This article is a follow-up to my article about Erin McCarthy, who erected the giant BLM and Trans-Racial Pride flags in town. You should probably read that article first if you haven’t done so yet.

Who is Tai Harden-Moore?

If you’ve been reading the news articles about Newberg, Oregon that have been written by Newberg Graphic “journalist” Ryan Clarke, you’ll note he frequently quotes Tai Harden-Moore, whom he introduces to the reader as just a ‘concerned parent’. These articles have been repackaged by other news outlets, so near identical copies of them are appearing in major news publications now.

Here’s some examples of Ryan Clarke quoting Tai Harden-Moore in multiple articles over the past few months as he reports on the events the world is watching,

Of course, Tai Harden-Moore is not merely a concerned parent, and Newberg Graphic writer Ryan Clarke knows that, which is part of the reason why his reporting on these events in our town has been dishonest. Tai Harden-Moore is the owner of a consultant firm employed by the city of Newberg since summer of 2020, as disclosed in this Newberg city website post, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,

Her consulting firm, Moore Consultants, specializes in “anti-racism training”.

That is, Tai Harden-Moore teaches Critical Race Theory, which is an indisputably racist framework that claims all ‘white people’ are inherently racist and that they can never overcome their racism, and at best they can only become “anti-racist racist activist’ ‘allies’ of people such as Harden-Moore, which in their warped terminology basically means dismantling our democracy , since democracy is systemically racist in their mindsets. But of course for them to do this, they have to gain power and influence, which requires indoctrination of children into these beliefs (which is the specific purpose the ideology was created for in the 1970s by Patricia Bidol).

Yet, Tai Harden-Moore doesn’t think merely being an “ally” is enough– in her own words, you must become an “accomplice“.

Tai Harden-Moore Wants You to Be Her “Accomplice”

Here’s an article from Diverse Education featuring her, where it is claimed that “white people” have to become zealots to fight racism, moving from an “ally” to an “accomplice”.

The word ‘accomplice’ in the English language has only one definition, by the way. Feel free to Google it. You’ll find this,

It doesn’t just “have a bad rap”. The entire etymology of the word relates to committing crimes. This is the sole definition the word has.

It’s an interesting choice of word to replace ‘ally’ with. Essentially, Harden-Moore believes that her “white allies” must become zealots to overcome their ancestral blood guilt for being born Caucasian, and they must therefore be willing to sacrifice personal reputation and fortune for the holy war she believes she is fighting against people who don’t support her world views, even if it involves committing crimes, being deceptive, and anything else. That’s what accomplices do, after all. What other conclusion can you logically make given the choice of language she has used?

Isn’t it lovely that this is the person influencing our city’s policies and preaching actual racism, which Ryan Clarke doesn’t mention in his reporting at all?

Tai Harden-Moore Is a Racist

By the way, it’s also lovely that Tai Harden-Moore wrote an entire essay about how four African-Americans attacking a Caucasian mentally ill man on a Facebook Live stream and forcing him to drink from a toilet had nothing to do with racism and BLM,

The attack that Tai Harden-Moore passionately denied had anything to do with racism was, in fact, a hate crime as reported by the BBC article, ‘Four charged with hate crime for Chicago Facebook Live attack’., which has embedded a video of the attack recorded by the four, so you can see exactly what happened (you’ll of course have to mute the video, since BBC decided to overlay a BLM spokesperson denying the attack had anything to do with their movement, despite the attackers using the “Fuck Trump” and “Fuck White people” rally cries of BLM in the attack they recorded themselves). But Tai-Harden Moore dismissed this crime as a distraction from her movement and she instead goes into a rant about how BLM is actually just as amazing as the Black Panther Party, a notoriously violent black separatist party that was started for the express purpose of killing cops.

You can read a breakdown with numerous citations of all the horrible evil things these attackers did to the victim in the Wikipedia page for the case. This is what Tai Harden-Moore was excusing and dismissing; actual, real racism and hate crimes, while she now speaks to the press (Ryan Clarke of the Newberg Graphic) and claims that our entire town is full of racists over things that, in the light of actual real racist hate crimes she has written apologetics for, looks like trivial nonsense in comparison.

Naturally, if you know anything about Critical race theory you can see why Tai Harden-Moore doesn’t believe this was a hate crime and thought it was appropriate to write the article she did. In her world view, racism is not merely racial prejudice; it requires “power”. In her world view, only “whites” have power in America and therefore only “whites” can be racist, and any racial prejudice that she possesses is justified. She and others who believe in this ideology then go about convincing “whites” to join her movement as “allies” (or rather now, “accomplices”), because “whites” are only the ones who have the power to help her dismantle racism. By the way, being a “white” ally still makes you a racist, because “whites” are always racist. It’s considered a mental disorder that “whites” are afflicted by. As linked to previously in this article, it’s all there in the original writings about this framework from the 1970s. You ought to read it, and the original “anti-racism” handbooks cited in the article that inspired CRT, complete with the advice on how to “ease” people into the indoctrination process using cultish brainwashing techniques relying heavily on motivated reasoning and peer pressure .

It’s been a few years now and it’s been confirmed beyond doubt that BLM is in fact a violent hate group involved in organizing everything from the burning and looting of Minneapolis, to the same things occurring elsewhere such as in Seattle and Portland. I can’t find anywhere that Tai Harden-Moore has ever condemned this violence.

In another Huffington Post article written by Tai Harden-Moore, The Tale Of Two Portlands: The Whitest And Arguably Most Racist City In America, she claims Portland is the “whitest” and most racist city in America, just as the title implies. Take notice in how she lumps ‘racism’ in with “whitest’ in the headline. If you read her article (which is not very long, it’s only a few paragraphs) you’ll notice how she provides absolutely zero facts for why she believes Portland is the most racist city in America. I can only assume she means because its demographics are majority “white” that it must therefore in her mind be one of the most racist cities in America, because in her Critical Race Theory derived worldview, all “whites” are inherently racist.

If you still think Tai Harden-Moore isn’t a racist, consider this; in her article, “When He Get On, He’ll Leave Your Ass…” The Evolution Of Kanye West, she uses ‘white’ as a slur to insult Kanye West for the grave and terrible crime of supporting a politician Tai Harden-Moore doesn’t like,

This is

This is a textbook example of a racist who is accusing someone of being a race traitor for having different political views than the racist possesses.

So now you have met the real Tai Harden-Moore. This is who the “community led movement” about hanging BLM and Trans-Racial flags in the schools is being led by the nose around by; an actual, legitimate racist who writes venomous denialism about how four African-Americans attacking a mentally handicapped man is okay because he’s “white” and because more “black boys” die in Chicago than “white boys” it’s okay if some “white” guys get attacked by “blacks”.

She writes about how Portland is the most “racist” country because it has so many “whites” in it, and how Kanye West is a race traitor because he chose to support a politician Tai Harden-Moore didn’t like.

Tai Harden-Moore is a racist. She is not justified in her racism due to her ethnicity. No one is justified to be a racist. Racism does not require ‘power’, and furthermore, Tai Harden-Moore is not ‘powerless’ due to her ethnicity. If that was truly the case the situation would never have gotten to the point it has, as she would have influenced nobody.

Now Tai Harden-Moore is being quoted in the Newberg Graphic and elsewhere in the country about how Newberg is the most racist city on the planet. Do you actually believe she is a trustworthy source?

Do you think Ryan Clarke, who neglects to mention her financial connections and deep involvement in city affairs as a literal contractor for the city as a consultant, is a trustworthy news source when he is withholding knowledge he knows? Do you really believe he is presenting the events in this city without any bias when he’s committing such a huge violation of journalistic integrity by not fully disclosing Tai Harden-Moore’s connections to the city council and mayor?

I mean, the guy is literally advocating for the recall of the board members on his Twitter account, so he clearly is one of her “accomplices”. I am left with no other conclusion to draw given the facts of the situation at hand coupled with Tai Harden-Moore’s literature.

By the way, Tai Harden-Moore had previously ran for a school board election and lost. Now she’s using the Facebook page she created for her failed school board campaign to organize a recall campaign to get the current board removed. Amazing how that works out, isn’t it?

Given the kind of racist rhetoric Tai Harden-Moore believes in and that she is heavily intertwined into the local social activist scene in the area, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that within a year of her consulting firm being hired by the mayor and city council, and the enormous influence and privilege she gained by that hiring to indoctrinate people at all levels of city government into her ideologies, Newberg is now being painted in the news as a racist city by the Newberg Graphic writer Ryan Clarke, who has taken isolated incidents done by literally two people (according to the Newberg school letter from the superintendent, only one student was involved in the Snapchat incident, and what appears to be a non-union recent hire assistant staff member in the blackface incident) out of a city with a population of over 23,000 people; in a town that has existed for 132 years without this kind of circus.

(I also want to note that I find it insanely odd that the black face incident staff member in question is a politically left vegan who owned a vegan cafe in Beaverton Not exactly your stereotypical racist, is it? I also find it weird that this got reported to the news at all when according to the school press announcement by Gregg Koskela, she never made it into a classroom and no students actually saw her dressed in black face. It’s WEIRD that this has become a major news event and that this isolated, bizarre incident is being used to justify the existence of a widespread problem. That would be like suggesting Newberg has a major high school dropout crisis because a few students don’t graduate every year.)

The two incidents in town are wrong. There’s no mistaking that or justifying it. I merely want to point out that two individuals who represent no one else but themselves, do not represent the rest of the town or any group in town.

The same cannot be said of Tai Harden-Moore . She is a community leader, endorsed by the city government and has a flock of zealots rallying around her who are making decisions based on her rhetoric. Her beliefs therefore do represent a group in town.

What can we take away from all of this? Well, we have a full on hysteria circus in Newberg after Tai Harden-Moore was hired by the city as a consultant. We have townsfolk transforming into zealots who are becoming the ‘accomplices’ she talked about in that article, willing to do whatever for her holy crusade. Given her past writings, I don’t believe it’s coincidental, especially given the hysteria Critical race theory training causes literally everywhere it is taught in this country.

I believe there is an intentional one-sided narrative that has been constructed about the events occurring in Newberg that is designed to distort the facts of the situations while only quoting the fringe, genuinely racist element of the town, and the Newberg Graphic is contributing to that one-sided reporting to stir the pot. The financial ties of Harden-Moore to the Newberg city council are not being mentioned by Ryan Clarke, which I find to be incredibly deceptive and dishonest, and part of this intentional one-sided narrative that is misrepresenting events in our town to the world.

Quite frankly, I don’t think any of these people give two shits about this town and its history. I think they only care about winning the ideological war they started by trying to force us away from the Common Humanity approach and to the Common Enemy one crafted by Critical race theory, and these people who have all moved to our town are more than happy to paint the entire town as a village of white supremacists if it’ll help them gain control over our local government. They are activists and they do not care about truth, objectivity or reasonable debate. That is why they are distorting the narrative to begin with.

I am deeply suspicious of the news stories being generated by Ryan Clarke and those he is involved with. I find it extremely unusual that he withholds key information about Harden-Moore’s financial and legal ties to the city and her actual involvement in city affairs, and she is misrepresented as just another concerned citizen when she is anything but. Personally, I think if you have a Newberg Graphic subscription you should probably cancel it and let them know it’s because of Ryan Clarke’s dishonest reporting.

Here is a more important question though, and one you should ask our mayor and city council members,

Why the heck is a Critical Race Theory consultant for the city organizing a recall election against the school board and working the city up into a racially charged frenzy??

And why is such a consultant supposedly hired to help resolve these supposed racial tensions in the city actually fanning them, and making statements to the press about how racist our town is, that are being reposted on major news companies around the world?

As an example from this news article, Newberg HS ‘deeply dismayed’ by student’s racist online comments (September 14th, 2021)

How about this one, too? There’s an even a video you can listen to but here is a relevant quote from the article by her.

Do you know who I think really needs a recall? How about our mayor, Rick Rogers, and the rest of the city council? They clearly have no freakin idea what the hell they are doing if they are hiring an actual racist like Tai Harden-Moore, endorsing her racist ideology while she uses the benefits of her privileged position and connections as a hired consultant for the city to start dividing the community along her racist ideological battle grounds. They are empowering her to paint our town as a village of racists. She is empowered by our elected officials to do this. So, recall them out of office if you’re going to recall anybody.

We Need To Return to Sanity and Remember Our Roots

Newberg used to be a place where we taught our children the Common Humanity approach to differences.

Newberg was founded by Quakers and as such, it has historically been immune to many of the social problems of the surrounding areas. For those new to the city, Quakers were the major driving force behind the abolitionist movement in America. Slavery did not exist in Newberg, even if it might have in other surrounding areas in Oregon. We should be proud of this!

I am alarmed that the city mayor and council hired a Critical race theory consulting firm, whose owner authored an essay that claims it’s not enough for “white people”  to be allies of the ideology, but they must also become “accomplices” willing to sacrifice their jobs, reputations and everything for an ideological crusade that they as a so-called ‘anti-racism firm’ hired by the city are profiting from.

I am alarmed that the Newberg school district passed a resolution claiming our school system is systematically racist and that they need to racially cleanse the faculty (they have conveniently redefined this cleansing as “making it more diverse”).

I am alarmed by the fringe movement to hang flags like Black Lives Matter and the gay pride flags in our schools. These are not symbols that represent all the students in the schools; they are exclusionary symbols that only represent people based on their ethnicity or their sexual orientation.

Newberg used to be a place that practiced a Common Humanity approach to diversity, that taught to judge a person by the content of their character, and that sexual orientation, ethnicity and gender are not the most important factors to judge a person by. Instead, we now have a fringe movement to teach children to define themselves by these things to the degree they must rally under flags and engage in political tribalism along these lines, and that anyone who is not of the correct ethnicity or sexual orientation or gender must step aside and become an ally for other people, or face enormous bullying and harassment. Meanwhile, the activists sell racially branded merchandise, collect donations using hysteria, and in the case of the consulting firm the city hired, use our tax dollars to  profit from the hysteria they are causing in our town. 

It is enough!

I call on the residents of Newberg to recall the three members of the school board who are the genuine bigots in our community, who want these divisive symbols in our schools and for critical race theory to be taught in the schools, and to also recall the mayor and the city council, and everyone else who wishes to indoctrinate the children into hatred and tribalism, instead of teaching them the shared American values of this nation which has led to all of the great social progress over the past 200 years. Critical race theory, anti racism, and any other name they like to call this evil framework that claims all “white people” are inherently racist and by extension that our democracy is racist, did not achieve the social progress of the past 200 years.

It is our shared American values that led to the ending of slavery, the passage of the civil rights laws, enablement of gay marriage and everything else. The anti-white zealotry is not needed and the anti-intellectual cult that has rooted itself in our city must be plucked out from our elected positions. The contract with Tai Harden-Moore’s firm must be canceled and any policies she had a hand in drafting in our local government should be reviewed by objective eyes not indoctrinated by the cult she has formed around herself.

There are not many moments in American history where citizens are called upon to oppose tyranny, because genuine tyranny is rare in our country. That time is now. They are after the children. They wish to undo 200 years of progress. They must be stopped. The residents of Newberg must stop them.

If these people are allowed to continue on their path, they will ruin our city for good. They will grip power and never let it go. Literally every sacrifice made in the past will be for naught, because something that has never happened in this town’s history will actually happen- racists will take it over.

I am starting a campaign to recall the city government and school board directors that support critical race theory in our schools, who want our children to learn a Common Enemy approach to diversity instead of the Common Humanity approach this town was known for. You may contact me via Facebook if you wish to join the effort.

(Note: By the way, I am sure after publishing this the eye of Sauron will descend upon me. They will find something, somewhere that I said that they don’t like and run with it. Let me help you guys out; I’m a centrist who leans conservative, a registered Democrat, I am an atheist, and I believe in science. I don’t believe in the concept of human races because there is no scientific evidence for them, and I also don’t believe in fringe gender identity pseudo-sciences, either. I’m former military and pro-Second Amendment, I don’t necessarily think abortion should be illegal but I do think its immoral on principle when done electively for no legitimate medical reason. I think a traditional family structure is best for kids, but I’m not opposed to gay marriage, gay adoption or gay people having kids. I judge people by the content of their character and not on trivial nonsense like ethnicity, sexual orientation or race. Hedonism is not a sexual orientation, and I am strongly opposed to hedonism, because I think it leads people to make extremely bad choices in their personal lives they come to regret. I encourage people to practice moderation.

There is no one for you to complain about me to, because I am self-employed and my income is not dependent on any clients. I cannot be bullied or intimidated. I was born here. My family is buried here. I will be buried here. My children will be raised here. I have traveled the world, and I believe this is one of the best cities in the world to live in. You came here and told the world it was not. You claimed it was full of evil. You have my full attention now. If you believe this city is so terrible and have no respect for the people who live here, you can feel free to leave and take your racist nonsense with you. Or alternatively, you can stop your pointless crusade to regress America back 50 years, in an insane effort to inject divisive Common Enemy ideology into a town that never had it before you came along, apologize for the evil you have done for selfish reasons of vainglory, and we can try to get along. That’s the Newberg way.

I suspect you won’t though, because you believe you are winning. You’re not winning. I have not yet begun to fight.

I don’t normally involve myself deeply in politics but now I’m going to since you came for my hometown. It may be beyond my individual capability to stop the spread of these insane ideas in the rest of this country but I will be damned if I let you do it here unopposed. I am hardly a perfect person and you will find mountains of flaws in me, but there is one key difference between me and you zealots — I actually love this town, its history, and the caliber of person it can produce. You don’t love this town. You love what you think you can gain from trashing it. You have no business in its administration if you have no respect for its history, its community and legacy. This is one of the few truly genuinely decent towns in this area, it is one of the best in the world in my opinion and its worth fighting for.

If you actually loved it you wouldn’t claim to the world its full of racists and bigots just so you can win a local election and gain a piece of power over it. )

Updates: List of Places That Have Censored This Article

What follows will be a list of every attempt to censor this post while the mods of those groups allow other news articles and comments promoted by the CRT activists to remain, as part of their coordinated effort to manipulate facts and control the narrative.


9/22/2021 Update pertaining to the Newberg Dundee Community group I was banned from:

Scott Hodges made this post in reference to me,

Scott Hodges seems to suggest that it was an innocent mistake that he removed this post. I doubt that.

Another commenter to this article (which you can read below) has claimed it was removed because the group does not allow politics.

Here are some of the political posts that the group admins have allowed in the group,

Better Together is part of the rally to overturn the school board decision to ban politically divisive flags from school compass. It’s a political post to tell people to come get shirts as part of an organized political campaign. This was allowed by Scott Hodges.

The post is a news article where Tai Harden-Moore says Newberg is going back to “civil war” times and that the town is full of racism to the degree she doesn’t want her kids to attend the schools anymore. This was allowed by Scott Hodges.

This is a post where someone is distributing a canned response to the school board and encouraging people to sign their name to it and send it to the school board to protest the removal of politically divisive flags from campus. This is without a doubt political and Scott Hodges allowed it.

Thus, I stand by the characterization I have made of the admins and their reasons for removing this post while allowing these others to remain. They selectively apply their “no politics” rules to censor views they personally do not like.


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