable to the members further up the chain of command, who are benefited by those actions.

The activities of the two groups are related, as they have the same goal of subverting the democratic process in our county for the benefit of those who receive special perks and benefits for their membership, such as exclusive and undisclosed communications with elected officials in violation of the law, which can be used to provide financial benefits, or other perks.

For those who think you can get away from guilt by association just because you may not have personally known every member of the conspiracy, guess again.

As I demonstrated in my prior article, the pattern of intimidation and coercion activities (click to read those sections of the last article) against elected Newberg school board officials, were performed IN COOPERATION with elected officials such as Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla, who using their positions, acted on behalf of the group to help apply pressure knowing that if the effort is successful to get those School board directors to resign, Casey Kulla gets to help appoint NEW members (such as those in the NEEd group like Tai Harden Moore, who is among their preferred candidates during the previous school board election) . Other members of Progressive Yamhill were DEEPLY INVOLVED in the Recall Brian Shannon PAC that is also part of this conspiracy as well.

This is all part of RICO. As a collective criminal conspiracy, you have interfered in commerce (the School board directors’ lawful right to employment and business that is being deprived of them for unlawful reasons, such as for their voting habits) so that they can provide benefit to others (appointment to the school board if they resign).

Likewise, NEEd, as a subservient group to Progressive Yamhill, is also responsible for many of the crimes that members of Progressive Yamhill have committed.

Government Ethics Laws Violated by Progressive Yamhill Members

Well, let’s see here? There’s so many of you and so many examples to choose from.

Firstly, pretty much everything I’ve already shown about Casey Kulla demonstrates he has violated ORS 244.040 Prohibited use of official position or office.

(3) A public official may not solicit or receive, either directly or indirectly, and a person may not offer or give to any public official any pledge or promise of future employment, based on any understanding that the vote, official action or judgment of the public official would be influenced by the pledge or promise.

(4) A public official may not attempt to further or further the personal gain of the public official through the use of confidential information gained in the course of or by reason of holding position as a public official or activities of the public official.

I think pretty much every other elected official and committee member has violated this law, too.

One of the commonplace behaviors of your group is to get your members elected into seats of power by acting as volunteers for their campaigns, and for the elected members to then turn around and reward the mafia members by appointing them to other public positions, such as committee seats.

There is a long pattern of behavior of your members who are elected officials posting into the Progressive Yamhill group asking other members of the conspiracy to apply for seats on committees, jobs at the city government or county, and for committee positions, and then those officials never disclose that you’re all members of the same secret shadow government to the city councils and county commission who know nothing about this conspiracy.

Then, these people also use this secret Facebook group (that has quorums for those committees and city councils, such as the city of Carlton, and some committees) and you talk about public issues and decide on public policy using this secretive and exclusive Facebook group, with input on matters from those who don’t even live in those cities steering the direction of the policies you implement. Your public meetings are basically a formality, a kind of theatre, because as a group you already decided what those elected members of the particular city councils and committees were going to do before the meeting took place.

Case in point, Casey Kulla asking the Progressive Yamhill members for their input on whether he should try to issue county wide lockdowns, as well as the drafting of the inclusivity statement he wanted to pass.

Besides, you guys know the laws you’re breaking.


These secretive, back-channel communications are violations of ORS 192.630 Meetings of governing body to be open to public,

All meetings of the governing body of a public body shall be open to the public and all persons shall be permitted to attend any meeting except as otherwise provided by ORS 192.610 (Definitions for ORS 192.610 to 192.690) to 192.690 (Exceptions to ORS 192.610 to 192.690).

Per case law, you don’t have to have a quorum for this section to be violated,

Prohibition that quorum of governing body not “meet” in private for purpose of deliberation may apply to deliberation other than “meeting.” TriMet v. Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757, 362 Or 484, 412 P3d 162 (2018)

Furthermore, their use of electronic communications (the Facebook group, and possibly, also their personal Facebook Messenger communications with one another) are in violation of ORS 192.670 Meetings by means of telephone or electronic communication,

(1) Any meeting, including an executive session, of a governing body of a public body which is held through the use of telephone or other electronic communication shall be conducted in accordance with ORS 192.610 (Definitions for ORS 192.610 to 192.690) to 192.690 (Exceptions to ORS 192.610 to 192.690).

(2) When telephone or other electronic means of communication is used and the meeting is not an executive session, the governing body of the public body shall make available to the public at least one place where, or at least one electronic means by which, the public can listen to the communication at the time it occurs. A place provided may be a place where no member of the governing body of the public body is present. [1973 c.172 §7; 1979 c.361 §1; 2011 c.272 §2]

The public was not allowed to participate in private Facebook mafia club. Only members of the conspiracy, creating invisible government, were permitted to participate in these discussions between elected officials, committee members and others about their duties and matters they have governance and jurisdiction over. Furthermore, any records requests a person makes to an official would not have covered these Facebook communications, because the public generally wouldn’t know about it.

So I believe this law has been violated.

I believe that the nature of the communications that I have shown and that I possess on my hard-drive screenshotted from many, MANY instances of these back-channel communications, are violations of public meeting laws and as such, the Progressive Yamhill group’s activities are incredibly illegal and evidence of its nature as a criminal conspiracy per ORS 161.450 “Criminal conspiracy, especially given the treasonous intentions of the group.

The penalties for these violations are outlined on the Oregon Department of Justice website,

Chapter 199
Division 8

Guidelines on How Multiple Violations Will Be Charged

The Commission will identify each action that appears to constitute a violation of ORS Chapter 244 and that does not qualify as part of an official compensation package as defined in OAR 199-005-0035(3), and when multiple violations are committed will charge them in the following manner:

(1) When a public official appears to have committed two or more violations by subsequent equivalent actions, the Commission will charge the public official with a single violation and count the repeated actions using the number of the equivalent acts as aggravating factors when imposing any sanction as discussed in (2) of this rule.

That sounds pretty dire for the violators of the law.

Aren’t you all glad you joined Facebook mafia club?

Anyone who reads this article can report these officials for the violations to the Oregon Government Ethics Commission.

I believe civil lawsuits should also be filed against the elected officials so that the public can obtain a complete record of their Facebook communications they decided to use to conduct official business as a public official, especially those communications with any other members of the conspiracy per my downloadable spreadsheet of their member list. The public has a right to know what these elected officials are discussing behind closed doors with their fellow conspirators. The entire posting history of each member into Progressive Yamhill can be requested (subpoenaed) from Facebook via the URL link associated with their name that is contained in the downloadable spreadsheet.

The relevant law here for the civil lawsuits is,

 192.314 Right to inspect public records; notice to public body attorney. 

(1) Every person has a right to inspect any public record of a public body in this state, except as otherwise expressly provided by ORS 192.338, 192.345 and 192.355.

      (2)(a) If a person who is a party to a civil judicial proceeding to which a public body is a party, or who has filed a notice under ORS 30.275 (5)(a), asks to inspect or to receive a copy of a public record that the person knows relates to the proceeding or notice, the person must submit the request in writing to the custodian and, at the same time, to the attorney for the public body.

192.318 Functions of custodian of public records; rules. 

(1) The custodian of any public records, including public records maintained in machine readable or electronic form, unless otherwise expressly provided by statute, shall furnish proper and reasonable opportunities for inspection and examination of the records in the office of the custodian and reasonable facilities for making memoranda or abstracts therefrom, during the usual business hours, to all persons having occasion to make examination of them. If the public record is maintained in machine readable or electronic form, the custodian shall furnish proper and reasonable opportunity to assure access.

      (2) The custodian of the records may adopt reasonable rules necessary for the protection of the records and to prevent interference with the regular discharge of duties of the custodian. [Formerly 192.430]

This is because their Facebook messages and posts are public records, since they were made while acting in their official capacity as elected officials. Just because they were abusing their seats doesn’t mean they were not acting in their capacity as public officials. They were!

I would also recommend law enforcement file subpoena requests to Facebook for any messages they try to delete. I have reason to believe some of their admins removed evidence from the Newberg Equity in Education group before they archived it, in an attempt to hide some things. I am happy to explain my reasonings to any members of law enforcement.

Campaign Finance Laws Violations

Progressive Yamhill members who run for office frequently break a bunch of rules related to campaign financing. As an example here is Stephanie Bell Findley, Newberg City Council member, conducting a fundraising raffle for Lynette Shaw’s campaign. Which is illegal.

An illegal raffle in super secret Mafia Facebook club for a political campaign and she wasn’t even bright enough to delete the posts after the fact, in a group that has over a thousand people in it. Amazing.

Only non-profits can do raffles as a fundraising endeavor, and there are regulations for it in Oregon, such as needing a license. Political committees are not a non-profit.

Also, was this fundraiser disclosed properly? There are so many different PAC activities you guys coordinate using Progressive Yamhill it’s clear the lines are heavily blurred on precisely which PAC is covering these activities.

As an example, we have organization of Recall Brian Shannon PAC mixed with the Recall Lindsay Berschauer activities of Save Yamhill County PAC,

(Note: BS means Brian Shannon)

Official statements about the PACs are made by their members, showing they are the true organizers of them.

I have so many screenshots of things related to their promotion of these recalls that I could fill an entire article just showing them all.

The Progressive Yamhill group alerts and helps manage the election campaigns for ther membership,

They also mix the activities of the candidate committees into this private group as well. The one for Lynette Shaw I showed already, but here is Tai Harden Moore’s announcing her run for the school district in Newberg to the Progressive Yamhill group,

Related to Tai Harden-Moore, they also help her organize her BLM related activity,

As you can see, they frequently use the police to harass people.

Here is a campaign fundraising request for Kris Bledsoe, who is ironically, accusing her opponent of being partisan while she is literally fundraising from the Yamhill Democrats and using them to promote her campaign,

Kris Bledsoe is also the mother in law to Casey Kulla, by the way.

By the way, would you trust these people with collecting your ballots?

I sure as hell wouldn’t. And yet,

The Progressive Yamhill crowd strike me as the kinds of people who will just “decide” you don’t share their politics based on some circumstantial trait they imagine about you, like being a “cis white male” who owns a pickup truck, or having an American flag in your front yard, and then want to throw your ballot in the garbage. They shouldn’t be anywhere near these operations, having access to ballot pickup locations.

By the way,

Can you gather recall petition signatures on public property like city parks?

As mentioned before, a candidate for office asking people to take an action without disclosure the candidate asked them to do so.

They also operate phone banks for Yamhill County Democrats,

And run phone banks for those candidates in their group,

And they organize campaigns for their members to run for seats of office,

And ask their members to send mailers out,

And fundraising for other kinds of issue based political campaigning that violates the Hatch Act, as previously explained in the last article,

Please take notice of the presence of attorney Ryan Howard, who as I mentioned in the previous article, is the attorney of record for the school based health clinic in Newberg High School, the Wellness Collective ran by Kristen Stoller. Ryan Howard is also on the Historic Preservation Committee in Newberg, Oregon. I believe his law office records should be investigated, given his active participation in this criminal conspiracy.

Various other political action committees and parties pop up as well, asking for donations,

They even ask for beauty tips to help them look more attractive while campaigning,

They also do what seems to be private business transactions,

They also take out political ads,

And even ask for recommendations on businesses who align with their fringe political ideologies,

So, in summary: We have one group of people organizing Recall PACs that are working in conjunction with PACs that support candidates such as Tai Harden-Moore and Lynette Shaw who desire the seats of those being recalled and harassed, using the same private Facebook group that has numerous elected officials. The group also consists of the entire leadership body of the Yamhill Democrats, a registered political party. There is enormous cross-over between all these supposedly “different” PACs to the degree they are really just one group, which I believe is an unregistered PAC. Plus, both the funding and the legwork of these PACs has the public appearance of being separately raised, when it is in fact all coming from the same group of people who have close and undisclosed ties together. The same group is also used to find and conduct personal businesses, too.

Basically, we have the activities of multiple petition committees, candidate committees, and political action committees all overlapping heavily. I mean honestly, how can you keep track of what is one PACs activities when the same people running those campaigns are doing them all at the same time? How can you say who is paying for what when the waters are muddied so greatly?

And they don’t disclose these overlaps, at all and looking at their activities overlapping, I don’t believe they are independent PACs at all, which would make their filings fraudulent.

Consequently, I believe that both Progressive Yamhill and Newberg Equity in Education are unregistered political action committees created to deceive the state of Oregon and the public about what these parties are actually doing and how money raised for these PACs are actually spent and used to support multiple different political activities.

I mean I sure can’t make sense of which people are acting only for which PAC at which time. There is way too much cross-over among activities.

I think the irregularities here are sufficient to request a void of their PACs and that means, the signatures they have gathered under these PACs should be not usable for a recall petition, either.

I’m also pretty sure it’s a violation to be working so closely with candidates for office and other PACs and to never disclose any of this in their filings.

Of course, they are aware of the laws they break,

They are sticklers for the rules when they think someone else has broken them, but they blatantly ignore them inside their own groups when it stands in the way of their goals.

As an example, here is one of them complaining about how they think someone has broken rules they break all the time,

Also this,

The motto of the Progressive Yamhill Democrats should be “rules for thee but not for me“. Their platform is tyranny.

Obviously, Progressive Yamhill Members Hate the Police and Trash Talk America on September 11th

These are some, I think, rather revealing opinions they felt comfortable saying within the echo chamber of their secret Facebook mafia club. I think everyone should hear them, too.

One of the most tragic and horrible attacks on America in the country’s history, and Megan just wants to talk about how she thinks it’s terrible to reflect on it, because America is racist. Her words have the effect of justifying 9/11, since she is disgusted by anyone, such as a sheriff, asking people to remember that day and try to be better people.

Jus so we’re clear, he over-explained what “defund the police” means as a way to re-frame, deceptively. The objective of these social activists is to divert funding away from law enforcement and toward non-profits who have no accountability and can spend the money however they want, such as on salaries for themselves and toward political objectives. That’s what “defund the police” is actually about; making communities unstable, allowing criminals to prosper while funding the very activities that lead to more crime, such as the causes these Indivisible people support because it will lead to a dismantling of America. I realize that sounds bias but it’s far more honest about what the “defund the police” rhetoric is actually aimed to do.

Very lovely people, aren’t they?

Here is a thread where they are upset that Newberg police won’t let them have unrestricted access to private documents to perform a so-called “audit” as part of their efforts to try to, I assume, defund the Newberg police department,

Here is a local Newberg business trash talking the Newberg police department for something that happened almost two thousand miles away in an entirely different state and trying to claim the situation is somehow relevant to Newberg police.

Newberg City Council member Stephanie Bell Findley right there giving people in Progressive Yamhill their marching orders.

She has a habit of this, as you can see.

Miscellaneous Hatred of Christians

I’m an atheist. I’m not a militant atheist but I am not religious. However, I am a large supporter of the freedom of religion in America. I attend religious functions, like funerals and weddings, and I believe these rituals serve important functions in our societies.

Unlike many other atheists, I don’t have any problem with holidays like Christmas or using crosses in cemeteries, and it upsets me when atheist activist groups cause unnecessary strife in society by harassing people about their religious beliefs for no good reason. I didn’t become atheist because I hate religion, I became an atheist because the amount of knowledge I have gained makes it impossible for me to believe in magic. I think there are many valuable things about religion that I now don’t have access to, such as community through churches, and that’s the price I’ve paid for the knowledge I now have. I’m comfortable with that exchange, but it’s not going to be a path I think everyone necessarily must walk. I generally try to avoid having conversations with people who are religious about the topic of atheism, as I’m uncomfortable with being the reason a person loses their faith. This is because I understand the value of what is lost and the exchange is not necessarily an equivalent one. Besides this, just because I personally think people shouldn’t believe in magic doesn’t give me the right to demand others stop believing in it or try to force them to do so, since believing in magic isn’t necessarily bad. Humanity has come a pretty long way believing in magical things. Context matters. America wouldn’t even exist without Enlightenment philosophers, nearly all of which were Christians, whose religious ideas informed their viewpoints. It’s also undeniable that Christians were the driving force behind the ending of slavery and the Common Humanity approach to diversity.

The only times I speak up about religion is when I think people are being exploited, like when people are sold fake cures for diseases. I don’t think most religious people are being exploited by having faith in something that promotes virtuous behavior.

Anyway, just I wanted to preface that a little. Didn’t mean to get so dramatic.

My point is, these guys are crazy. They seem to believe if BLM flags can’t hang from the rafters of the school campus then nobody should be allowed to wear crosses as a piece of jewelry. This is the kind of zealousness I don’t support. People wearing crosses, ankhs, hijabs and whatever else, have nothing to do with this issue. Protective amulets are not worn for the same reasons these people want to display political flags in the schools.

Anyway they have such disrespect for others that their recall canvassers went to someone’s funeral to ask for signatures to recall Lindsay Berschauer

Lovely people, aren’t they?

Oddly, these people do have churches they go to. One can only wonder what Christians who hate Christianity do at their churches. I assume they teach Critical Race Theory.

They might even lower themselves to work for a Christian university, too.

A Very Odd Thread About How Much They Hated The Chick-fil-a Food Truck

This I think is related to the hatred of traditional Christian values. It’s not mere disagreement; it’s hatred.

These guys actually have a mega thread in the group about how they harassed the Chick-fil-a food truck, because they don’t like the politics of the founder of the company.

This is important, because as you read at the start of this article, Megan Corvus chastises members when they try to discuss things she deems unrelated to local politics and unimportant to the political agenda of their mafia. The purpose of the cult is to take political action and cause change. Megan Corvus clearly believes this is a worthy issue of local politics and for the group to obsess about, thus her own participation in it.

These are the leaders of the Democratic party in Yamhill County. If you’re a supporter of the Democrats in Yamhill County, this is who you’re following and who your votes are empowering,

You can also see how even when there is dissent, the other members badger the dissenter to conform to the irrational group-think.

Marta Soppe, Former City of Newberg Councilman Robert Soppe’s Daughter in Law, Is a Legitimate Crazy Person

Former City of Newberg Councilman Robert Soppe is known for his left leaning politics. So it should not shock anyone to learn his daughter in law Marta Caterina Soppe is one of their group admins,

I am singling her out in this section because I think it’s important people understand what kind of people they actually are, the ones who are guiding the barrel of the cannon the Progressive Yamhill group is.

Marta Soppe is the kind of nutcase who spends her time finding new ways to harass her neighbors instead of enjoying a day at the river like a normal person,

Marta Soppe hate watches Trump campaign newsletters, for some reason that is unfathomable to me,

Marta Soppe is one of these nutters who only wants to purchase products and services from people who fully support her cult ideology,

And of course Megan Corvus happens to have a list of vendors in this specific industry who support their ideology, because this an encouraged behavior for their cult members: to focus on supporting fellow cult members’ businesses.

Here’s some of her comments about a politician running for Governor, that I think ought to be more public,

Her family has apparently made some efforts to try to help her get out of the cult, but I’m afraid she is too far gone into the madness. She views their efforts to help her as morally wrong and makes fun of them behind their back, as a gesture of allegiance to the cult.

Antifa is not an “idea” or a “concept”. It’s a terrorist organization that is organized in a similar way to Al-Qaeda in that it is a network of associated groups and lone-wolf operators who carry out its agenda. It has a similar organization structure as the Indivisible movement, which has enormous overlaps between itself and antifa since many people who are involved in antifa are also involved in the Indivisible movement, using the Indivisible cells to support antifa activities.

Also she has no idea how to manage a city, nor do any of these other idiots.

“Affordable housing”, at least in the policies they advocate for, is a broken system. Building new housing means that new infrastructure must be created to support the people who will live in that housing, such as new roads and utilities and so on. That stuff is expensive, especially to maintain. Also, commercial development such as new grocery stores and gas stations has to be built to support the new population, which means other development must take place alongside the new housing. Then you have to factor in all the added expenses for development, such as the absurdly high rezoning fees that cities and counties are charging in Oregon (and especially in towns like Newberg) that drives up the price of these homes so the developer can make a profit. This also causes bidding wars for land near the new housing, further driving up the price of the homes, as well as other development in the area, and the sale prices of homes that were already built inflate, too.

Next, because Oregon has over-depended on welfare programs to assist low income people with housing, this has the effect of inflating the rent prices; the welfare programs increase the average amount of rent this demographic of person can pay for rent. This means when welfare recipients, grant awardees and low interest subsidized home loaners bid for housing (both leased and purchased), they end up bidding above the average income of other residents in the area who would otherwise have placed bids for that type of housing. This allows landlords and home owners to charge higher prices for their units than they otherwise would have been able to do.

I mean, it’s not like a wealthy Silicon Valley retiree is going to move into a crappy apartment. Their moving to the area has little to do with the price of housing for low income families. The wealthy people aren’t bidding for those housing units, its the welfare recipients who are.

Basically, your “Affordable housing” policies make housing in the area less affordable for low income families, not more affordable. You’re not allowing the capitalist system to function correctly and are sabotaging it with socialism, and then turning around and blaming capitalism for the outcome. Landlords would have to reduce their prices if you stopped pumping money into low income demographics, because their customers would have less money to spend. The conditions of the job market in areas like Newberg doesn’t justify the cost of housing increases that are largely a result of your terrible socialist experiments. You interfered when you saw a trend of wealthy people over-bidding for land and did not wait it out to self-correct itself. Instead, you injected socialism into capitalism, and the local economy broke.

This is why the house I lived in with my parents on W. Sheridan street in Newberg before they divorced, which has almost no backyard, only has 2 bedrooms and whose road access is a gravel road, and that sits very close to a railroad track (and has some questionable construction elements to it) has a listed property value of almost half a million dollars. In actuality, it should only be worth around $200,000, at best. It’s because idiots have mismanaged the state and city with gross over-dependence on welfare programs instead of new job creation, that everything is so out of whack, housing wise. Stop artificially inflating the economy and the prices will go down.

“Affordable housing” is a lie in the current economic situation the Williamite Valley is facing. New development leads to an increase in costs, not a decrease. The reason housing prices started inflating is because of the wine tourism that brings wealthy people from other areas of the country like San Francisco to move here and compete with each other for land and houses, which drives up the prices of the sale of THOSE homes. This did drive up the value of the land for everyone else in the area, but that land price increase is a temporary trend that would self correct as other homes are sold at normal levels. But the trend can’t self-correct to normal property value levels if you’re interfering with socialist programs to keep the values up.

The only people this crap actually benefits are the local real estate developers and sellers, many of whom, for the record, are members in the Progressive Yamhill group.

Which brings us to…..

Real Estate Development and Strange Bedfellows

Phillip Higgins, a real estate broker, is involved in some long conversations with officials who have purview over housing and development committees.

I don’t have evidence of any kick-backs, but the presence of real estate agents, land developers, and elected officials in multiple cities and at the county level, who oversee these kinds of urban development deals comes across as extremely shady to me, especially given the direction of the conversations and which individuals are involved in them.

The thread is so long that I am going to put it into its own article, which can be read by clicking here.

Favoritism To Progressive Yamhill Members From the Press Is Obvious

McMinville based News-Register seems to have been giving the group very flattering coverage for many years.

‘NR’ is in reference to News-Register.

I’m assuming by ‘Casey’ she means Casey Kulla, who if, that is who she meant, is feeding stories to them on behalf of the cult. Would make sense given this thread,

Juicy bits eh?

I couldn’t find what column Sheila Barnes is referring to. She posts into the group using this alternate account by the way.

Anyway, I’m not going to list every article that has ever been published which a group member has claimed responsibility for. You have a downloadable list of all their members, just cross-reference new articles about social issues you see in local press and you’ll have a better idea of what is taking place in your local news now.

Progressive Yamhill Is a Huge Supporter of Yamhelas-Westsider Trail

The Progressive Yamhill mafia is a big supporter of what I consider to be a wasteful government spending project called the Yamhelas-Westsider Trail. It’s a mountain bike path that is realistically only of interest to the few hundred people who actually want to ride a mountain bike between Hagg Lake and Carlton (and will probably only do so once in their entire life). The project costs millions of tax payer dollars and the construction will interfere with the business of small farmers in the area, which is far more important than someone’s mountain bike hobby.

The folks in Progressive Yamhill don’t care about the farmers or how much money the project wastes, because they, like all narcissists, view their hobbies as the most important thing about life and everybody else needs to accommodate them. These are the same jerks who ride mountain bikes up steep, windy, two-lane mountain roads with sharp cliffs and dead man’s pass curves, knowing full well they hold traffic up for everyone else trying to get home after a long day at work. These jerks feel entitled to ride mountain bikes in a suicidal way that inconveniences everyone else who has to try extra hard to not accidentally run them over when they suddenly appear from the other side of a cliff.

Casey Kulla seems to be one of these assholes, since part of his campaign promise for Governorship of Oregon is to remove private Willamette River access for home owners so people who paddle board (which is apparently another one of his hobbies) can just walk through everyone else’s backyard and do whatever. Again, these narcissists believe everyone else has to step aside for their freakin hobbies.

Here’s Yamhill County Commissioner and Progressive Yamhill loyalist Casey Kulla breaking public meeting laws to talk about the trail,

“We’ll do it together”.

That’s where Casey Kulla’s loyalties lie.

Anyway here is miscellaneous chatter about the trail,

Just as a note, this next part features a brochure which seems to be based on the contents of this website, Truth About Yamhelas-Westsider Trail.

Why Is This Being Allowed to Happen? Where Are the Conservatives Who Should Be Resisting These Conspiracies?

Now let’s contrast this level of organization exhibited by the Democrats to the Republican Party, who has seemingly given up on certain states they must think are beyond hope, due to the perception of how mighty the Democratic party is in these states. I think Oregon must be among these states the Republicans have abandoned. During the course of my investigation, I tried to reach out to the Republican party chapters in Yamhill, Multnomah and Clackamas County’s, even the Oregon Republican Party — my phone calls and emails have never been responded to. Multnomah and Clackamas don’t even have working phone numbers listed on their websites.

I should point out I am talking about as an organized party. There are individual Republicans who do want to resist these efforts, but they don’t seem to really understand social media and how it is being employed as a tool by these social activists. The Republicans candidates for municipal and county offices tend to be older individuals who aren’t as proficient with digital media, so they don’t even know where to begin to look to try to find these conspiracies and how the culprits are organizing. It takes more than just candidates to deal with this kind of thing; it requires staff and volunteers. This aspect of the Republicans seems to be underwhelming compared to the operations used by Democrats.

People who read my articles might think I am a Republican, but in actuality, I am presently a registered Democrat. I would consider myself a moderate and I cannot support the direction the party has gone over the past decade due to the influence of regressives, such as these people I am exposing. Thus, my reporting is independent of any political party or movement, and only represents what I believe to be the shared American values of our country.

Unlike the subjects of my exposes, who plot in secret against their neighbors, my articles have not been created as part of any organized scheme or PAC or anything of the kind. While people who are members of both the Democratic and Republican party have contributed some information to me, my words and reasoning are absolutely my own. My point here is that I think the Republican Party in Oregon is in tatters and, compared to the Democrats, far less organized in their efforts. This is probably the main reason why the most extreme factions of the Democratic party have been able to seize so much control over the state; they face no worthy opposition to restore proper frames of reference for what is right and just. That may be a hard pill for so many Republicans to swallow, but its plainly evident this is the present state of things. It was incredibly easy for me to uncover this criminal conspiracy involving so many Democrat affiliated individuals that are designed expressly to benefit the Democratic party in Oregon and its agenda. Why did the Republicans do nothing to stop it? Lack of organization is certainly a major factor, and probably, a lack of heart to fight the battles even when alerted to them. This has to change; there must become a worthy opposition to the ambitions of the Democratic party in Oregon if balance of the political culture is to be restored to the state. This is probably the situation in other states, too, such as California and Washington.

In any case, as I said before, people need to start paying attention to local politics more. Facebook has in many ways I think been detrimental to local news, as people focus on what trends when millions of people share something, instead of what is most important: what happens in your own local government. We’ve become a culture that focuses on politics for presidential elections instead of local elections.

Yes, the presidential elections are important, but presidents do not govern the city you actually live in. The kinds of people who are organized in Progressive Yamhill are seeking and have been able to obtain positions of power that can, and I think are, wrecking the local communities with policies that simply are not designed to improve life for all in an equal way. Their goal is segregation, their goal is to dismantle and rebuild. Their goal is chaos. Their goal is collapse.

Most of them would prefer we abandon capitalism altogether and become a purely socialist society, and many of them want people to die because they have a different political ideology than their cult.

Regular, every day citizens have to start focusing just a’bit less on their hobbies and whatever else they are doing, and start remembering citizenship is not something we do every couple of years. Citizenship is every day. Some of you reading this article are surely old enough to remember when we used to teach Civics Education in the schools, and why it is so important for citizens to be involved in local government and pay attention. Don’t let the talking heads on the national news distract you so much away from what is actually, truly most important and how much power you actually do possess.

I am one man and I have exposed a criminal conspiracy involving over 2,000 people.

You can do something, too. Get involved in your local government. Remember the roots of this country. It was a long, hard fought battle to obtain a republic where America delivered on the promises of the Declaration of Independence. Don’t let other people undo what has been achieved just because you can’t be bothered to pay attention and stand up against tyranny like past Americans did. You’ve got to find that spark of courage in your heart. It’s in there, somewhere. Don’t be content to watch others save the day. Do it yourself, if you can. And you probably can, you’ve just got to try.

The American Dream is not yet dead, no matter what some people are saying. The American Dream is still alive. And it’s now time for you to gather your courage and stand up to ensure it remains that way.

Hold these people accountable for what they have done. Report their crimes to appropriate authorities and stop supporting their political activities. There is no compromise to be had with seditious traitors that want to destroy the country. I have seen nothing that is redeemable about their agenda.

I severely doubt the Democratic party can be salvaged at this point. This radical faction has control over the party. I’m seriously considering starting a new political party to replace it. While as a moderate I see value in many of the Republican party platform and values, I think its leadership is asleep at the wheel and I’m not going to join that bus. You can’t put fires out from inside the house.

I want a political party that is actually, truly progressive. Hedonism is not progressive.

We have to update our education system so that children are taught authentic history, in its proper historical context. That does not mean glossing over uncomfortable parts, but it does mean not expecting children to owe blood-debts for things they had nothing to do with. Teaching children history the way CRT wants it is a terrible injustice to these kids.

We have to start teaching scientifically accurate biology and health classes, again. We need to get the insanity of John Money out of our schools. His ideas ruined the lives of his test subjects and they ruin the lives of everyone else, too.

We have to return to teaching logic and rhetoric, again. It is absurd so many teachers in the Newberg school district who are involved in this nonsense cannot employ either in any meaningful way. Clearly, there is a dire need for this area of education to be re-implemented into the public school system.

We have to start focusing on job creation over welfare, again. Welfare is supposed to be temporary, you’re not supposed to live on it for the rest of your life. We’re artificially inflating the local economies with too much focus on welfare and not enough on creation of economic opportunities. And the only people profiting from this are land developers. The average person is not.

We have to start treating vagrancy (often mistakenly referred to as homelessness) as a mental health problem instead of a financial one, again. Most of these people are on drugs or have other serious mental health issues that are leading them to be homeless. Welfare and over-priced housing development deals can’t solve a mental health crisis.

America has serious problems. Oregon has serious problems. Our cities have problems.

No one in Progressive Yamhill has any useful solutions, and that seems to me, to be intentional. That is what happens when you believe everything about America at present is designed to abuse “black” and “browns”, and that the whole thing has to be destroyed. Having the wrong idea about how society is working is more likely to lead to wrong solutions to actual problems and make things worse.

No matter how much you might disagree with me on some things, if you have even a little bit of sanity in you, then you must recognize how regressive it truly is to implement segregation into the schools, which is what these people are doing. The Indivisible movement is on the wrong track. They have to be stopped. Moderate every day people need to take back control of our democracy and get it out of the hands of extremist nutters.

That’s enough of my rant. If you agree with anything I’ve said, please reach out to me. Let’s see what we can do to fix this mess before it’s too late.

About the Author

This is for other press, who I am sure will be picking this story up, and those in the press involved in this conspiracy who will be trying to discredit it as a means of saving their reputations.

I am a semi-retired entrepreneur in digital media, President of Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc. I was born in Newberg. I enlisted when I was seventeen, served five years of service, including a tour of duty during OIF. I’m an honorably discharged Army Veteran and a lifetime member of the VFW. I operate the men’s lifestyle magazine Millennial Gentleman. This is my personal blog and my hometown is a personal matter, so I chose this blog as the medium for this reporting.

I am the descendant of men who fought in the Revolutionary War for liberty against the British, for the Union in the Civil War against the Confederacy, and against the Axis powers in World War II. My family has lived in Newberg for nearly a century. It is my sacred duty as the inheritor of my ancestors’ will to ensure tyranny does not root itself here.

I am organizing a recall of the Newberg mayor Rick Rogers and the city council members who have allowed this conspiracy, especially those who actively participated in its organization. I support the Newberg School board members who voted to remove divisive anti-American political symbols from our schools — and this article is the only evidence you should need to see that decision to support the school board ban is the correct one.

To those who hate what I have done here, you can do your worst to discredit me. I’ll do my best, and I’ll win the narrative, because truth is on my side. It’s not on yours.

Also, not to sound like an e-beggar but I am an independent reporter. I am not part of any other media organization except my own small company. This article is exposing around 600 people as part of what I believe to be a criminal conspiracy and I anticipate they will try to sue me for libel despite all the evidence I show here. In reading this article, you will see they have already discussed suing me for libel over my past articles criticizing their activities, as they want to censure me. If you’d like to contribute to my legal defense fund so I may continue reporting on their activities, this is a link to my donation page. (Gofundme deplatformed me so I switched to GiveSendGo). Thank you and I hope this article informs you in a way that the Newberg Graphic has not.


Carey Martell is the President of Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc. He is also the founder of the Power Up TV multi-channel network (acquired by Thunder Digital Media in January 2015). Carey formerly served as the Vice President of Thunder TV, the internet television division of Thunder Digital Media. In the past he has also been the Director of Alumni Membership for Tech Ranch Austin as well as the event organizer for the Austin YouTube Partner monthly meetups. Prior to his role at MBS, Inc. and his career as a video game developer and journalist, Carey served in the US Army for 5 years, including one tour of duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Carey is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Carey once moonlighted as the host of The RPG Fanatic Show, an internet television show on YouTube which accumulated over 3.7 million views during its run.