Today I bring the residents of Newberg, Oregon information about an investigative report I have been working on for the past several weeks. Prepare to learn the truth about everything you’ve been reading in the news that has been designed to mislead you.

Please note that this is a very long article. There is a lot of information to convey because there is a lot involved in fully understanding what is happening inside Newberg, Oregon schools and city government. This involves the presence of a cult who has unusual beliefs that the average resident does not understand and the only way the motivations for their behavior can be understood is if you understand the beliefs of the cult, which I explain in this article, too.

You can also watch the FIVE EPISODE podcast version of this article on YouTube by clicking here.

I will lecture. I will rant. Your narrator is a veteran of the US Army and I am revealing to you a story of corruption that has taken place in my hometown. I served with soldiers who died defending American liberty. As a veteran, the task falls upon me to be a speaker for the dead, for those who have died for liberty and democracy, so that such a thing that has occurred in Newberg would never occur.

Yet, it has occurred and so their sacrifices have been tainted. I am filled with righteous fury and I shall not hide my emotion as I criticize those who have chosen tyranny over democracy. You will know my unfiltered thoughts about these people and so shall they. Someone must restore the proper frames of reference for virtuous behavior, because they have clearly been forgotten. The rhetoric I use shall do this, so that our society may punish them for their crimes using the very mechanisms of democracy they so very hate. I will have justice for those they have wronged.

As this corruption involves children, I anticipate many parents will be extremely upset to learn what has taken place. I am against anyone using violence as a remedy for justice, as there are more appropriate solutions for how to deal with this situation, which is why I have taken the time to make the case for criminal activity. I believe our legal system and school board and recalls of public officials can resolve this situation, and I advocate for those solutions to be used.

I do not expect the average person to read this entire article in one setting. You may use the table of contents links to jump ahead to parts that interest you; for example, if you just want to know about certain crimes I believe they are committing (such as intimidation and coercion of elected officials) you can read those sections. This article is very long because my intention is to demonstrate a pattern of racketeering activity, which requires a lot of documents to be shown and explanation of their activities.

Also, not to sound like an e-beggar but I am an independent reporter. I am not part of any other media organization except my own small company. This article is exposing around 600 people as part of what I believe to be a criminal conspiracy and I anticipate they will try to sue me for libel despite all the evidence I show here. In reading this article, you will see they have already discussed suing me for libel over my past articles criticizing their activities, as they want to censure me. If you’d like to contribute to my legal defense fund so I may continue reporting on their activities, this is a link to my donation page. (Gofundme deplatformed me so I switched to GiveSendGo). Thank you and I hope this article informs you in a way that the Newberg Graphic has not.

UPDATE: This article now has a Part 2 that focuses on the large Progressive Yamhill group that is the parent group to Newberg Equity in Education.

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Meet the Newberg, Oregon Mafia Led by Tai Harden-Moore and Other Community Leaders

Recently, The Columbian wrote a nice little fluff piece titled, Oregon school board ban on anti-racist, LGBT signs draws ire’ that highlighted the activities of the Newberg in Education (NEEd) group and focused on its “leaders” Beth Woolsey, Tai Haden-Moore and AJ Schwanz.

Yeah……..that article isn’t going to date very well.

I expect a full retraction and an apology to the residents of Newberg from The Columbian and every other media outlet that just believed everything these people said at face value, without verifying anything. You guys are part of the problem with America right now. Do better.

This new article I write is what actual journalism about this situation should have looked like. I believe I am the ONLY person who has reported on the situation in Newberg, Oregon while trying to adhere to the SPJ Code of Ethics. With that in mind, I acknowledge I am ideologically and politically opposed to the activities of all parties I criticize in this article. I possess a bias. I am a registered Democrat and I am appalled at the activities of the Democrat party members in my hometown, county and state who are mentioned in this article, which is why I am exposing them. I’m also starting a recall against the City of Newberg mayor Rick Rogers, who I hold responsible for much of this because he has given the cult its power in the city through his appointments, and he was also involved in the hiring of Tai Harden-Moore as a diversity consultant (yes, I possess evidence for this claim). I am also starting a recall against all of the parties mentioned here who have positions on City of Newberg council and the Newberg public school board members that are part of the mafia cult.

One of my favorite presidents is Theodore Roosevelt, the Old Lion, who was fiercely opposed to public corruption, no matter who did it.

To destroy this invisible Government, to dissolve the unholy alliance between corrupt business and corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day. This country belongs to the people. Its resources, its business, its laws, its institutions, should be utilized, maintained, or altered in whatever manner will best promote the general interest. This assertion is explicit…”

Theodore Roosevelt

I am a lion in the tradition of Roosevelt. This article is dedicated to his memory. Like Roosevelt before me, I have reached into the darkness and pulled villains who threaten our democracy out into the light, exposing them for who and what they are. I have located their war table, and thrown it and all of its unit pieces upside down.

Come with me, and let me show you what is happening in Newberg. This is where the counter attack begins. This is where I draw a line in the sand and say “No Further“.


In my previous articles about the Critical Race Theory activists who have invaded my small hometown of Newberg, Oregon, I pointed out three important things that other media outlets are not reporting about the situation occurring in my hometown,

  1. I have criticized their beliefs and sought to reveal all of the fundamental flaws in reasoning these beliefs rely on.
  2. I have called it a cult that is designed to poison the mind against our democracy, to teach children to judge themselves by their ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation so that they will tribalize along these lines and have conflict with their neighbors over these ideological differences.
  3. I have pointed out that the main leader of this movement, Tai Harden-Moore, has worked for the city as a “diversity consultant” and through this empowerment has been able to indoctrinate many people in our town into her “ally to accomplice” rhetoric, where she says it’s not enough to just support her beliefs but you must do anything and everything for her ideological crusade to rebuild society in a way that suits her agenda. To achieve this goal they have manipulated the press coverage of events transpiring in our town in a way that suits their purpose, which I have sought to rectifying by exposing their lies.

My past articles were ignored by other media outlets. Ryan Clarke of the Newberg Graphic even mocked me on Facebook,

I want to highlight this part of what Ryan Clarke said,

I agree, the residents of Newberg are smart enough to discern the facts. I’m one of them, and I believe the rest of the town residents will not ignore this article.

There is a conspiracy.

This article has the proof.

If Ryan Clarke of the Newberg Graphic was actually doing his job title of ‘reporter’, he’d be the one bringing this information to the town residents. It was especially easy for me to find. I believe he’s simply not trying to do any real investigative work. I believe Ryan Clarke has chosen to be a political activist focused on assisting the cult mafia instead of investigating their misdeeds, which is why he continues to not mention Tai Harden-Moore is a diversity consultant who worked for the City of Newberg in any of his articles quoting her.

Some people have dismissed my past articles, believing them as being very “angry”. You would be upset too if you knew the dire consequences of this group’s activities in your hometown. Now you will know what I know, and I hope, you will come to understand why I am upset and why you should be upset, too. Knowing that our cherished institutions such as our schools, public library and our city government are being turned against our republic with the stated objective of dismantling it should make any law abiding citizen upset. Knowing that our city is being slandered in the press to serve personal political agendas should upset you, too.

I fully expect the Newberg Graphic and other news agencies to issue major retractions of most of their reporting on past supposed ‘acts of racism’ claimed by the members of Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) now that this article you are about to read is live, as I do not see how they can overlook the overwhelming evidence I present here that proves things this group has said to the press was based on half-truths or outright lies, spread intentionally with the goal of manipulating voters so they could seize political control in Newberg. They are spreading propaganda and causing hysteria when none needed to exist at all.

In this article I will prove everything I said about their idealogy in my past articles is true and that Critical Race Theory does poison people’s minds and spreads chaos everywhere it goes. And yes, how it turns its believers into participants in crimes with rhetoric that justifies those crimes. Beyond a doubt, by the time you get to the end of this very long article, you will know things about the behind the scenes workings of Tai Harden-Moore’s organization and its agenda that you never would have thought and you will come to the same realization I did; she and her allies have formed a criminal conspiracy in our town per Or. Rev. Stat. § 161.450, “Criminal conspiracy”. I also believe their activity is a violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), and numerous other laws I will explain as I reveal to the public their activities over the past year in our town. They existed long before the school board ban on political flags and in reality, the school board ban is a reaction to their activities in the hopes of trying to stop their indoctrination of the school children into their cult.

The NEEd organization consists of around 600 members and I have their activities well documented, far beyond what is presented in this article. This article’s main purpose is to convince the public and the FBI of the presence of criminal activity within their organization and expose it so they may be dealt with appropriately by law enforcement and their ideology rejected wholeheartedly by every other sane person in my hometown.

If you were on the fence about whether it’s right to ban BLM and pride flags in the schools, you won’t be after this. You’ll understand why it has to be done.

Here is the list of my previous articles for those who need to catch up to speed on what the backstory to this article is,

  1. A Debate With Erin McCarthy, Who Erected BLM and Trans-Racial Pride Flags On Her Newberg, Oregon Farm In View of the School
  2. Meet Tai Harden-Moore, the Racist Consultant Employed by Newberg, Oregon City Council At the Heart of the Controversy in Town
  3. My Debate With Tai Harden-Moore, Anti-Racism Activist In Newberg, Oregon
  4. Further Rebuttals of Tai Harden-Moore’s Claims
  5. My Debate With Jeff McDonough, School Counselor at Chehalem Valley Middle School in Newberg, Oregon
  6. An Assortment of Debates with Newberg, Oregon Residents Responding to My Exposé Articles
  7. Explaining Why Critical Race Theory Is Erroneous (A Response to a Rebuttal)

Otherwise, read on to learn about the criminal activities of the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) group.

A Note for Parents in the Newberg Public School District

I highly recommend that you pull your kids out of the school district immediately until you have had a chance to read my entire article. Do not deliver your kids into the hands of these people anymore without knowing what they are teaching and doing.

In this article I provide substantial evidence that the Newberg Education Association (the teacher union) is engaged in seditious acts against our city, state and country and that they are intentionally teaching children both Critical Race Theory and fringe gender identity pseudo-science with the intention that this will help recruit the kids into a cult formed for the purpose of dismantling and rebuilding of America into a segregated society. As outlandish as that sounds, any sane person who sees the communications made by the teachers themselves that I showcase in this article will find it difficult to arrive at any other conclusion.

Many of you need to find an attorney to represent your child’s interests due to the violation of Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) that I believe have become routine for the teachers and faculty of the Newberg school district. I do not suggest you hire any of the attorneys in Newberg. You will understand why as you read this article.

A Note for Current Students of the Newberg Public School District

This article is not expressly written for the students of the school district, although it does advocate on your behalf. In reading this article you are going to learn a great many things about your teachers and even some parents that you are likely unaware of.

As many of you have been the victim of, what I believe, is a cult that has infected the city of Newberg with the express goal of indoctrinating children into its ideology, you may be wholly unaware that any of the actions of these people you might admire and respect are actually, in my opinion based on the overwhelmingly amount of evidence I possess and my interpretation of federal and state laws, very serious crimes that involve your exploitation.

You have all been the victim of bad teaching. You have been taught that motivated (emotional) reasoning is critical (logical) thinking, and misled to believe in numerous logical fallacies about how you view yourselves and others in the world. You have been taught a wholly false interpretation of American history and civics education that is designed to mislead how you understand our republic operates. This is not my personal opinion; it is a factually true statement that the ideology advocated for by the teachers union and many parents deeply intertwined with the NEEd group activities is based in teaching falsities. This is why when faced with debate, they run away from my public contestations of their ideology and instead choose to form angry noisy mobs in the center of town to shout at people, instead of speaking responsibly and debating the merit of ideas using logic and evidence to support their conclusions. This is why they form echo chambers, such as the NEEd Facebook group, where the ideology can be taught to people who won’t disagree with it. That is what cults do, and its not how our democracy is supposed to work.

You should never have been taken advantage of in such a way by this cult. It is not your fault this happened. Your elders failed you. I intend to hold them accountable for this failure with this article. At this time, revealing the truth of what they have done to you and your school, and our town’s community, is the only thing within my power to do, so that they may be held accountable for the wrong they have done to you all by law enforcement, and likely the civil lawsuits that will follow from angry parents who now realize the exploitation of their children by the teachers union, city officials and others who have been involved.

It is my belief the teacher union has employed illegal means to pressure students to become political activists to serve their own personal agendas. It is my belief teachers are illegally using their position as public employees to reward students who agree to believe in fringe ideologies related to sexual orientation, gender and ethnicity — a pseudo-science invented by a discredited fraudster named John Money who conducted unethical experiments on children, who later committed suicide. Money lied about his research to the world for greed. You should never have been exposed to his ideas at such a young age nor have them presented to you as legitimate health class information.

It is my belief the teachers are using fear and peer pressure to ridicule students who resist their indoctrination into the fringe ideologies of the cult. If you want to share evidence for these things that a teacher has done to you or other students, please have your parents contact me using this form.

You may not fully understand what I am saying right now, because you’re currently surrounded by people who are in a cult. They have convinced you they are excellent teachers who have your best interest at heart. They do not! But I hope one day that you will understand what I have said here. The only way to deprogram from a cult’s ideology is to learn logic and rhetoric. You’ll have to learn this yourselves it seems, as your teachers have failed you. Good luck.

Some Legal Disclaimers and Explanations

This article will upset a lot of people who think very highly of themselves. I fully expect they will turn their full machine upon me once they realize I have exposed their entire criminal enterprise. Some people told me to be careful and consider not publishing this, but I am doing it anyway. If I’m not willing to fight for my hometown, who else will? So, here are all the reasons why everything I write is protected by the First Amendment.

Everything I am sharing in this article is of public record and no private information has been shared, with the exception of some of the information I reveal about the high school ‘Slave Trade’ Snapchat incident, which I am sharing because of how the NEEd group used that incident to deceive the public. The deceivers cannot be held accountable for what I believe are numerous crimes that have been committed unless I expose the truth.

Otherwise, everything else was obtained from publicly available information from a Facebook group that just sorta let me get into it, with no resistance. Over 590 people had access to the same public information that I am showcasing here. As such, anyone who wants to try to sue me to silence me will find themselves at the other end of Oregon’s anti-SLAAP law. I will vigorously defend what I say in this article because I sincerely believe it to be true, and I have literally hundreds of screenshots to verify everything I report in this article. Anyone who tries to sue me for the evidence based opinions I write in this article will simply be responded with a motion to dismiss per Oregon’s anti-SLAAP law. Free speech in America is an indivisible right, and the NEEd group’s organized bullying and intimidation of others from the shadows with the goal of depriving dissenters of their free speech rights ends today with the publication of this exposé.

Although at points I may ridicule the individuals whose criminal activity is exposed, it is not done with malice but instead because I am appalled at the absurdness of their behavior and I don’t know any better way to present the absurdness than to ridicule it. My reporting on their activity is done with the motivation to bring their activities into the light, which the citizens of Newberg deserve to know, and the rest of the world deserves to know so that our town’s residents may be vindicated from the accusations made in the press by members of this criminal conspiracy which has tainted its reputation unfairly.

While I have read enormous amounts of information about the personal lives of many of these people, the only things I am sharing here are details related to the criminal organization they are participants in. I don’t care about their home lives beyond what relationships connect them to other parties and how these connections may benefit their little mafia. I will say, in the past many of these people seemed to have been good people. They aren’t anymore, now that Critical Race Theory has poisoned their minds and led them to do the things I am reporting.

As you read this article you will come to understand that my disagreement with the people mentioned here and their activities is not merely an ideological one; it is my belief their ideology allows them to self-justify committing a wide number of crimes, which they think is okay under the belief that America is an evil racist country and they must do everything in their power to make it more “equitable”; which under their Orwellian Doublespeak-ish redefinition of the term ‘equity’ has the goal of dismantling and rebuilding American government in such a way that our society becomes based in racial segregation, where people must tribalize along ethnic lines for self-government. It is this goal of segregation for why CRT is an extension of radical black separatism from the 1960s and 70s; this ultimate goal is rarely discussed in the mainstream media, but by the time you finish reading this article, I am sure you will understand there is no question this is the ultimate goal of the ideology. The people who believe in CRT are working toward that goal, even if they are not fully aware that is the goal of CRT. There are probably many similar groups all over America in cities doing the same things this NEEd group did, and I am only exposing this one group in my hometown.

This article includes direct URL links to many personal Facebook profiles used to commit what I believe are crimes. In this article, I explain why I believe they are crimes and cite relevant laws to support my claims.

Facebook posts, being a social media platform, is not private information and per United States v. Meregildo, you have no reasonable expectation of privacy when you use it to communicate with others. Anything you publish on it is public information — even that which you publish in so-called “private” Facebook groups. I mean, you’re posting it onto the internet. Everyone from your ISP to Facebook employees can see everything you say on the platform. The information is webpage data that is exposed and easy to access. You have no reasonable expectation of privacy on Facebook. The lack of legal understanding of this nuisance has been the undoing of the people mentioned herein.

Regarding the featuring of minors / children, efforts are made to protect identities as much as realistically possible, such as censoring their faces. I didn’t have to do this, but I think it is wrong to blame children for the things their parents are forcing upon them. There are times when I may point out that someone’s actions, such as indoctrinating the children into a bad idealogy such as Critical race theory that encourages a wholly inaccurate world view and encourages criminal behavior, is a form of child abuse. My reasoning is based in my interpretation of ORS 419B.005 Definitions which says, “Any mental injury to a child, which shall include only observable and substantial impairment of the child’s mental or psychological ability to function caused by cruelty to the child, with due regard to the culture of the child. ” I believe it is cruel to force such an ideology such as CRT onto children, as it leads them to grow up to become people such as I describe in this article, who have participated in what I believe is a very obvious case of a criminal conspiracy to undermine the democratic process in Newberg. They teach their own special brand of racism to the kids that is different than white supremacy but is still racism.

The Facebook profile links are included to provide evidence to the public that the profiles do in fact exist, and also so that law enforcement can include these URLs in their subpoenas to Facebook requesting all of their account data, so that the crimes can be prosecuted. To the accused, you should be aware that even if you delete your information by deleting your account, Facebook still has it and can provide it to a subpoena request. I’m counting on this, because the scale of the corruption here is going to probably be applicable to a few different law enforcement agencies and perhaps even some civil matters given the nature of what I am to reveal.

In short, if you are exposed in this article, you’re fucked. I may have brought the hammer but it’s your own fault for being such an easy target to hit. Any investigative reporter could have uncovered what I have, I just happen to be the one who nailed you guys first.

To those who I have exposed and who will no doubt blame me for their own stupidity: it’s not my fault that you’re a bunch of morons who organized a criminal conspiracy using Facebook, of all things. Although, it wouldn’t have really mattered which software you used, as I would still have ferreted your activities out. I just want you to know there was no where you could have hidden once my sights were set upon you. Blaming me for your leaders being dumb enough to violate the law and use your Facebook group to orchestrate this unlawful activity, and for you to announce your membership to the world by joining their Facebook group where they managed the conspiracy, is your fault, not mine. You participated in and supported something evil, and I have done the legally and morally right thing by exposing you.

I would suggest you turn yourselves in to the FBI and ask for mercy; maybe if you have a good attorney and agree to cooperate, your charges will be lessened.

I suggest as many of you try to make deals while you can. This isn’t legal advice; it’s just common sense. I have hundreds of more screenshots than what is in this article. Assume that I know everything you’ve done that is even remotely illegal, because I probably do, and I’ve reported you to the FBI already.

I am entirely within my First Amendment rights to expose the wrongdoing and to also expose who is a supporter of it as a member of the group. I am within my First Amendment rights to point out all of the individuals who belonged to said group and who never reported this unlawful activity to authorities. By contrast, within 96 hours of seeing the evidence, I collected the evidence and organized it into this article for the express purpose of sharing it with the public and law enforcement. I wholly reject the idea anyone I mention here is innocent and will not deserve whatever consequences the fallout of this article bring. Even if you claim you didn’t participate in the crimes, you had a duty to report this wrongdoing and you did nothing. Shame on you.

As mentioned, you should know that when you delete things from Facebook they never actually delete it all, and that the feds can easily retrieve the data with a subpoena. I advise you to confess and plead for mercy instead of engaging in any efforts to delete records, which could be considered obstruction of justice. It’ll just provide further evidence of your guilt if you try to delete anything.

Continuing on, this article will have a downloadable list of every member of this group that I believe is involved in a criminal enterprise by participation in it, along with other public information of relevance to the community interest, such as what companies they work for, and their roles in government, of which there are many. I believe this information is of public interest because it demonstrates the influence these people have in our communities and how they are obtaining their financial backing. Yes, this influence even includes members of the press who have either reported on Newberg events directly or belong to organizations that have are also members of this group as well. I hope other reporters who actually believe in justice and exposing lies to the light of truth, will follow my leads with the data I share, and be able to expose the things I could not.

There may be some names of members missing from my list, because I have been working on this article nonstop for several days without much sleep, but it should be enough presentation of evidence for anyone who reads it to understand there is unquestionably an illegal criminal enterprise in my town organized by Tai Harden-Moore, the Newberg school district teacher union, some members of Newberg city council, some members of the Newberg school board, in addition to numerous lawyers, public civil servants elsewhere in the state of Oregon, and private citizens. These parties all share the goal to disrupt a fair and legal democratic process in my hometown just because their favored candidate (Tai Harden-Moore) lost the school board election. They want to control every aspect of government in Newberg, both the city council and school board, even if it means creating a mafia to do so. They must be stopped for their activities threaten democracy itself.

The darkness of lies cannot abide the light of truth. To everyone mentioned in this article, you have all been exposed to the dawn and may the dawn take you all, revealing yourselves for who and what you truly are; seditious traitors to the republic. Your conspiracy in my hometown now ends.

(As a side note, this is a very long article. I have selected a piece of theme music to go along with it, which is a cover of the song Anima, with vocals by Shawn Christmas. You can listen to the song on a loop by opening this link in a new window. I have no affiliation with it, other than that this is a song I listened to on a loop while writing most of this article, and it perfectly encapsulates my feelings.)

What follows is the best and most organized way I can present my argument for why the members of Tai Harden-Moore’s support base, the NEEd group, are a criminal enterprise and which laws I believe they have violated. I am not an attorney but I do believe I understand the laws at work here, and my accusations are therefore my personal opinion based on my review of these laws and how I believe they apply to the activities of the people mentioned herein. I am not giving legal advice but instead providing my interpretation of the laws I believe are relevant.

Who is the Newberg Cult Mafia?

There are many social media groups being used by the same group of people to organize political activity to seize control of Newberg’s government using methods I view as unlawful.

The main one, however is Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) | Facebook  ( 557 members at the time I write this, mostly teachers)

The Admins for this group are the following people,

  1. Beth McDonough Woolsey (near as I can tell, a stay at home mom who blogs)
  2. Tai Harden-Moore (owner of Moore-Consultants, a CRT activism firm, previously ran for Newberg school board election and lost)
  3. Lydia Keuler (married to Dan Keuler, senior accountant for City of Newberg)
  4. Kristen Stoller (President of Newberg Education Foundation, co-founder of Community Wellness Collective, President of the Young Professionals of Yamhill Valley, owner of Chehalem Valley Dance Academy, member of the Chehalem Valley Chamber of Commerce, Newberg Early Bird Rotary, and Newberg Downtown Coalition)
  5. Aj Schwanz (near as I can tell, a former Newberg school board committee member)

However, NEEd has far more members than just this, although they have hidden the member list directory to any non-member so that is not obvious to the general public.

They have also formed several other online Facebook pages and groups, which primarily consist of the same members as in NEEd. An example is Pride Flag Newberg.

Many of the members of NEEd are teachers in the local school union, Newberg Education Association,. The teacher union appears to have been actively used to recruit members for the NEEd mafia to serve its agenda.

The Recall Brian Shannon Facebook Page is also something they started and are promoting, although technically the PAC is organized by political consultant Jef Green via his company C&E Systems. Jef Green is an individual I will discuss more about later in this essay.

For now, simply understand that the members of the NEEd group, which largely consists of members of the teacher union and should therefore be seen as an extension of its activities as a labor union, are the main promoters of the Recall Brian Shannon PAC and as such, I think the filing is claiming it is something part of C&E Systems is possibly fraudulent.

The important thing is that while the teacher’s union, Newberg Education Association, has publicly admitted they are supporting the recall, the evidence I have gathered suggests the entire PAC’s operations appears to be orchestrated by the teacher union, who is using their employees unique role as public employees to use the schools to organize political activity during the work day, and it is not public knowledge they are doing this.

Here is an example of their public statements concerning the Recall Brian Shannon PAC,

The evidence I show in this article proves that the ties to the PAC are much closer.

The Full List of NEEd Mafia Members

Click here here to download the full list of all their members, organized in a spreadsheet along with my notes on their obvious relationship ties, such as employment and romantic relationships, along with some ties I can only speculate about based on the data I have seen in their public profiles. This data is useful for assembling a relationship chart to determine their range of influence and fund raising.

I also suggest people download the spreadsheet and when you see people make public comments in city and school board meetings, search the sheet and see who is a member of NEEd. You’ll better understand what is actually happening during the meetings.

The employment of individuals as teachers and other faculty of the Newberg school district was confirmed by me using the school faculty directory database, which is public information that contains their faces when you click on each listing. I then matched it to their social media profiles.

You should note the vast majority of these people are not from Newberg originally, and many have only recently moved to town in the past few years, primarily from Portland and other failed cities that have turned into dystopian nightmares over the past decade. The people who moved to this town, based on their activity, appear to believe they can bully the local townsfolk out of our own town affairs with their money and nonsensical cult beliefs. I suppose they have been right, up until this moment. I have a suspicion the tide is about to turn now though.

Other important members to mention are City of Newberg Councilmembers,

Bryce Coefield

And this is how he encourages the group’s activities,

Bryce Coefield is one of the candidates for city council that NEEd mafia supported, as he was one of them.

Elise Yarnell Hollamon is another member of the group and is also a city of Newberg councilman

Stephanie Bell Findley is also a member of NEEd, too.

All three of these individuals are members of Newberg City Council,

The most important thing to understand about the group is that its leaders guide the decisions of other members within the group, often with the intention to create the appearance for widespread spontaneous support for the policies they want to make, when in fact the elected officials are the ones participating in the drafting of statements that are submitted by the “public”. This makes NEEd a kind of invisible and corrupt government, as its activities are not disclosed to the public. Also, the members letters to city officials are presented by those officials without disclosure that the elected officials are members of the group producing the letters.

Likewise, elected officials provide a back-channel of information to the NEEd group, giving them exclusive and special access to information.

An Oregon State Representative, Courtney Neron, is also a member of their group,

As you can see, she is discussing her work on “public policy” and views the Newberg Equity in Education group as “crucial” to her partisan political agenda. You will see many elected officials give the NEEd group special back-channels communications and priviledged access.

This is not democracy. This is incredibly deceptive and tyrannical. Instead of a government for the people and by the people, they are substituting it with a government of their mob.

Here is a thread where they discuss how to manipulate public perception of the issues in Newberg so they can deceive the public about their activities, using a “Talking points” document,

Of course, they also use the NEEd group to engage in back channel communications between leaders of different subgroups within the mafia.

The group has of course been at this manipulation for a long time. The group was not created in response to the recent school board ban on BLM and pride flags. The group has been in the shadows for at least nearly two years, manipulating our city government.

This kind of organization is a routine habit of the NEEd group.

It isn’t just the school board they manipulate this way, either. They also do it for Newberg city council. As an example,

So, it should surprise no one that the City of Newberg drafted a letter to chastise the Newberg school board members who voted to ban BLM flags, given that three of the City council members who signed the letter are members of this secret BLM supporting mafia.

It is also worth pointing out not all of them were elected; for example, Bryce Coefield was appointed to City Council through the manipulative efforts of the NEEd mafia behind the scenes,

What I have shown so far would be enough to prove the NEEd group is engaged in a conspiracy against the residents of the City of Newberg, manipulating it from the shadows.

However, there is so much more the NEEd group is involved with. Please read this entire article to fully understand how sinister the group truly is.

A Short Discussion About Kristen Stoller, President of the Newberg Education Foundation

Let’s begin the examination of the NEEd leaders with Kristen Stoller.

Not to be confused with the Newberg Education Association, which is the teacher’s union, the Newberg Education Foundation is a suspiciously similarly named but separately incorporated group that, oddly enough, has the Newberg school district superintendent Joe Morelock on its board.

From the Oregon Open Gov database,

So, there is a business relationship between Kristen Stoller and the superintendent of the Newberg school district, Joe Morelock (non-profits are still a business, after all). I find that intriguing given the activities of Kristen Stoller.

By the way, in full disclosure, Kristen Stoller has in the past commented on my previous articles with such eloquent prose as this……

….that surely is worthy of someone who is the head of an education foundation.

Sorry, I’m being too facetious here. From what few interactions I have had with her, along with everything else I can gather about her, I genuinely think Kristen Stoller is a moron and she has no business operating such a thing. I’m also alarmed that the school district superintendent is involved with this nonprofit and has enabled her. I believe Stoller’s public ties to Joe Morelock are an indication of Morelock having ties to her activities in NEEd, since everything Stoller does seems to have enormous cross-over.

I also think she has some major conflicts of interest at work in what she is doing . Kristen Stoller is founder of the Community Wellness Collective that operates inside the Newberg schools and solicits donations from town residents.

From the Oregon Open Gov database,

Take note of Ryan Howard, an attorney in Newberg, Oregon.

For now, just know that he is a member of the NEEd group.

We’ll return to Ryan Howard later in this article.

From the Community Wellness Collective website, we get a list of publicly involved members,

These are the people mentioned on the website who are also members of NEEd,

(Jeri Turgesen posts as ‘Frankenburger’ on Facebook.)

The Wellness non-profit is separate from the Newberg Education Foundation but it does operate inside the schools and is mentioned on the Education Foundation website, and so Stoller has enormous conflicts of interest intertwined in these multiple roles she carries within the Newberg school community, especially given that she has the Newberg school district superintendent on the board of one of her companies. Kristen Stoller, also to my knowledge, owns Chehalem Valley Dance Academy, which according to others in town, operates a COLA / COA program center within the dance academy. I looked into this and it does appear Stoller’s dance studio is a vendor on the spreadsheet for dance programs as part of COA, which is some kind of experimental home school program funded by the school district, I think.

This to me sounds like another conflict of interest given her other professional relationships to the school; I don’t know if Stoller gets any kind of financial compensation for operating such a COLA program thing in her location, but the simple fact that it brings parents and kids into her private business (a dance studio) where they can also sign up for her private dance classes is a clear financial incentive for Stoller to operate such a thing in her private business. It’s perplexing to me why she has so many different financial ties to the Newberg public schools, and no one has seemed to bat an eye about this.

Kristen Stoller is also married to Francisco Stoller, who is a real estate agent in the area with two websites, (this one and this one). Near as I can tell he’s not directly involved with the NEEd group as a member but his wife most certainly is, and I like to point out financial and relationship ties in these kind of exposes.

Let’s talk more about this Community Wellness thing Stoller has made. I don’t fully understand why this is in the schools,

Why is a non-profit that solicits donations from the community on its website and that has leadership populated by teachers and NEEd members, operating inside a public school as some sort of private therapy practice? This is very unusual.

The school has its own counselors for students, who are administrated by the school district and bound by laws designed to protect students from becoming exploited, since the faculty members are public employees. Why has something this absurd been allowed to be created within the Newberg school district? Is this how powerfully influential Kristen Stoller is within the Newberg educational community due to role within NEEd, that something this highly ethically dubious has been permitted since 2019?

It is especially alarming to me given the online activities of Kristen Stoller and the NEEd group, and what their goals are for the city and its children, as we will discuss more about in this article.

Here’s the Instagram page,

One of the pages of the Wellness Center website is

Madness. Nearly illegible madness, but madness nonetheless.

Why is Kristen Stoller, who has financial ties to the school with her private business, also operating a drug addiction counseling clinic inside the Newberg High School? What is going on in this town?

I took a closer look at the links page from this organization operating inside our high school, which encourages students to seek help from non-school employees.

Very few of these seem to be credible sources of information for the medical needs of students who may have serious mental health and addiction needs. One of the links is literally just a chat room to talk anonymously to people about drugs. The top link is to fellow NEEd admin Beth McDonough Woolsey’s blog, who I don’t believe is qualified to provide mental health advice to children in a public school environment. In fact, in reading her article about depression, I am fairly sure that she is not. Yet, this is what is occurring under Joe Morelock’s supervision of the Newberg school district.

This entire thing seems shady to me, so I dug further into the workings of this NEEd group. In doing so I uncovered a great deal about what is going on in my hometown and uncovered what I believe to be a mafia.

I was able to find this post from within the NEEd Facebook group dated to last April,

This is a post by Brandy Penner, who was at the time the chair of the school board and is currently still a board member. I can only assume that the School Based Health Center she is referring to is the Wellness center, and if so, that means it was setup to obtain a grant. Okay…..but, why do we need such a thing in our school when we have such a very excellent hospital in town?

Why do we need a private clinic practice in the school when we already have school counselors who are public employees and bound by these rules?

Why do we need to have private individuals with what seems to be no formal medical training or expertise (Kristen Stoller) on the board of such a thing, and who is free to pay herself a salary as part of being an executive officer of a nonprofit corporation (and set these salaries to be literally whatever she wants them to be with no public oversight). While there seem to be people who have expertise in these areas, I find the entire situation to be very unusual and unnecessary. When things are both unusual and unnecessary, my general experience has been there is a reason for it that is more about the people running it than for its claimed purpose.

These remain unanswered questions about the operation of this Wellness center thing. If anyone would like to share me further information, I would be interested in knowing it.

What I DO know is that NEEd is involved with the Wellness Center and may be using it as part of their indoctrination of the school children into their political ideologies. I believe this based on communications within the NEEd group, here are a few,

The sections I highlighted may seem benign at first. They won’t after you understand the ideology of the NEEd group and what they mean by ‘anti-racism‘ and ‘gender affirming care’.

(Update Oct 15th, 2021: Since the publication of this post I have been sent the following video of a Newberg parent explaining how PFLAG Newberg, which the Wellness Collective is involved with, indoctrinated her daughter into fringe gender identity pseudo-science using cultish tactics)

What Is the Goal of the Newberg Equity in Education Mafia Cult?

Control, of course. All the other crap they spout is nonsense.

The goal is always control for social activism groups that employ motivated reasoning to create hysteria. “Chaos is a ladder”, and all that.

How they go about this control is what is important and requires lengthy explanation because their beliefs are very complicated and contradictory. I will try to simplify it as much as possible for the average person.

The main strategy for the NEEd group’s quest for control is to create division in Newberg so that citizens cannot unite against their tyranny. This is done by indoctrinating the most number of people they can into hating America using a belief system commonly referred to as ‘Critical race theory’ to distinguish it from other kinds of anti-racism training, such as that using a Common humanity approach that teaches not to judge people by ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation and instead to base judgements on a person’s character and talents — meritocracy based judgements. This Common Humanity approach allows for a shared American identity rooted in the principles of our Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence, and other Enlightenment era philosophical thinking about liberty and justice.

Please understand when I say ‘anti-racism training’ henceforth, and when you see the screenshots of NEEd members talking about racism and anti-racism, these terms are not used the same way that anti-racism that was taught in schools during the 1980s to the 1990s. The kind being discussed is the Critical Race Theory version of “racism” and “anti-racism”.

Put simply, if you believe in Martin Luther’s King Jr’s vision for America, the one where he said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character,” then you are a Common Humanist person, and you believe the same things about race that I do.

In contrast, Critical Race Theory and its brand of “anti-racism training” is ideologically opposed to Martin Luther King Jr’s vision for America. Critical race theorists have the objective of re-introducing racial segregation to America to allow for “marginalized” groups to self-rule themselves. This is what I am criticizing. It is pseudo anti-racism. It is not what you believe in.

What Critical Race Theory Actually Is

Critical Race Theory does not employ a Common Humanity approach. Instead, it advocates a Common Enemy one, where it says that people should tribalize themselves into groups whose cultural identity is based on factors such as ethnicity or gender or sexual orientation, and that a person’s merits or quality of character have little to do with morality. This is because moral judgements are made within CRT’s framework based on whether someone belongs to one of these tribal groups formed along sexual orientation, gender, or ethnicity. Some tribal groups are viewed as less moral than others based on gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation, thus the moniker of Common Enemy.

This leads to the critical race theorist becoming bias against, for example, heterosexual “white” males who, according to their Common Enemy framework, have as an imagined tribal group unjustly taken power in America and gained special treatment and benefits by virtue of their ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation affiliation with other members of the “cis white male” tribe. Consequently, being “cis white male” is viewed as possessing inherent negative moral qualities, unless you have adopted CRT beliefs and are using your “privileges” to benefit the cult.

Tai Harden-Moore, explaining that her branch of “anti-racism training” teaches a Common Enemy philosophy that pits “colored” against “whites” , and if you disagree with her you must be a racist i.e. Critical Race Theory

This of course explains why Mayor Rick Rogers refers to himself as a “straight white male” with disdain in a recent YouTube video and the City of Newberg YouTube channel also promotes books for children that teach Critical Race Theory. This is how influential the NEEd group has become at pushing their agenda.

In summary, Common Enemy frameworks blame a single group for all of the problems of society — in this case, Critical Race Theory blames “white people”, and to some extent, specifically “white” heterosexual men. In this regard it is not much different than the Nazism that blamed ethnic Jewish people for the problems in Germany.

There are numerous kinds of claims made by the Critical race theory framework, which I have discussed in detail in my past articles. However, the specific claims it makes is not what is most important to understand about its ideology. Instead, what should be looked at is what its effects are on people; what does the ideology want people to DO with the beliefs. By examining what behavior it expects and demands of its believers we can actually see what Critical Race Theory is really about.

It is critical to always judge a belief system by the actions it encourages its believers to take instead of judging a belief system only by how pleasing the words it uses sound. Many people often have trouble determining the trustworthiness of others, because they confuse words with being the same as actions, and this allows them to ignore the contradictions between another person’s statements and that person’s actual actions; this gap between words and actions is what actually determines trustworthiness. In reading the rest of this article you will see what the actual actions of the NEEd group as a collective are, and how these actions are contrary to what the members say their actions are. The way in which I will point out the contradictions is by showing how their actions are crimes and the damage they are doing to other people, such as the children they are teaching.

I believe the most difficult thing for many people who try to debate with Critical race theorists is that the average person lacks a couple of things that are necessary to refute Critical race theory’s claims,

  1. You must possess substantial amounts of general knowledge about world history dating all the way back to 5,000 years ago. Specifically, you need knowledge about the evolution of legal systems and how these changes over the centuries have influenced the present day American legal system and form of government. You also need to know the finer details about the institution of human trafficking and slavery over the span of the past 5,000 years. You also need to know a lot of minute details related to American history to catch the errors made by CRT writers.
  2. You must possess a substantial amount of general knowledge about philosophy (epistemology), especially Enlightenment era philosophies that deeply influenced the formation of American government. Our legal system was designed to create an ideal society based upon Enlightenment era principles. Enlightenment philosophers, notably Immanuel Kant, Adam Smith and Dennis Diderot, actually rejected the colonialism that CRT frequently accuses Enlightenment philosophers of supporting but you wouldn’t know this unless you’ve read them.
  3. You must be very well versed in the employment of logic and how to use your knowledge of world history, the history of law (specifically the evolution of legal codes in America and its many states), the history of slavery in America and conflicts with indigenous peoples. As said before, you also need to understand Enlightenment era philosophy, too and be able to use that knowledge to support your arguments.

These three things are areas the average American is largely unaware of. Outside of academia there is almost no useful purpose to know these things, as they are not required for any work besides teaching and authorship in these subject areas. I would go so far as to suggest most lawyers don’t fully understand the history of law in America, because it’s not essential information for the occupation; lawyers study current laws, not past laws. Knowing all three of the subject areas needed to counter the claims of CRT in a detailed way is only of interest for historians and philosophers. Sadly, when this group of academics speak out against CRT, they get censored by the universities and/or fired.

I cannot be censored nor fired. These subject areas happen to be things I have been very interested in since I was a teenager. I never studied these things in a higher education setting, because I had no interest in pursuing a career as a historian or philosopher. It’s rather difficult to make a living in those careers. Yet, because I have a hobby interest in them, I have continued to read about them throughout my life. I would hardly say I am an absolute expert in every aspect, but I know enough to see contradictions and glaring errors when Critical race theorists talk about these subjects and construct false narratives to win their ideological debates. I know where to look to find credible information that refutes their arguments. This is more than the average American can do.

Critical race theorists often seek to confuse people about what it is they are teaching, by claiming they are not teaching it. They say instead that Critical race theory is a “legal framework”, or something along those lines, that is distinct from “anti-racism” and “diversity and equity training”. This is a lie. When looked at from an epistemological viewpoint, Critical race theory is the root framework and it is merely applied to subjects such as law, history, anti-racism training, diversity training and so on. While the term ‘critical race theory’ is a term invented by Kimberlee Crenshaw a decade after Bidol and Katz wrote their books that Crenshaw and others built upon, neither Bidol nor Katz gave any unique special name to their ideas and instead merely redefined what ‘anti-racism’ and ‘diversity’ meant. Critical race theory is thus the best term for this framework that is applied to many different fields.

In my personal opinion, having examined its literature for around a decade, I think many aspects of Critical Race Theory has been designed to intentionally exploit the average American’s lack of knowledge in these subject areas and utilize the scant amount of information they do know to manipulate the average American. It constructs narratives using the small amount of “common knowledge” people are taught by the public education system and then weaves elaborate framework designed to mislead them. In this way I believe it is very sinister in its design as something specifically intended to trick Americans. It then presents itself as a framework for detecting the otherwise ‘invisible’ racism that exists everywhere in American society by mixing descriptive and normative concepts together, a mistake in reasoning which goes unnoticed by anyone who doesn’t have a background in philosophy (specifically, analyticity for linguistic meaning). Because the average American has never read the works of philosophers such as David Hume, they don’t know about things like the is/ought problem and fact/value distinctions, therefore they cannot see how Critical Race Theory repeatedly makes this mistake.

The rhetoric of Critical Race Theory is rooted in motivated reasoning (that is, ideas that sound correct because they make your pre-existing beliefs feel confirmed and validated, and not because there is any evidence for them). Anecdotal situations, such as past conflicts with people who were “white”, will be used to justify the racist beliefs, while dismissing any similar disputes a person might have had with anyone who is not “white”. Within the Critical Race Theory framework, the conflict with the “white” person will be blamed on racism and the conflict with someone who is not “white” will be disregarded as having another cause. This frequently results in a single cause fallacy made by the Critical race theorists, who never considers any other explanation for why the conflicts occurred.

The primary method of motivated reasoning is to create new Orwellian-ish doublespeak definitions for what words like ‘racism’, and ‘equity’ have commonly meant. In the CRT framework, ‘racism’ is not merely having racial prejudice but also requires you to be someone who is ‘white’.

Tai Harden-Moore explaining that her use of the word racism means ‘prejudice plus power’. That is, because she believes only “whites” have “power” through benefit of a socially constructed racial hierarchy, this means only “whites” can be racist. The only thing she has done here is draw the explanation out using more concise language which means the same thing as ‘prejudice plus power equals racism’, seemingly in an effort to make the idea sound more academic and legitimate than it actually is.

Therefore, when the Critical race theorist performs “anti-racism training” seminars and writes books, they make it appear they are teaching people to not be racially prejudiced against others with the label choice they use (e.g. racism, anti-racism), when in fact, their framework encourages racial prejudice against people who are “white”. CRT is designed to brainwash “white” people into believing they owe a blood debt to people who are “black”, for things like slavery that existed many past generations ago and no longer do in America. Similarly, it wants people who are “white” to owe a blood debt to “indigenous” peoples because their ancestors lost wars against the American government and were relocated into tribal reservations (which they self-govern) as a means of preventing further warfare . Historical events are frequently interpreted in a way that takes only parts of the story and organizes the details in a way that supports the racist views of the Critical race theorist, which means history is viewed out of its proper context and inaccurate conclusions consequently are drawn from it.

An example of a NEEd member who has been convinced he owes a blood debt because of his gender and ethnicity

As an example, Critical Race Theorists ignore that the vast majority of “white” Americans today descend from immigrants who arrived from Europe after the outlawing of slavery, who came to America to take advantage of the Homesteading Act . Consequently, the vast majority of “white” Americans have no ancestors who enslaved anyone in America, and the vast majority of towns that exist today west of the Mississippi never had slavery, because they did not exist until after the passage of the Homesteading Act.

Furthermore, the vast majority of people who do descend from people that were early colonists never had any ancestors that owned slaves, either. Owning slaves was expensive and something only rich people had the luxury of affording. The vast majority of Americans in the colonial days were farmers who worked their own lands.

Likewise, Critical race theorists look at the history of American settlers and indigenous tribal peoples out of context, ignoring that the temperature of the relationships over several centuries was actually largely beneficial to both sides, and when warfare occurred both sides held at fault in most cases. They ignore that hundreds of years of European-Indigenous contact in the Americas were primarily positive relationships that led to intermarriage between the ethnic groups. Critical race theories ignore that the wars that led to the conquest and sequestering of certain tribes on reservations were wars started by indigenous people against settlers, usually over trade disputes or treaty terms, and the complexity of events taking place during the Sioux Wars, especially the Battle of Wounded Knee and the insurrectionist nature of the Ghost Dance Movement, is greatly downplayed. As part of this desire to paint past Americans as always the bad guys in every conflict, the critical race theorist overlooks that indigenous tribal people were, just like every other human culture pre-20th century, extremely prone toward violence to obtain resources and settle disagreements. Indigenous tribes fought with and enslaved defeated tribes and conquered territory long before Europeans made contact with the groups. This is an unsavory thing to us today, but was considered normal for most of human history everywhere on the planet for most of our known history. Europeans didn’t “introduce” slavery or war to the Americas. Thus, the conclusions Critical race theorists make about historical American interactions with indigenous peoples are factually incorrect.

The Critical race theorists also ignore that war is not the primary cause of the decline of populations of indigenous people, but instead disease from contact with viruses that indigenous people’s immune systems had no prior contact with. This was not the fault of European settlers and traders, as nobody even knew what a virus was during this time period. The other major thing that led to the decline of indigenous populations was intermarriage between American settlers and indigenous peoples as a result of the good relationships between these groups that existed in most parts of the Americas during this time period. When intermarriage is acknowledged at all by Critical race theorists, it is always painted in a negative light to claim the relationships were morally wrong “assimilations” and they reject the notion these marriages were actually consenting, happy unions between lovers to form families for the same reasons people form inter-ethnic marriages today; because two people fell in love and decided to start a family.

Instead, Critical race theorists focus on “declining populations” on certain tribal reservations today, which is partly a consequence of the habit of tribes and the US Census Bureau to not recognize many descendants of tribal people based on what “percentage” of ethnicity they have after intermarriages between ethnic groups (which, in my opinion, is a racist way to view people and I think the US Census Bureau should stop doing this). It is because of a “blood purity” ideology for who is allowed to be considered a real “full blood” member that their recorded populations are reported to be declining, when they probably are not if actual number of descendants are taken into consideration. If these tribes and our Census stopped viewing intermarriage outside their tribes in this way, their numbers would be substantially larger (admittedly, the blood purity concept was introduced to tribes by Americans, and also mistakenly pushed on them legally due to things like the Indian Reorganization Act that have had unintended consequences, but that’s another topic altogether. As I said, I think the practices of the Census Bureau should be reformed).

I am spending a lot of time explaining this for a reason: History is a complex subject and I don’t believe Critical race theorists are interested in genuinely understanding the events of the past. They explore history to find anecdotal examples that support their ideological beliefs and then craft a narrative that leaves important details out that contradict the story they want others to believe. When the kinds of facts I have mentioned are pointed out, they dismiss them and accuse the other dissenter as being racist or lying, usually by claiming they must be lying due to their gender or ethnicity. This is why it’s a cult. When they cannot contest evidence they simply label you morally wrong for disagreeing with them.

It’s also important to understand because the way that indigenous people have been allowed to have self-governance (sovereignty) and special perks (such as gambling casino monopolies in many states) this has impacted CRT. The special status of tribal reservations is a status the black separatists want for themselves. Their concept of ‘equity’ relies entirely upon the special status that tribal reservations have (which is a result of past treaties that ended wars). The way that CRT desires to obtain this special status for “blacks” is by re-implementing segregation into American society to obtain these perks for themselves.

The easiest way to understand the motivation of the Critical race theory ideology is that it is designed to convince a person who is “white” that they owe a blood debt to another person for things that the “white” person has nothing to do with nor any responsibility for. This belief that a blood debt is owed is then used to manipulate the “white” person into becoming subservient to the political desires of people who are “black” or “indigenous” as a way to make amends for real or imagined wrongs committed against the ancestors of the “black” or “indigenous” people who live today.

As an example from within the NEEd group, which demonstrates this is part of their ideology,

(Take note that the Facebook user ‘Lu Pita’ liked this post. This user is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education. Her activities within the NEEd group will be become very relevant later in this article. )

Within the Critical Race Theory framework, “white supremacy” is then redefined to basically be any group of “whites” who rejects the idea they owe a blood debt and will not join their cult.

Thus, Critical race theory is a continuation of ideologies that were fundamental to the black separatist ideologies of the 1960s and 70s that sought to allow “black” communities to self-govern themselves with sovereignty the way that “indigenous” tribes do on reservations. Instead, The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was passed and the Common Humanity approach was taught in schools across America up until most recently.

The thing I dislike the most about Critical Race Theory is that it is counter-productive to what it claims to want to do; if you believe in its perception of America then you must also believe that being a “black” or “brown” person is some kind of disability in society that makes it impossible for a person so afflicted to advance in society the same way that a “white” person can. It requires even its most aggressive adherents to develop a kind of learned helplessness, where they are convinced they must recruit “allies” to help them accomplish goals and that these “allies” owe them a blood debt. What it really does to a person’s mind, especially a young children’s mind, is chain it down. Opportunities are not pursued due to a belief they will fail due to skin color when they may in fact have been successful if they tried, and it interferes with the formation of truly equal friendships and partnerships between people of different ethnic groups who adopt its ideologies.

How the NEEd Group Used Critical Race Theory To Create a Cult in a Small Town That Never Had Slavery In It

Newberg Oregon was founded in 1889 by Quakers, many decades after the end of slavery. Quakers were one of the most influential groups that pushed and led the abolitionist movement to end slavery in America.

The town of Newberg has never had slavery in it. It has nothing to do with that tragic part of American history. Furthermore, due to the influence of Quakers’ on the town’s culture, it has always been an extremely progressive town in regards to views about equality. Until the Critical race theorists came to town it has been very well managed for generations and it has had exceptionally low crime, poverty and other issues compared to surrounding cities in the Willamette Valley.

Instead of recognizing the enormous social progress that was achieved during the 19th and 20th centuries in America that has led us to live in what is basically a utopia compared to the civilizations our ancestors lived in, Critical Race Theory poisons people against present day America and demands it be dismantled and rebuilt to satisfy the desires of its believers.

This user is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education, openly discussing the goals of Critical Race Theory to NEEd members.

The NEEd group, as Critical race theorists, believes that America and many of its principles are actually evil, and that democracy by extent is evil UNLESS it’s being used to give power to “marginalized groups” (black / indigenous tribal peoples, and to a lesser extent, the LGBTQ community). Because the NEEd group framework believes that only “whites” are benefited by the systems of government in America, NEEd tells people who are “white” they should try to use their “privilege” to obtain roles in society and then use those roles to give special benefits to “marginalized groups”. The giving of special benefits based on factors such as ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender is considered to be “equity” within their beliefs, which results in segregation.

This power exchange from “whites” to “marginalized groups” is what they call ‘equity’, and it involves everything from getting the city to force employees to attend indoctrination seminars to populating the library with books that promote their ideology. Most importantly, anyone who is “white” must become subservient to someone who is not, as a way to atone for ancestral blood-guilt called ‘whiteness’ by their ideology.

The ideology of the Critical race theory cult teaches that people who are “black” or otherwise a marginalized group in America has no power at all, and only the majority heterosexual and “white” people do. This foundational belief that marginalized groups need to have other people who are heterosexual and “white” stand up for them is taught to people because this belief must be believed in order to motivate a large number of people to become subservient to the minority (the cult leaders who are using racial rhetoric to incite people to commit crimes that benefit the cult leaders political agenda).

The ideology is designed to stir the cult followers into action by volunteering themselves to do something called “leveraging their privilege“, which in actuality basically just means turn over the decision making of themselves to the cult leaders and become wholly exploited under the false notion that this exploitation is participation in a moral crusade for justice. Here is an example from a recent joiner of the NEEd group,

This “leverage my privilege” concept is the reason why so many people who are not in a marginalized group within the framework become members of this cult. They are brainwashed into believing the only way they can atone for the horrible blood-guilt crime of being heterosexual and “white” is to leverage their supposed “privilege” to do the bidding of the cult leaders, to do “wherever its needed with whatever“.

Now, factor in the rhetoric I have previously criticized Tai Harden-Moore for indoctrinating people with in the town of Newberg, in her “ally to accomplice” presentations, which she explains in this article, Moving from Ally to Accomplice: How Far Are You Willing to Go to Disrupt Racism in the Workplace?,

This is just a sample of what Tai Harden-Moore has taught in Newberg, Oregon under the disguise of being a ‘diversity consultant’. I’ve highlighted the important parts that really illustrate what is actually intended by the framework, so you can understand why so many people involved in the NEEd group have lost good judgement and become hysterical and unbalanced zealots willing to go to any ridiculous lengths for the crusade. This is what the members of NEEd believe, and it is also what they are teaching to the children in the Newberg public school district as ‘diversity and equity’ and ‘anti-racism’.

This is the reason why BLM and pride flags are being banned by the newly elected Newberg school board. The symbols are the symbols of a cult that is brainwashing people into becoming crusaders for a holy war against the republic itself, out of a mistaken belief that the only way to make the world fair for people who are supposedly “marginalized” is for the cult followers to gain access to political power and influence and use that power and influence to do the bidding of the cult leaders while also trying to recruit as many people as possible into the cult.

Basically, I think the writings of Bidol and Katz from the 1970s were seized upon by black separatist thinkers in the 1980s to construct the ‘Critical race theory’ movement, with the goal of teaching the perceived majority (“whites”) to turn against American values, which allows for the collapse of American societies at the municipal level. The goal of black separatists in the 1970s was unrealized — they rejected the Common Humanity approach that Martin Luther King Jr. preached for. Instead of viewing his life’s work as a valuable contribution to America that led to the passage of the Civil Rights Acts, the separatists continued seeking a means to create the kind of country they wanted — which is an “ethnically” pure one they can rule over via segregation.

Obviously, to anyone who really understands our system of government, the ideas of Critical Race Theory are ridiculous. As I have pointed out in my previous article, The True Origins of Critical Race Theory and Anti-Racism Training, CRT relies on a cartoon version of America that believes it is a zero-sum game. America is not. CRT does not account for the lack of uniformity of prejudicial attitudes even within ethnic groups and other kinds of subgroups. The CRT definition of racism requires an absolutist regime, which American society is not. Regardless of how marginalized a group may be in America they still are not powerless, because power in America is organized into multiple levels with checks and balances on the limits of this power. We have elections for office, we have term limits, we have the court system that restricts the government and private groups, and people have the ability to participate in the drafting of law. Power is also divided heavily in America, between municipalities (and their subdivisions, such as school boards), counties, states and the federal branch, in addition to courts at multiple levels which can be used to contest decisions made by governments at any level. Power in America is democratic, not absolutist, and so CRT’s claims are without merit.  Consequently, CRT’s beliefs that ‘prejudice plus power equal racism’ are an example of a reduction fallacy, sometimes also known as a single cause fallacy — the creators of the framework assumed there is a single and simple cause for racism, when in reality it can be caused by any number of causes.

Furthermore, it seems clear the framework was developed by people who never accounted for the existence of mixed-ethnicity families, which are more common than the Census Bureau’s methodology for categorizing of families indicates. Many people who are “white” or “black” are actually of a mixed-ethnic heritage. Are the “black” children who have “white” mothers or fathers supposed to regard their own parents as a racist oppressor because of a difference in NCKX5, MC1R and BNC2 pigmentation gene expression? What about for adopted children by foster parents of another ethnicity? Sadly, this is what it convinces these people of and it causes enormous dysfunction in these families as traditional parent and child roles break down under its ideology.

CRT’s framework makes an attribute like skin color all important, and dismisses other factors like actual merit (the skills a person has developed), personality qualities, and so on. It does this to justify its belief that people are socially, economically and legally pigeonholed based on skin color, which is incredibly inaccurate in present day America and has not been the case for half a century at least.

Half a century is culturally a very long time; it’s the difference between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. CRT is stuck in a mindset that black separatists had in the 1960s and 70s, and refuses to acknowledge the enormous social progress that has occurred since that time. Nearly every person who was responsible for the problems in the South faced by the people who became black separatists are long since dead and their ideas died with them. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965 substantially improved America, delivering on the promise of liberty and equality made in the Declaration of Independence. Further litigation such as Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and numerous other state laws, have further enshrined this promise.

Thus, Critical race theorists are part of a blood purity cult, trying to re-ignite the last remaining embers of black separatist racism from half a century ago, and in so doing, as a response other disenfranchised racial purity cults (i.e. Neo-Nazi groups) are using the renewed sparks of black separatism to justify their own recruiting efforts. The social unrest of the 60s and 70s is repeating itself when there is in fact no good reason for doing so.

What Critical Race Theory Beliefs Cause Teachers and Parents To Do

You don’t believe what I have said about what Critical Race theory is, that it is a black separatist movement? Okay, then why is the movement of people who are supporting Black Lives Matter here in Newberg creating racial segregation in our school system, such as the creation of a ‘Black Student Union’?

(Please take note that Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla ‘liked’ this post. I’ll talk more about him and his involvement in NEEd’s conspiracy later.)

Heidi Schneiter Pender, an active member of NEEd, made this post to virtue signal in the group. Student unions are an aspect of student government. This is the creation of racially segregated student government in our school district.

By creating a group like this, she teaches kids in the Newberg school system to judge themselves and others based on ethnicity. This to me is undeniably, unquestionably, without a doubt an insanely evil and racist thing to do to children in today’s America. It teaches them that their ethnicity makes them second-class citizens at worst and outsiders at best, when they are neither. Whatever the intentions of the teachers, it results in kids developing a learned helplessness, blaming their ethnicity for any and all problems they experience in life, and to ignore opportunities for self-improvement or social advancement by deciding they cannot succeed at certain things and in certain situations due to their skin color. It teaches them others will hate them who don’t know them, and that they should hate those people in return whom they assume already hate them. I’d go so far as to suggest it teaches children to become fearful of those who may actually be their greatest advocates, simply because the advocates have a different skin color.

Heidi Schneiter Pender is a member of NEEd. She’s part of Tai Harden-Moore’s cult. This is what Tai Harden-Moore wanted of Heidi. This racial segregation in the schools is Tai Harden-Moore’s idea of what is best for the children of America.

It’s not a small group of NEEd members who liked this Black Student Union post, either.

Among the notable names of those who liked this post were,

  • Lu Pita aka Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education
  • Casey Kulla, Yamhill County Commissioner
  • Elise Yarnell Hollamon, City of Newberg Council member & Director, Access Strategies at Providence Health & Services
  • Brandy Penner, Newberg School Board Director
  • Tim Graham, Principal at Newberg Catalyst High School
  • Casey Petrie, Principal at Newberg Chehalem Valley Middle School
  • And of course, Tai-Harden Moore herself.

I cannot stress this enough.

These people want to segregate America along racial lines and they believe it is morally just to do so. This brand of segregation reverses the roles from the Dixiecrat ‘Jim Crow’ era, and re-invents segregation as a means to provide benefits to “marginalized” people purely on the basis of something like skin color.

They are segregating their own children at home and they are teaching them to segregate at school. They don’t just want to re-introduce segregation to American schools, but are in fact already doing it and have been doing it here in Newberg for at least several years by what evidence I have gathered. This is their actual idea of what ‘equity’ and ‘inclusion’ are. When you see these cultists use those terms, this is what they actually are talking about: segregation.

This is why they are not using terms like ‘equity’ and ‘inclusion’ in the way the majority of people assume they are, because the majority of people are not part of a blood purity cult that has special definitions for the words they use. They use words like ‘equity’ and ‘inclusion’ to trick people into supporting a cult they don’t fully understand. When the cult members say ‘inclusion’, they are actually talking about inclusion in terms of societal “power redistribution”, which segregation is considered part of. Their special cult definition of ‘inclusion’ is not about individuals, it’s about groups and the forming of new segregated groups for “marginalized people” to have “power”.

What they are doing is, in my opinion, a form of child abuse per ORS 419B.005 Definitions which says, “Any mental injury to a child, which shall include only observable and substantial impairment of the child’s mental or psychological ability to function caused by cruelty to the child, with due regard to the culture of the child.” Teaching children to be racist is a substantial impairment of their mental and psychological ability to function and is cruel, because kids lack the wisdom to know otherwise. They have little knowledge about the world outside what they are taught and experience. The only ideologies they know are the ones they are taught and making Critical Race Theory their preferred ideology is evil.

(I realize the local law authorities probably won’t agree with that interpretation of the law. But I think I’m right that there is a case for it because of how destructive CRT as a racist ideology is to a child’s mind. )

How Does Critical Race Theory Impact Teacher Decisions In Disciplinary Matters and Policies?

I believe it causes the teachers to go on witch hunts and break laws intended to protect the children, which the teachers view as inconvenient for witch hunting. It pushes the already border-line authoritarian culture of school administration into a hysterical mob obsessed with seeing racism and bigotry in every action and statement a person makes that disagrees with their world view. The teachers then use their positions of authority over the children to bully and intimidate them into acceptance of the cult’s ideology, while also love bombing the kids who have certain ethnicities, genders or sexual orientations. This results in the loss of equality within the school administration under the guise of creating ‘equity’ (which is not used by the teachers to mean what most people assume it means).

For an example, here is a statement from Jeff McDonough, a counselor in the Newberg public school system. That is, his job is to help kids deal with their conflicts with other students and personal frustrations as they grow up. These are the things he believes,

As you can see, Jeff McDonough believes that because a child says something is true that automatically makes it true. This kind of “listen and believe” rhetoric is the same kind of nonsense that allowed Abigail Williams and Betty Parris to send the entire town of Salem into a witch hunting frenzy that resulted in 25 innocent people being killed by their neighbors for something that is literally impossible; cursing people with magic.

Jeff McDonough incorrectly assumes that the existence of numerous people saying something is true means that it must be true. Yet, truth is not determined by what people say, it is determined by what actually is. This is why a person in his occupation is supposed to be extremely well versed enough in logic to be able to conduct investigations to verify the accusations that a person makes using a scientific process of inquiry. In his rant, Jeff McDonough demonstrates he does not understand how to perform this process and in my opinion, that makes him rather dangerous to have in any position of authority over school children. What he determines to be ” de facto evidence” is in fact an example of a questionable cause fallacy. Thus, his beliefs suggest he is prone to making quantitative fallacies. This is alarming because it means as a school counselor he is prone to punishing students based on accusations alone, and not based on considering all other factors, such as a case where a child is being bullied by a group of kids who are lying to teachers to get him into trouble.

The truly alarming thing is that Jeff McDonough thinks his beliefs are organized in a “logical progression”. They are not. As I have previously demonstrated in another article, McDonough does not know what logic is nor how to use it. It is troubling for him and other faculty at Newberg to be in positions of influence over kids, misleading them into thinking their cult beliefs are rational and coherent, when they are actually the opposite.

Jeff McDonough also made an effort to point out that he wants “Equity”, not Equality in the schools. I highlighted this so others in Newberg can see that. Jeff McDonough believes ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender should allow for kids to be treated differently in all instances, and that rules equally applying to all students is bad. This leads to injustice of course, especially in the way Jeff McDonough is advocating for different outcomes and benefits for students based on factors like sexual orientation, gender and ethnicity. It’s baffling that he uses a program like TAG (Talented and Gifted) to justify his racist beliefs about equity; the TAG program provides resources based on merit, not race, gender or sexual orientation.

(As an aside, I was a TAG student when I attended Newberg public schools. I have to wonder whether the TAG program is being responsibly administrated if someone like McDonough so grossly misunderstands the purpose of TAG? )

What Jeff McDonough does not understand is that by implementing these “equity” programs as he desires, it creates inequality where none previously existed. For example, the creation of a “black student union” that only “blacks” can join now has created a group of student government that only members of a specific ethnicity can participate in, which teaches them self-segregation- that if they can’t join another group, it must be because of the color of their skin or other irrelevant status, and the solution is therefore to create their own racially segregated group. This is obviously the wrong message to send to children, because the purpose of student government is to prepare them for participation in our actual government, where segregation is illegal. The existence of these ethnically exclusive student groups therefore creates tribalism that encourages new biases and discriminations they will carry into adulthood; it doesn’t balance out any previously existing biases or discriminations at all. The teachers are dumping oil on a fire; in this case, the last burning embers of racism in America.

As for laws, as you read this article you will see I provide evidence for MANY laws being violated but here is a very obvious example from a Newberg school counselor, Joshua Reid, who violates Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to provide information about a student’s mental health issues and other personal stuff to hundreds of people in the NEEd group,

(Note: the original thread had the name of a Newberg high school student in it. I edited it out.)

What Joshua Reid has done is a FERPA violation.

No one (the other teachers and faculty) has reported him for it, nor even called him out on it.

That is because breaking laws for their crusade is a routine behavior for the NEEd group members. Their ideology encourages it, in fact, because these laws stand in the way of their witch hunting crusade. They don’t believe students have any rights unless the specific expression of those rights align with their cult’s agenda.

Let me be crystal clear; these people do NOT care about the students and they do not care about the laws designed to protect the students. They only care about themselves and what brownie points (such as post likes on Facebook) they can earn by virtue signaling, using their positions as teachers to gain the trust of children, so they can then use those children as props to further their own narcissism. There is absolutely no valid reason for Joshua Reid to share this information on Facebook to people who have no business knowing it, and the law expressly forbids him from doing so. The only reason he has done this is so other cult mafia members could give him applause and tell him how virtuous he is. Joshua Reid did this for feeding his own ego.

As you will see, there is A LOT of posts like this in the NEEd group, where the NEEd group members applaud each other for doing terribly immoral and often illegal things.

They claim they are doing everything for the benefit of the kids. They are not.

They are in a cult that teaches Critical Race Theory and fringe pseudo-scientific gender identity ideologies to further their own political agenda, which is motivated in a desire to gain acceptance and reputation within their NEED cult tribe. They are trying to shove these fringe ideas down everyone’ else’s throat, the laws of our state and country be damned if they stand in the way of that.

What Does LGBTQ Have to do with Critical Race Theory?

The goal with the LGBTQ rhetoric advocated by Critical Race theorists is to further the black separatist agenda. It’s not for the benefit of LGBTQ people at all, unless they are a racial marginalized group within the CRT framework. LGBTQ people who are “white” are still viewed as having inherent racism and therefore can only at best be an “ally” to “blacks” and “browns”.

Tai Harden-Moore chastising the members of NEEd for not including BLM flags as much as they do pride flags. This is because BLM leaders like Tai Harden-Moore view LGBTQ as a subservient group to themselves, a means to an end.

Mainly, black separatists such as BLM and their supporters use LGBTQ communities to help them accomplish their goals, because within their framework they need “white allies” — and the best way to get them is to convert other marginalized groups, such as those are who LGBTQ, into those allies based on having a “common enemy” — “cis white men”. There is consequently a strong motivation to indoctrinate kids into the belief they are gay or gender confused, so that there will be more “whites” in this marginalized group for the black separatists to exploit.

I mean, think about the framework and its message and its activities.

According to Critical race theory, “whites” obviously cannot be “black”. So how then do you recruit “whites” to want to support “blacks”? Well, “whites” can be gay, which is another marginalized group. So, just get the gay “whites” to fight your battles for you. After all, being a “white” and not a “black”, even if they are gay they are still a “white” and have more privilege. A gay “white” can do things a “black” anything cannot do, goes the reasoning, so lets recruit gay “whites” to find a Common Enemy in heterosexual (cis) White males who are ruining everything for everybody else.

I wish that I was mocking the framework with that explanation of their beliefs, because it is so absurd. I’m not. This is literally what their reasoning is.

Besides, the CRT rhetoric is very appealing to people who are gay. This is one of the comments to the statement Jeff McDonough shared that I showed in the last screenshot,

Carley Barnett is not being hypothetical; the two gay moms is her and her wife.

Of course, she loves the ideology because it means she gets special benefits and is considered more important than others due to her sexual orientation, which otherwise would be meaningless in terms of providing her any benefits over heterosexuals. There is no credible purpose or need for the school to hang a flag in the building to honor two people just because they decided to have sex with each other. It’s an incredibly narcissistic thing to believe people have to hang signage honoring your sexual preferences or they are not “supporting” you.

The schools and teachers are supposed to support you by educating your kids so that you don’t have to stay home and do it yourself.

You don’t need a flag in the building anymore than anyone else does.

Critical race theory is consequently a belief system that leverages the greed of groups who view themselves as having something to benefit from by tribalizing along gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Critical race theory has a spectrum of victimhood, and the further down the bottom of the list you are, the more you deserve. “White cis males” such as myself are perceived as having everything and deserving nothing, and people who are gay and black are considered to have nothing and deserve everything. In between these extremes, different ethnic groups have more or less “privilege” than others, based on how close their skin color is to “white”. This framework allows any personal failures to be blamed on racism, and any successes to also be blamed on racism, too. Again, this is a single cause fallacy inherent to CRT.

It’s a pretty absurd belief system when you step back away from the emotional ramblings and rhetoric, and just look at the specific things they believe and what actions it demands of a person.

But, make no mistake, the primary goal of groups like NEEd is to create an America just as with the black student union I previously showed; to bring segregation back to America in a way where “blacks” can rule over themselves and “whites” step aside. Democracy stands in the way of this, and it’s why these kinds of BLM groups actively sabotage and interfere with the democratic process when it does not go their way. This is why I believe they engaged in the criminal actions I have documented in this article here in Newberg; the campaign of harassment against the conservative majority school board members started when Tai Harden-Moore lost the school board election. The school board members want to stop the NEEd group from spreading their ideology in the schools, and needs to ban the symbols associated with these ideologies as part of that.

Unfortunately, because this Critical race theory ideology has been pushed hard for the past 15 years in the colleges, nearly all of the teachers in the district were indoctrinated before they ever came to Newberg. Here is an example of what I mean from Gennie VanBeek, an Associate Professor at Linfield University in McMinville, Oregon,

The NPR article is designed to dismiss parent concerns about Critical Race Theory being taught in the schools as mere “moral panic”. It’s not, as the evidence I showcase in this article demonstrates.

The teacher union is essentially now being used against the town, and in fact, the union members have become these ‘accomplices’ for Tai Harden-Moore’s black separatist agenda in Newberg, even if not all of them realize that.

But I’m getting a’bit ahead of myself.

Critical Race Theory And Fringe Gender Identity Theories is Everywhere in the Education System in America, But Especially Oregon

I’d like to say this is a problem exclusive to Newberg but it’s not. The entire country has been infected. Even the members of NEEd know this,

The Critical race theorists have specifically targeted educators while they attend college, forcing them to pass exams that indoctrinate them into its idealogy if the student wishes to pass the class. The material is often introduced as part of teaching curriculum classes, because indoctrinating the next generation of teachers into CRT is the best way for it to spread as the teachers will indoctrinate their own students into it. It is then reinforced by, as Lu Ann mentioned, regular “equity training” workshops to maintain the delusions and keep involvement in the cults. There are many groups like NEEd in cities in America. Local residents in those towns will need to expose those groups as that particular task is beyond my resources to accomplish. For now just know what I am showing from within the NEEd group is an example of how these kind of groups operate and the things they are capable of doing.

During my investigation I spoke to several concerned parents, who told me that they believe the school is teaching both Critical race theory in the classrooms and that the health class curriculums have also been overtaken by fringe gender identity materials. The parents told me that kids as young as kindergarteners are being taught how to masturbate and about sexual fetishes. I also learned about a class at the high school ran by Assistant Principal Mark Brown called Tiger Time where students are taught CRT materials in the form of instructional videos from YouTube channels.

The “Health Class” Curriculum Taught to Newberg School District Kids Is Disturbing

I was able to obtain proof that the Newberg school district is in fact teaching these things. This is a copy of an internal email communication from the school district, which is from Shanna Andres, whose job title in the Newberg school district faculty directory is listed as the administrated assistant to the superintendent. She is sending the email to Gregg Koskela (Community Relations Coordinator), Derek Brown (district office, director of assessment) and Joe Morelock (the superintendent).

Before we continue, I need to point out that Gregg Koskela is a member of NEEd,

The links from the email are


Reviewing the curriculum, such as the course about Sexual Identity and Gender Identity, it is very obvious that it uses the pseudo-scientific and discredited research of John Money, a fraudster who conducted unethical experiments on children who later committed suicide as a consequence of the trauma Money inflicted on them. You can read more about the details by reading, David Reimer and John Money Gender Reassignment Controversy: The John/Joan Case, an entry in the The Embryo Project Encyclopedia operated by US National Science Foundation and by Arizona State University.

The important thing to know is that the “health class” material taught by Newberg school system is teaching school children a framework created by an unethical child abusing monster who photographed two brothers masturbating and sexually posing together, and called it “science”. Money also defended pedophiles by creating new categories of pedophilia, such as “Affectionate pedophilia”, in an effort to normalize it. There is a whole rabbit hole I could go down just about Money himself and the evil nonsense he did. None of this belongs in the public school system masquerading as a legitimate science-based health class. This is an area of abnormal psychology inappropriate for teaching to children, especially in the way it is being done to suggest Money’s theories are normal.

On the website linked to by the Newberg school administrations for their health class curriculum, you’ll also find videos such as this one titled, “Love is Love: Free to be Me” that uses inspirational music coupled with anecdotal stories of children “coming out” as gay to friends, which seemingly has been edited in such a way to encourage children to do the same thing. Based on my professional experience as film-maker, I believe the video is designed to encourage action (coming out as gay), which can then be reinforced by the teacher in the classroom the video is being shown in, who rewards the student with praise for taking the desired action. This is positive reinforcement, an aspect of behavior modification therapy that has been twisted to encourage children to self-identify themselves as ‘gay’.

In another video as part of the course, Finding an Adult That You Can Trust, children are discouraged from talking about sex with their parents and instead to find another adult they can trust who gives “good advice”, which I can only assume was designed to discourage kids from talking about the class materials with parents and instead look to the teachers as these ‘trusted adults’. It also makes the kids more susceptible to grooming in my opinion. The message of this video is the exact opposite of what the school should be teaching.

In yet another video, Bodies: Different Shapes and Sizes. All Beautiful!, children are basically told that using shampoo is bad and it’s socially acceptable to be a greasy, overweight person. This is horrible advice for children.

Some videos in the series are not wholly terrible, but do feature incorrect information. For example, the video Consent Explained: What Is It? is mostly fine, except it claims that if a person is drunk they are legally unable to give consent to sex. This is false; there is no law in the US that says a person who is drunk is not legally responsible for their choices, which is why people are arrested for drunk driving and other crimes of public drunkenness. The message seems to be pushing the trending trope of women accusing men of “rape” because the women regretted having a one-night stand after a night of partying, despite that both parties who had sex were drunk (under their logic, only women couldn’t give consent but men somehow could despite being drunk as well, which is contradictory). This narrative encourages irresponsible behavior in girls, as many girls then believe that, because they couldn’t consent to sex while drunk, this allows them to blame others (specifically, men) for the consequences of their drunken behavior, despite that they chose to get drunk in the first place and being drunk doesn’t make a person no longer legally responsible for their behavior. While it is possible to be sexually assaulted while drunk and it makes one more at risk for this to occur, simply being drunk does not mean any sex while intoxicated is automatically sexual assault. Actually, now that I really think about it, I don’t think this video should be shown at all for kids this young, as they aren’t supposed to be drinking in the first place and the nuances of the laws related to this subject are not treated with the seriousness they should be.

The videos used in the course all come from the channel, which very clearly has an ideological agenda rooted in pushing fringe gender identity pseudo-science based on the work of John Money, as previously explained.

Even worse, the structure of the curriculum is designed for the health teacher to first recruit and train a small number of students who will then be “Teen Leaders” to instruct the other students in the classes,

That is, they have weaponized the social phenomenon of peer pressure to assist the teacher in indoctrinating children into the psuedo-scientific information created by a sexual predator (John Money).

According to the website, there is a more sexually graphic set of lessons not available on the website and are only sent to educators.

Sexual images and messages found in technology” sounds to me like a very long winded way of saying the word ‘pornography’.

This “health curriculum” is, of course, not unique to Newberg; the materials are created and distributed by the Oregon Department of Education. This is what is being taught in all the schools in Oregon, apparently, or at least is what the Department wants to be taught.

This is some photos from a book that is on the recommended reading list for the curriculum. A concerned parent told me this book is being given to elementary kids.

Do you think a book with illustrations of kids masturbating should be in your elemental school library or given as homework assignments? I certainly don’t.

It is important to know that when the parents ask the teachers to show them what material they are teaching the kids, the school administrators tell them they have to fill out general public records requests as a way to throw barriers up. When they ask to see what books are in the school libraries, they are told they are not allowed to come onto campus to see what they are. I asked for proof of this and the parents said the school avoids any email or paper communication about these issues, only doing conversations over the phone and via in person meetings, seemingly in an effort to avoid creating a paper trail.

The only reason I gained access to the curriculum and evidence this is what they are teaching is because of an insider leak.

However, I have found my own trail into the school and its inner workings. Let’s walk down it. It is quite the rabbit hole to Wonderland.

Newberg Equity in Education Exists For Teaching Critical Race Theory to Kids

Just so there is no confusion here, this NEEd group exists for the specific purpose of spreading the Critical race theory ideology. The Facebook group is used to indoctrinate and direct the actions of the Newberg teacher union members and faculty, and coordinate those actions with other public employees and elected officials, as well as with private citizens such as members of the media with the stated goal of dismantling and rebuilding America; that is, to perform seditious acts. We’ll talk more about this later though.

Here is proof of the material the group believes in and indoctrinates members with,

Of course, not that it was ever really in doubt but the NEEd group and their leaders are also the true organizers of the Recall Brian Shannon PAC, which I doubt is being disclosed in the filings.

The Recall Brian Shannon PAC is officially registered by Jef Green, a political consultant who worked for the previous Oregon Governor  John Kitzhaber, whom the Williamite Weekly article I linked to notes was engrossed in scandals. The Williamite Weekly article notes that Kate Brown tried to distance herself from Jef Green’s political consultant firm early when she took over as Governor after Kitzhaber’s resignation

Here is the proof that Jef Green is the person who is on record as creating the Recall Brian Shannon PAC.

As such, it is clear that the Democrat Party in Oregon is interfering with the local Newberg politics; we have several Democratic affiliated people all involved in this little NEEd group and so their political activity is in my opinion partisan and not non–partisan. It’s aligned with the Democrats and that is why a political consultant who works for Kate Brown’s campaign is involved in the school board recall effort against Brian Shannon. I’ll talk more about this in the Hatch Act violations section of this article.

Anyway, near as I can tell the group was created specifically to push the CRT racist ideologies onto kids and it has always been an extension of the teacher union, until it merged with a few other groups of non-teachers. It still primarily consists of teachers though.

I’m gong to highlight this part so you can see there is no question NEEd was created to teach Critical race theory to the kids in the Newberg public schools,

The group then merged about a month later with several other groups.

You know what is sad is when I was a kid, parent orgs and teachers wanted to enrich kids lives, not steal their futures by teaching them racist nonsense and how to hate other people and call it love.

By the way, your school board banned Confederate flags and “other symbols of white supremacy” on campus while endorsing BLM and pride flags, but now you’re upset that the new school board members want to also ban all signs of political to ensure all of this crap is out of campuses. The hypocrisy is unreal.

You guys in NEEd just wanted to ban the stuff you didn’t like.

The new board members are trying to keep all political campaigning out of the schools.

Anyway, before the ban on political symbols, the group was used to coordinate the school board elections for Tai Harden-Moore and Ines L Peña Anaya, which means technically its activities are also intertwined with their PACs, and likely causes issues for the current political activities of the group in its new agenda to do recalls and whatnot. I’m not sure of the legality of all of this though and after everything I have written, I an sort that out later.

Proof That NEEd is a Cult Using Psychologically Manipulative Tactics to Control its Mob

I believe that NEEd, like many BLM splinter groups like it, have organized their political activist group as a kind of cult and are using the psychological manipulation tactics of cults to steer the mob in whatever direction they like.

Tai Harden-Moore has a bachelor of arts in psychology. She should be aware of the manipulative tactics and would know how to construct them and carry them out. This is studied in psychology.

Here are examples of various cult behaviors I could see among these leaders online when I debated them in public Newberg related Facebook groups,

You’ll frequently see their members posting this kind of stuff about how someone is beautiful and brave and everything else every time they parrot the CRT talking points in the face of valid criticism of the ideology, such as I have given it in prior articles.

Tai also likes to preach to the “whites” in town as if they are small children, as she rambles a lot of motivated reasoning nonsense designed to rile people up into following her into hating their neighbors. Here is an example from within the group chats,

Of course, Tai neglects to mention that within her framework “equity” doesn’t mean what everyone thinks it means. It has a special redefinition so that it means removing “whites” from power in America, which is how the ‘redistribution’ happens. The ultimate goal of the ideology is to fragment our society so much that they can create black separatist communities. And these idiots are following her blindly.

Some of the people who liked this post are Brandy Penner and Rebecca Piros, who are both Newberg public school board members. There are also several Newberg school district faculty employees, too, as well as Megan Corvus, the representative for Yamhill Democrats.

Tai Harden-Moore Admits Her Definition of Racism is Prejudice + Power, Just Like I Said It Was

Also, here Tai admits that the definition of racism I have accused her of believing in is in fact the definition she believes in.

See? She thinks racism is something only “whites” can be against others and racial prejudice by people of other ethnicities such as her own, is not be racist. This is simply a long-winded way of saying racism equals prejudice plus power.

Tai’s beliefs are racist things to believe. And this is what she has been teaching the townfolk of Newberg with the City government’s blessing.

Tai is also, like control freaks, forcing herself to be the appointed leader who must explain the rhetoric using motivated reasoning to bully people who dissent into submission.

Tai also tries to make the tired argument that ‘Black lives matter’ is just a slogan, when it’s not. It’s a slogan just like ‘Black power’ is the slogan for a black separatist ideology. And like the Black Panther party which Tai admired in her prior writings, she is engaging in the same kinds of crimes the Black Panthers were known for, using intimidation and fear to get their way.

What she said in her message is a nonsensical argument. CRT activists like her contradict themselves when they say this, while simultaneously insisting that the Confederate flag is a symbol of the Confederacy and can have no other legitimate meaning. The argument CRT activists use is that the Confederate flag was created and used by the Confederacy, and so it therefore is heavily associated with the Confederacy and the values it fought for, such as slavery. This argument, by the way, is something I actually do agree with; I do think it is correct to view the Confederate flag as associated with the Confederacy. This balanced perspective is something CRT activists do not have though; they make special exceptions for their own symbol of hate they want to use (the BLM flag), just because they want to use it to spread their own brand of hate. The door must swing both ways; BLM flags are the symbol of Black Lives Matter the organization and PAC, just as the Confederate flags are a symbol of the Confederacy. Neither symbol should be in the schools, hanging from the walls.

So, it is no coincidence that the group Tai is leading is engaging in crimes. She told us all publicly she wanted people to be accomplices instead of just allies.

BLM is a hate group. It hates “whites” and it hates America, and it encourages people to commit crimes and uses a bunch of motivated reasoning nonsense, as I have written about in my prior articles. This is why the group Tai created in town turned into a criminal enterprise – that’s what BLM’s ideology does to people.

She didn’t say but I assume her goal here in virtue signaling was to applaud Tai, who is probably the “black woman” who let her be “ignorant”, or rather, who filled her head with a bunch of motivated reasoning nonsense based on anecdotal experiences, convinced her that she was in fact inherently racist because of the color of skin she was born with, and that now she must become an ally-accomplice for the cult.

Here is a thread I want to share, because it really illustrates how much of a cult this thing actually is,

Here are the URLs, I think after you watch these you’ll realize just how insane these people really are, I don’t think I really need to explain why.

The last video is literally the kind of thing these people teach to young boys in an effort to confuse them about their gender role. None of this is designed to help kids, it’s only designed to help the crazed adults virtue signal to others instead of actually cultivating genuine excellence.

How is the NEEd Mafia Cult Organized?

The formation of multiple groups in Newberg that have nearly identical member rosters seems to be motivated in making it appear to those outside the group there is more local resident support for their beliefs than actually exists in Newberg.

Newberg has over 23,000 residents; this group represents, at best, around 590 people and that’s only if you include all the people who don’t even live in this town (of which there are many).

But my saying so is likely not enough evidence for you to believe my claims. I understand that.

You want to peak behind the curtain and see what these people are really up to.

So did I.

So, I took a peek and discovered quite a lot of things that really explains what is going on in Newberg, Oregon and how BLM groups like these operate.

I also want to share a particular conversation from within the NEEd group, which I personally found HIGHLY AMUSING,

(CM is me, Carey Martell)

As you can see, the members of NEEd can’t engage in intellectual debates with me and are actually terrified of other people reading my articles to the point they have to coordinate false flagging my posts in a pathetic effort to try to censor me.

Which, as you can see by reading this article, was entirely pointless. I cannot be censored. The entire world is going to hear what I have to say and their control over the narrative is ending.

By the by, to the members of NEEd who have read this far: I did tell you guys I have prior experience working in journalism. It’s not my fault that you’re so clueless you didn’t think I knew anything about investigative reporting. It just shows how much of the cult’s Kool-Aid you’ve drank to ignore that someone who has years of experience reporting on news is on your tail. Besides, I own a publishing company. I’m a writer. You guys literally know this, your members mentioned one of my blogs and my published books in the thread. They claimed to have watched my old YouTube channels where I did a mixture of comedy sketches and games journalism, including long editorial pieces into the history behind certain titles and the developers. Are you guys so dumb that you didn’t think I could apply any of the skills I cultivated to any other topic besides games?

You guys can’t ignore me. You came to my hometown and picked a fight. You took shots at the people I was raised by, at my friends and family. You called us all a bunch of racists and made up headlines you knew were deceptive in nature. Don’t cry just because you’re getting punched back. You guys started this and I’m the one who is finishing it.

By the way, Mr. Moore; do you still think any press is good press? This little racket you and Tai have going on is over. I was able to get inside your little group within 24 hours of deciding to do so. You guys literally just let me inside your NEEd group when I asked to join.

I hope that you realize your arrogant attitude has led to your undoing.

Okay, vented rant over. Let’s continue with my reporting.

Who Else Is in the Newberg Equity in Education Mafia?

Here are some of the members of this group, which I am going to refer to as the Newberg NEEd Mafia from now on, since they operate many different groups to create the appearance of having more support from local residents than they actually do, and I believe they are actually violating criminal conspiracy laws in how they are operating — which were specifically created to criminal mafia activity, such as I believe they are participating it.

The Most Important Members Of the Mafia To Mention

You may initially assume that Tai Harden-Moore, Kristen Stoller and the other admins are the most important member of this mafia, since they are the public facing organizers of the Newberg group, but my belief is that Harden-Moore’s group in Newberg is merely one of many such groups that are being orchestrated by Democratic Party officials in Oregon as a means of seizing and maintaining control over the largely conservative voting base in small towns like Newberg, through use of deceptive and manipulative tactics to intimidate compliance with their will, some of which I will be exposing in this article.

The Newberg Teacher’s Union

Firstly, let’s talk about the Newberg teacher union, Newberg Education Association. I previously mentioned most of their membership is composed of these people, and that includes both their President and Andrew Gallagher.

Proof that these are their union leaders:

Andrew Gallagher posts as ‘Drew’ on Facebook but I matched his photos to his Linkedin page so I am pretty sure it’s him.

Jennifer Beaver Schneider Facebook page is here, and here is the proof they are both in the NEEd mafia group and active posters,

Here’s some interesting activity involving this NEEd group and the Newberg union leadership,

There is a post where it is pointed out that Jennifer Schneider is involved with the ‘Better Together‘ t-shirt political campaigning, which is designed to get all the students in the Newberg high schools to wear pride flag colored t-shirts to school as a form of protest against the school board vote to ban political symbols such as the pride flags.

In the above screenshot, Andrew Gallagher, Vice president of the Newberg teacher union, is sharing a press release message from the union he represents to the members of the NEEd group that contains many members of his union.

Here’s another screenshot showing a crossover between the teacher union and the NEEd group activities,

As you can see, the union vice president Andrew Gallagher made a declaration that rallied the NEEd member and when asked what is going on, another member points to the union’s call for a protest rally, which is why the members are making signs.

Here is a post about putting pride flags on the teacher union logo as a means to try to get around the ban,

Here are members of the NEEd group talking about intentionally harassing the school board officials who voted to ban the politically divisive symbols from school campus with emails using a tactic known as ‘paper terrorism’ that is designed to waste the time of public officials and therefore the resources of a public agency as a means of harassment and intimidation,

They are even discussing a strike involving “students and teachers”,

Due to the actions of the union leaders within the NEEd group and that a large number of union members in the NEEd group, it is either a union asset or an affiliated group to the union; unions being IRC 501(c)(5) classified under the IRS’ tax code.

Anyone who is familiar with US labor and tax laws might understand what direction we’re about to head into, but for those who are not as aware (which is understandable) I want you think about these two activities the Newberg teacher union is engaging in while I talk about the Hatch Act.

Is The Hatch Act Relevant? I Believe So, Yes

The Hatch Act is a very important law that restricts the political activities of federal employees. However, the definition’ of whom it applies to includes any and all employees of any company, whether private, non–profit, municipal, state, etc. where a large portion of their funding derives from the federal government.

The United States Office of Special Counsel, a federal investigative and prosecutorial agency whose job is to enforce the Hatch Act, has a page about it.

The Newberg public school district is the benefit of federal funding via the funds that are distributed to the Oregon Department of Education directly by the federal government and which it then redistributes to municipal schools such as the Newberg ones, but the school district also directly receives federal funding under Title I of the ‘No Child Left Behind Act’.

Special programs are often provided for school funding by the federal government as well, for example, in July the US Department of Education agreed to provide $374 Million to the Oregon Department of Education to distribute to schools such as Newberg’s district.

I believe there is a case to be made that the actions of these teachers violate the Hatch Act and I will make the case, but as my goal in this article is to prove a criminal conspiracy case under Oregon law and a RICO case under federal law, I am not focusing as much on this. The Hatch Act violations are occurring in my view, but you basically have to report every teacher as an individual so it’s not as effective at stopping the organized group. I did want to mention the Hatch Act element of this case though.

How Newberg Public School District Teachers in NEEd Are Violating the Hatch Act

The NEEd group published a document with talking points for members, and one of these discusses why they think their activity isn’t a violation of the Hatch Act. It actually is in my opinion and I’ll explain why.

The purpose of the Talking Points document seems to be to guide NEEd members in how to discuss the situation to people, especially press, to ensure their narrative is aligned with NEEd’s propaganda.

(Just as an aside, since it’s outside the scope of this article, but I wanted to say, these surveys and reports the Newberg school admins create are pseudo-scientific nonsense. Surveys are not credible evidence to base policy choices on. Surveys at best allow you to form a hypothesis that must be tested. This is because surveys are simply the opinions of a person, and people can do everything from misunderstand a question to intentionally lie, believing it will provide a benefit to do so. Nobody should form policy based on surveys as ‘evidence’, because they are never, ever evidence of anything. Had these people paid attention in school when learning what valid quantitative data gathering methods are, they would know this.

If you have no idea what I am talking about, I suggest reading How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff. Teaching scientifically credible data gathering methodologies is outside the scope of this already extremely long article.)

So in these “talking points” you can see they dismiss that Black Lives Matter is a literal non-profit organization with a very specific agenda and message. Their argument is like trying to suggest Nazism has nothing to do with the National Socialist German Workers’ Party.

And yes, I do think the comparison is accurate, since both BLM and the Nazis advocate for an ideology that lays the blame for society’s problems at the feet of people of a specific ethnic group and wanted to create a segregated society. Nazis blamed Jews; BLM blames “whites”. It’s the same racist nonsense in a different wrapper and I wholly reject the idea that one brand of racism is more legitimate than another; they are all wrong and evil ideologies.

Also, I don’t give a crap what the US Special Counsel says on their website. BLM is a political organization, that is why they have a PAC registered under them and shares the same exact name as their organization.

And you know what the logo of the BLM PAC is?

Which is the exact same thing on the main BLM website,

Same typography. You can literally overlap the letters together and they will match up.

BLM is a political movement that advocates for Critical Race Theory. It engages in political activism. NEEd’s talking points are lies.

In any case, in this situation it doesn’t matter if the US Special Counsel considers BLM a political organization or not. The moment when the teachers intertwined advocacy for BLM with a recall election and formed a PAC, then used the schools to recruit students into their political campaigning, THIS is when they absolutely did violate the Hatch Act per the US Special Counsel’s own rules on the subject of BLM activism.

Kristen Stoller, if you had actually read the US Special Counsel statement on the topic, you would have read the following,

This means that yes, in the opinion of the US Special Counsel office, teachers using school campuses and resources and work hours to demand a recall election of a school board director because the elected official is opposed to BLM, is in fact violating the Hatch Act. I’d say organizing an intimidation and coercion conspiracy against the elected official is, too.

Even more to the point, had you actually read the Hatch Act itself, you’d have read,

5 U.S. Code § 7324 Political activities on duty; prohibition

(a)An employee may not engage in political activity—(1)while the employee is on duty;

In the preceding section, 5 U.S. Code § 7322Definitions, the phrase ‘political activity’ is not defined at all. So, it doesn’t need to be about partisan political parties and issue based political campaigning can still be political activity.

Besides, as I mentioned earlier in the IRS tax code violations section of this article, the activities of NEEd are partisan politics.

Furthermore, it is clear the Recall Brian Shannon campaign is deeply intertwined with Democrat party political activism.

This is Megan Corvus, who is a member of Yamhill County Democrats and involved in the political activity of the Democrat party in Oregon. She is also a NEEd member.

This screenshot is the Democrats going to the teacher union (which NEEd is an extension of) and asking its members to canvas for the Brian Shannon Recall PAC, which as I pointed out, was filed by Jef Green, a political campaign consultant for the Democratic party.

Megan Corvus has been a member of the NEEd group since July, before the PAC was filed. This is evidence of the Democrats steering the teacher union toward serving their political agenda and the union actively participating in that.

So yes, I believe they are violating the Hatch Act. Especially since they are using school resource like this Facebook page,

The page in question, Edwards Volunteer Organization, is very obviously a social media page for the school administrators, since its content is Edwards Elementary school administration announcements.

Furthermore, as evident in numerous screenshots I’ve already shown, the ‘Better Together’ campaign is organized by NEEd and part of the Recall PAC activities, too. The teachers are hanging these signs in the school property and campuses.

And of course, the ultimate virtue signal; making TikToks on school property during work hours that are political campaigning,

That is Angela Spracher, a Chehalem Valley Middle School teacher on her TikTok account. (Update 10/13/2021: She has privated her account since this article was published, a backup of her video can be viewed below)

From the video you can see how a Newberg school classroom has been decorated with political propaganda,

As you can see, they hang signage in the classrooms that associate being gay with being brave, which is propaganda. In reality, sexual orientation does not necessarily imply positive moral qualities. This signage is designed to cause behavior modification in the students, by teaching them to associate being gay with being brave (a desirable moral quality).

This is display of the trans-racial pride flag in the classrooms, which is specifically designed to emphasize “black and brown people” who are gay and is therefore even more exclusionary than the original pride flag was. You’ll also notice the American flag is nowhere in sight in the first classroom, which in Oregon is illegal per ORS 339.875 Procurement, display and salute of flags.

These people just don’t care about laws. Again, they want to dismantle our society and rebuild it.

If you’d like to help report the Newberg Education Association and its teachers for violating the Hatch Act, you can do so at this page. Feel free to send them a link to this blog. Maybe if enough people report them, they’ll actually investigate.

US Tax code and union activities violations

Now let’s talk about the US tax code. IRC 501(c)(5) (which is what labor unions are classified as) are allowed to participate in some amount of political lobbying as it specifically relates to their employees and their bargaining with an employer; in this case, the school district. The issue at work in Newberg has nothing at all to do with the employment rights of the teachers.

So then, why is the Newberg teacher union president distributing gay pride flag t-shirts to students and telling them to wear the shirts to school if this has nothing to do with the union’s role as an advocate for teacher’s per US labor code laws? Public schools are limited public forums whose purpose is to educate children, not for teachers to be able to politically protest on the job. In fact, as I will discuss later, it’s a violation of both federal and state laws for them to use the schools as their political advocacy platforms. (relevant Oregon law is ORS 260.432)

Now if anyone in the NEEd group wants to protest my interpretation of the group activities I must ask, “Why is the teacher union vice president Andrew Gallagher sharing union press releases into this NEEd group?” (as I previously showed he has done).

The answer can only be that the NEEd group is in actuality part of the union’s activities. This is an enormous violation of the limitations of their IRC 501(c)(5) tax exemption status as a union and in my opinion, the IRS should revoke the status and they should no longer be a union given their union’s primary activity has ceased to be a labor union and it is now a political activist organization.

It is designed to ensure that parties who are the benefit of federal funding do not abuse this benefit to grossly over-participate in political campaigning such as which the public employees of the Newberg school district are doing while their employment status specifically prohibits the types of things they are engaging in as part of this NEEd group.

As recently reported on by OPB, the Newberg teacher union is planning to sue the Newberg school board over their ban on political symbols. On what grounds does the Newberg teacher union have the right to do this? I think it has no right to do so as this is outside the scope of its activities as a labor union, and its activities in the NEEd mafia group shows the union is no longer a labor union and its primary activity is actually political activism. I believe the IRS should revoke its status. Information on how to report the Newberg Education Association to the IRS is at this page.

Furthermore, it is clear the Recall Brian Shannon campaign is deeply intertwined with Democrat party political activism. As previously shown,

This is Megan Corvus, who is a member of Yamhill County Democrats and involved in the political activity of the Democrat party in Oregon. This is the Democrats going to the teacher union (which NEEd is an extension of) and asking its members to canvas for the Recall Brian Shannon PAC, which as I pointed out, was filed by Jef Green, a political campaign consultant for the Democratic party.

Megan Corvus has been a member since at least July, long before the Recall PAC was filed,

As mentioned before, Courtney Neron, Oregon State Representative and member of the Democrat party, is also an active member of NEEd as well.

These are not coincidences.

The active participation of Democrat party (a partisan political party) representatives in the NEEd group (an extension of the teacher union) and the union president and vice president leading the charge on a Recall campaign setup by the Democrats, makes the union’s activities in this political campaigning violations of tax code laws. The union’s status should be revoked, as it has become a political activist group that uses school campuses and resources to engage in political activism, and recruits the students into political campaigning activity using the special status of authority the teachers have over the students.

Coercion of the students by the teacher’s union to participate in political activities during school hours

I mean the teacher union literally uses the NEEd group to plan and organize political activities inside the school, during work hours, using the students themselves as props. This is done by the teachers using their position of authority over the kids to encourage them to participate, as well as some parents who are members of NEEd also using their role as parents to encourage the kids. Here is an example from a parent who had their child write into the Newberg Graphic with a statement concerning the removal of the American flag from the classroom after the media frenzy focused on Gail Grobey’s statements to do that very thing in Newberg classrooms,

Due to this situation involving a published letter, I can’t protect the child’s identity while also criticizing the exploitation of a minor, which I believe must be done here because this kind of thing is so frequently done by the cult; exploiting children.

The mother of the child applauds the child for writing in a letter that she says demonstrates “critical thinking”. In actuality, the letter uses obvious faulty reasoning to establish its premises.

The child has engaged in a composition fallacy, where the argument is made that something that is true of part of a thing must therefore be true of the whole of it.

The child suggests that because the Proud Boys wave American flags that this means the symbol has taken on an exclusive meaning to represent their activities. The Proud Boys are a fringe group. They do not represent how the majority of Americans use the flag.

Furthermore, the Proud Boys use of the American flag has nothing to do with the way the BLM flag is used, as the BLM flag is the literal logo of an incorporated non-profit called Black Lives Matter, which advocates Critical Race Theory. That is, the way the BLM flag is to be perceived is by the way the group that created its symbolism intended that symbolism to be an extension of its message; the group came first, the movement came later. They both champion Critical Race Theory.

Likewise, the pride flag colors are used as a logo for literally hundreds, maybe even thousands, of social activist groups that exclusively promote intersectionality and specifically, radical feminism, which as a recent trend, has also been co-opted by the BLM movement to convince LGBTQ “whites” to become their “accomplices”. While that may not be how the majority of people in the world uses these symbols (to push BLM’s agenda in the schools) the evidence is overwhelming that it is how the members of NEEd use it, and because the actions of the Newberg school board are specific to the situation in this school district, the ban is something necessary to try to thwart its agenda and use of these symbols to teach children to tribalize along sexual orientation, gender and ethnicity instead of judging people by the content of their character, which is the Common Humanity approach the school once taught for generations and which the NEEd cult is undermining with their Common Enemy rhetoric.

Consequently, the child who wrote the letter has been mis–educated about how to use logic and has committed the composition fallacy, an extremely well known fallacy that is one of the first types you’re supposed to teach kids. The child has been deprived of learning actual logic because the teacher union has become taken over by a cult that asks the teachers to teach the children its ideology that relies heavily on motivated reasoning to make them easier to manipulate, and then calls this motivated reasoning “critical thinking”. It is a disgrace and its not what the tax payers are supposed to be funding. The school is not a place for a cult to indoctrinate children into its fringe ideologies that makes it incredibly harder for them to thrive later in life and will be difficult to unlearn.

Of course, the children do not know they are being miseducated because the teachers (who are in a cult) reward them for making these kind of commonplace mistakes in reasoning instead of correcting them,

We had one of the best education systems in the State of Oregon in the Newberg school district, and this cult has thrown it into the toilet. By their own admittance, they are teaching the children motivated reasoning instead of critical thinking (logic), and confusing them on what critical thinking actually is.

Some parents are more than willing to use even their youngest children, kids who are too young to even fully understand what Critical race theory is, as a prop to push their own political agendas,

She didn’t write it. You wrote it and put her name on it. Shame on you for exploiting your own child to earn brownie points on the internet from your cult friends.

There is no question in my mind that the Newberg public school teachers are, as a collective organized by their union, and with the assistance of some parents, using the school as a way to indoctrinate kids into their cult. There is evidence that children are specifically wearing BLM and pride flags because the teachers are asking them to do so. Here is a teacher discussing this very thing, to manipulate kids into political activism during school hours, as a means of circumventing the school board ban,

If this was really about student’s rights, then why do the members of NEEd have to organize the students into rebelling against the bans?

It’s obviously not about the students. It’s about the cult and its followers, and they are exploiting their role as teachers and parents over the kids to use the kids as props to create a false perception that their political activity is something the kids decided to do entirely on their own.

Distribution of political campaign materials during an in-district seminar for faculty is a violation of the Hatch Act. Furthermore, the screenshot of the laptop is distressing for me, as the curriculum is produced by the National Council for Mental Wellbeing, a non-profit that in my opinion masquerades as being about mental health but is actually a very political organization that pushes CRT. And of course, Lu Pita / Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education.) was part of this.

This activity of political campaigning by public employees during work hours and in their literal place of employment is incredibly illegal per Hatch Act and state law, and I think using the kids to commit their crimes is also evil.

After the school board majority said they wanted to ban political symbols, they strategized on how to overcome this by what other kinds of images they could use in the classrooms to indoctrinate the children with certain political ideologies,

There can be no doubt the NEEd group’s core activity is to indoctrinate the school kids into the political activism of the teacher union and that these activities are for the benefit of the teacher union, not the education of the students.

And it is illegal for them to be doing this stuff in the school, during their work hours and in their official capacity as public school teachers with authority over the students.

Per ORS 260.432 Solicitation of public employees,

No public employee shall solicit any money, influence, service or other thing of value or otherwise promote or oppose any political committee or promote or oppose the nomination or election of a candidate, the gathering of signatures on an initiative, referendum or recall petition, the adoption of a measure or the recall of a public office holder while on the job during working hours. However, this section does not restrict the right of a public employee to express personal political views.

This of course is violated by the teacher union, using the NEEd group (that is both heavily intertwined with the Recall Brian Shannon PAC and the teacher’s union) to mobilize its member base and use their position of authority as public employees over school children. They use the kids as props in the political opposition to the school board via a political committee they have created, to oppose another political committee (the school board).

Now, I don’t know what is going on in the classroom but based on how these people behave online, I suspect they may be bullying kids into participating in the campaigning. If they are, the group is engaging in a violation of state coercion law,

Per ORS 163.275 Coercion,

A person commits the crime of coercion when the person compels or induces another person to engage in conduct from which the other person has a legal right to abstain, or to abstain from engaging in conduct in which the other person has a legal right to engage, by means of instilling in the other person a fear that, if the other person refrains from the conduct compelled or induced or engages in conduct contrary to the compulsion or inducement, the actor or another will:

(a) Unlawfully cause physical injury to some person;

(b) Unlawfully cause physical injury to some animal;

(c) Unlawfully cause damage to property;

(d) Engage in conduct constituting a crime;

(e) Falsely accuse some person of a crime or cause criminal charges to be instituted against the person;

(f) Cause or continue a strike, boycott or other collective action injurious to some person’s business, except that such a threat is not deemed coercive when the act or omission compelled is for the benefit of the group in whose interest the actor purports to act;

(g) Testify falsely or provide false information or withhold testimony or information with respect to another’s legal claim or defense; or

(h) Unlawfully use or abuse the person’s position as a public servant by performing some act within or related to official duties, or by failing or refusing to perform an official duty, in such manner as to affect some person adversely.

(2) Coercion is a Class C felony. [1971 c.743 §102; 1983 c.546 §4; 1985 c.338 §1; 2007 c.71 §45; 2015 c.751 §1]

In addition to the organized intimidation and harassment of businesses that employ or have relations with the conservative majority school board officials, I believe there is also evidence that coercion is taking place against students. This is because teachers are asking students to help the teacher union protest, up to and including asking them to speak to reporters. Because the teachers have an authority role over the students (they grade their papers, recommend them for special tasks, can burden them with chores and punishments, can give extra credit, etc) it is insanely unethical for teachers to be asking their students to participate in the union’s political activities. Yet this is what they are doing using the NEEd group,

Elaine Haworth Koskala is a teacher at the Catalyst High School who moved to Newberg from Fresco, California and clearly brought many of her bad ideas with her.

As Elaine has pointed out in her messages, she has to be “careful” because what they are doing in the NEEd group is probably illegal.

Too bad she, like pretty much every other master criminal in the NEEd group, are idiots who organized their mafia in a Facebook group that I easily infiltrated. And now, you also have read that they know what they are doing is morally wrong, and they don’t want to get caught.

That members of NEEd are aware that manipulating students to serve their political agenda is something unethical and illegal is part of why I am making the case that the teacher union has become a criminal enterprise.

The Newberg Education Association IRS status and privileges as a union should therefore be revoked. I also believe that the Newberg school district should be allowed to replace the entire school district by firing all of the teachers who are in the union because it is now a criminal enterprise and NONE of their members have reported it for its illegal activities.

If the current teacher union is disbanded and the teachers fired for their criminal misconduct, then perhaps the Newberg school district can hire teachers who won’t become a bunch of lunatics that indoctrinate children into racist insanity and form a mafia within the school community. An entirely fresh culture within the schools is needed to root this corruption out of the school system and I don’t see how that is possible if a single one of these teachers and administrators is allowed to remain. Yes, that includes the Newberg school district Superintendent Joe Morelock, too.

I have some ideas on some trendy hashtags people can use to voice their support of what I am suggesting.

  • #FireNewbergTeachers
  • #JailNewbergTeachers
  • #RestoreCommonHumanity
  • #RestoreLawAndOrder
  • #SaveTheRepublic
  • #SaveAmerica

Joe Morelock’s Connections to NEEd

Joe Morelock is not a member of NEEd, in so far as he is a member of the Facebook group. As previously mentioned, he does have ties to prominent members of NEEd such as his business relationship with Kristen Stoller’s non-profit, Newberg Education Foundation, which he is part of.

Communications by NEEd members give us insight in reasons why he is not a Facebook member of the group despite having ties to its leadership.

As you can see when a newer NEEd member discusses Joe Morelock the rest inform the member that Morelock is their ally and working “strategically” against his own employer to undermine the board’s votes.

More information about the activities of Joe Morelock the NEEd members support,

As a reminder, the Facebook user Lu Pita is, as previously mentioned is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education.

Increasing the budget for the school is all well and fine. The curriculum changes are another story. The way people do math has not radically changed. Given the ideological alignment of the NEEEd group, this makes me wonder if this new curriculm is the CRT math curriculum nonsense, where children have different grading standards based on their ethnicity (If you don’t know what I am referring to, here’s a link).

These are questions that require answers.

Other Important NEEd Members Include County and State Officials

Other people should be mentioned among ranks of the Newberg NEEd Mafia is Debra Bridges, who is a member of the Oregon Attorney General Task Force On Victim’s Rights Enforcement.

She has previously ran for election using this page,

Debra Bridges husband is attorney John Bridges, who operates a law firm in Newberg. Or at least he does for the moment. I suppose we shall see how things go from here on now that Debra Bridges involvement has been exposed as a member of this criminal enterprise called NEEd.

Another member is Andre (Dre) Miller , who works as a Community Justice Organizer for Portland Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty. He’s an active agitator of the group.

(By the way, the supposed “trumpster” Dre Miller is referring to is me because I am the one who criticized Tai Harden-Moore’s activities during the school board meeting.

No, I am not a “Trumpster”. I’m a registered Democrat. I did not vote for Trump in the last election, or anyone. Presently, I am disgusted by the directions of both political parties and I think we need a new one.)

Another key member is County Commissioner for Yamhill County, Casey Kulla.

Here is proof he is active within the NEEd group,

And here is some of Casey Kulla’s platform that specifically talks about “equity”, which as I previously explained to you before, is used by Critical race theorists as a code word for a black separatist idealism of segregation,

So it shouldn’t surprise you at all to learn that Casey Kulla has used his position and platform to support the agenda of the NEEd criminal conspiracy,

Yamhill County Commissioner Casey Kulla is just another one of these cultists who has been convinced he owes a blood debt to other people for things that happened in the past which he had nothing to do with, and who as an “ally-accomplice” is helping the BLM movement dismantle and rebuild America for segregation.

The other major individual in this puzzle piece is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education. I believe she has been on the board since 2018. She seems to believe that posting as the Facebook username ‘Lu Pita’ can hide her activities from the public, but she used a photo of her own face with the account she posted into the Newberg Equity in Education (NEEd) Facebook Group, as well as a username that is mentioned as a pet name (or tribal name — I can’t tell) on her bio on the State website page featuring her.

This made her very easy to identify.

Here’s one of her messages to the NEEd mafia group,

Let me ask you to consider a very important question,

Why is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, the Vice-Chair of the Department of Oregon Education, trash talking a Newberg school district Council member in a group that is doxxing and harassing him, getting him and other city council members fired from jobs, isolated from the community by pressuring businesses and then REWARDING those businesses that severe ties by having its mafia members purchase products from them? And why is she a participant in a group that is engaging in illegal political activity designed to intimidate voters (the school board members) and public officials to pressure them into changing their votes and/or resigning.

And why does she not report it to the authorities, but instead fans the flames by trash talking the same council members that are the victim of the crimes?

Oregon State Board of Education is comprised of seven members appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate.

There are restrictions on public employees, such as those appointed to the Department of Education, are governed by ORS 260.432, Solicitation of public employees.

If she was a normal public employee and her comments were made during her working hours then she has violated this law. If they were made after working hours, then normally a public employee wouldn’t be considered to violate this particular statute in this way. However, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata is a BOARD APPOINTED public employee and as such, she is considered to always be on duty when she is acting in any way related to the job duties of that appointment.

There are no “working hours” limitation for the appointed member of the Oregon Department of Education who is the Vice-Chair. Any time Guadalupe Martinez Zapata is representing herself before teachers or discussing a matter related to the administration and operation of a school district, she IS on the job.

Her authority in the NEEd group is based on her appointment to the board, thus she is acting in an official capacity before the teachers in the group, and she is presenting her statements as those of the Oregon Department of Education she represents, which has the impact of influencing this group of primarily teachers that idolize every word she says due to her position on the Oregon Department of Education board.

Therefore, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata has violated law ORS 260.432, Solicitation of public employees. (Numerous times, in fact,)

As such, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata has also committed 162.415 Official misconduct in the first degree;

(1) A public servant commits the crime of official misconduct in the first degree if:

      (a) With intent to obtain a benefit or to harm another:

      (A) The public servant knowingly fails to perform a duty imposed upon the public servant by law or one clearly inherent in the nature of office; or

      (B) The public servant knowingly performs an act constituting an unauthorized exercise in official duties; or

      (b) The public servant, while acting as a supervisory employee, violates ORS 162.405 and is aware of and consciously disregards the fact that the violation creates a risk of:

      (A) Physical injury to a vulnerable person;

      (B) The commission of a sex crime as defined in ORS 163A.005 against a vulnerable person; or

      (C) The withholding from a vulnerable person of necessary and adequate food, physical care or medical attention.

      (2) Official misconduct in the first degree is a Class A misdemeanor.

Guadalupe Martinez Zapata statement’s are both unauthorized commentary on a political situation involving a lawful municipal school board vote and decision, which she is telling other people is actually illegal. It’s not.

Zapata then insults the people she disagrees with, tells the members of NEEd (which consists of many of the faculty of the Newberg school district) that her goal is to dismantle American society and rebuild it, and they need to help her do this. This is all incredibly illegal.

NEEd Group Is Engaging in Seditious Acts

Again, let’s look at what she is writing to these teachers to justify the encouragement of crimes they are committing in harassing the elected school board members in an effort to force them to change their votes or resign,

What she has said here makes her involvement in the NEEd group and by extension, its activities influenced by her, to be considered seditions acts.

ORS 182.030
Employment of persons advocating violent overthrow of the Government of the United States or Oregon prohibited,

No state department, board or commission shall knowingly employ any person who either directly or indirectly carries on, advocates, teaches, justifies, aids or abets a program of sabotage, force and violence, sedition or treason against the Government of the United States or of the State of Oregon.

Any person employed by any state department, board or commission shall immediately be discharged from employment when it becomes known to the appointing employer that such person has, during the period of employment, committed any offense set forth in subsection (1) of this section.

I believe that the statements and activities of Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, along with her active participation in a group that has doxxed, harassed and intimidated elected officials on the Newberg school board with the goal of compelling them to change their votes or resign, is evidence of advocating, teaching, justifying and aiding a program of sabotage against the government of the state of Oregon, which municipal governments are part of.

Furthermore, there is obviously an enormous conflict of interest in her participation in this Facebook group where so many other elected and appointed officials in the city of Newberg and surrounding areas, such as County Commissioner for Yamhill County, Casey Kulla, Newberg City Council members and Newberg school district board members are participating in.

Here are some more select quotes that exposes her racist ideology and desire to subvert the democratic process using her position, which she has shared to encourage the illegal activities of NEEd .

This is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, the Vice-Chair of the Department of Oregon Education admitting that she is a “CRT scholar” and actively participating in the political activism of the NEEd group with racist rhetoric against “whites”.

In the next quote she admits that her intention is to dismantle our country and rebuild it completely. This is, as I said before, the ultimate goal of these people — to create separatism.

Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, the Vice-Chair of the Department of Oregon Education has said every part of American government is complicit in racism and that America must be “rebuilt” to suit her needs.

And in any case you had doubt she’s doing this to motivate people to keep up the campaign to harass the Newberg school board members who voted to remove the political symbols of her cult, here you go,

“Dave” is Dave Brown and “Brian” is Brian Shannon.

The Newberg school board resolution to place limitations on political symbols on school property is not illegal and there is no credible reason to believe it is illegal. Per Supreme court ruling Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier, schools are limited public forums and school boards have the right to restrict freedom of speech on the campuses when that speech distracts from the goals of teaching students how to become productive contributors to the republic. The school board has complete legal authority to ban BLM and pride flags on campus, because they are political symbols and the ideology expressed by BLM (Critical race theory) is literally about dismantling the republic.

As an appointee to the Department of Education, she is aware of the laws related to schools. It is literally her job to ensure that the Department of Education complies with laws and Supreme Court rulings on these laws, such as Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier. Nor can she as an official feign ignorance of the laws anymore than a police officer or a judge can to excuse what she has done here.

She also has no business as a Department of Education appointee telling a group of teachers in the school distract that the action is illegal with the intention of motivating the members of NEEd to spread this false information concerning the legality of a school board utilizing its rights to restrict some free speech on school campuses per Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier. This is not an obscure law; this is a major law impacting schools.

Of course, she hates the measure because she wants children to be indoctrinated into Critical race theory so the children will turn against the republic, because she wants it “rebuilt”, and part of this organized plan to rebuild America as a racist, ethnically separatist society is the indoctrination of children into the political messaging associated with these flags.

At any result, I believe Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, the Vice-Chair of the Department of Oregon Education, has committed the following violation of Oregon law in her statements here, ORS 260.532 False publication relating to candidate or measure,

No person shall cause to be written, printed, published, posted, communicated or circulated, any letter, circular, bill, placard, poster, photograph or other publication, or cause any advertisement to be placed in a publication, or singly or with others pay for any advertisement, with knowledge or with reckless disregard that the letter, circular, bill, placard, poster, photograph, publication or advertisement contains a false statement of material fact relating to any candidate, political committee or measure.

Now let’s break down why I believe this is a violation of ORS 260.532
False publication relating to candidate or measure.

  1. NEEd, as I have demonstrated, is very involved in several PACs. It should legally be regarded as an extension of these PACs activities, and she has joined it and contributed to its agenda and purpose.
  2. Because the statements made by Guadalupe Martinez Zapata are a contribution to a PAC recall effort, her speech is bound by Oregon’s campaign finance laws, including ORS 260.532.

These are the stated penalties for the violation per ORS 260.532,

A political committee has standing to bring an action provided by subsection (5) of this section as plaintiff in its own name, if its purpose as evidenced by its preelection activities, solicitations and publications has been injured by the violation and if it has fully complied with the provisions of this chapter. In an action brought by a political committee as provided by subsection (5) of this section, the plaintiff may recover economic and noneconomic damages for all injury to the purpose of the committee as provided in subsection (6) of this section.

Furthermore, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata is an appointee to the Oregon Department of Education Board of Directors. As the Vice-Chair of the board, her statements related to a matter of the department’s business (governance and regulation of schools) are therefore to be viewed as representing the Oregon Department of Education. This is therefore evidence of an organized conspiracy against the Newberg school board that has been orchestrated by the Oregon Department of Education, whom she represents.

There is no doubt that Guadalupe Martinez Zapata is heavily involved in the activities of the NEEd group, and has been for a long time such as this post back to October 20, 2020.

Oh yeah, Karen Pugsley is an administrator at the school, too. She is also a member of their group.

Oregon Board of Education Abuses To Assist NEEd

Now that I have explained the state laws I want to show the following thread. While it has been quite a read for you until this part, this is where you will understand how sinister the NEEd group activities really are,

Here is Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Board Vice Chair Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, providing special, secret advice outside of the official channels for this kind of complaint, encouraging members of NEEd to file complaints against the Newberg school board members she politically opposes, and claiming that the Department of Education will still carry out an “impartial” investigation despite herself clearly showcasing obvious favoritism to the NEEd members (the Newberg teacher union mafia and misc. other supporters). This is further evidence of the insidious nature of the Oregon Department of Education and the activities of the NEEd group.

Continuing on with the thread, a part comes up I want to share,

Here they are talking about how the Oregon Democrats are trying to force the indoctrination of critical race theory onto all elected officials of the school boards.

These people hate America. Why are they in charge of educating our children?

Yet more insanity, and filtering of all bad experiences she has with someone or something through the lens of her “race”. She is literally the Vice chair of the Oregon Board of Education and yet somehow she is still a powerless, marginalized victim. Her narcissism is off the charts.

Casey Kulla Activities Within the Mafia Group

I haven’t seen many posts from him within it to be honest, but his communications are clearly coordinated with them, since he likes their posts and has published his own statement in support of NEEd’s agenda, and as a member of the group is aware of their postings.

City of Newberg Employees and Appointees in the NEEd Mafia

Several city employees, elected officials and board appointees are in the NEEd mafia group.

Here is a list of people on committees for the City of Newberg

These are the people I was able to identify,

Melisa Collett Dailey Affordable Housing Committee member

Shannon Eoff Affordable Housing Committee

Larry Hampton Affordable Housing Committee

Carol Alexander Sherwood Affordable housing committee City of Newberg

Elise Yarnell Hollamon City of Newberg Councilor and head of Urban Renewal, and Director, Access Strategies at Providence Health & Service

Exploiting her position in the community to serve the agenda of the cult she belongs to.

(Note: We’ll see how “permanent” that sign is, now that the residents of Newberg understand what is meant by all these terms you’re using, and how those definitions are used as part of your cult’s terminology)

Greg Meenahan , who is married to Suzanne Meenahan (on the Library committee), is on the budget committee.

Melanie Mildenberger — Citizen’s rate committee

Ryan Howard — Historic Preservation Committee

Jeff Grider — Traffic Safety Committee

Shannon Buckmaster Economic Health Manager at City of Newberg

Erin Harrington Works at Chehalem Park and Recreation District

I will discuss the library employees in another section.

List of Newberg Public Library Employees Who Are Participants in the NEEd Mafia

This should not surprise anyone, since controlling the library is key to their agenda to indoctrinate children into Critical Race theory. The library is the primary public education resource outside of the schools.

This is the Newberg Public Library advisory board appointees, chosen by Mayor Rick Rogers,

Suzanne Meenahan – Newberg Public Library chair

And make no mistake, they are using our public library to indoctrinate the children of our town into their ideology that teaches them that democracy and America is evil.

It shouldn’t shock anyone that Newberg Public Library is still closed at the time that I write this article, even when every other public building has long been open. They claim it’s still closed because of “covid” but it wouldn’t surprise me if they are purging our otherwise prized library book collection (one of the oldest in Oregon) to fill it with books that support their cult’s ideology. Fact is, the recreational center across the street from the library is open and library staff are part of NEEd and they have been pushing CRT books to kids via a Book club program. So, it’s not hard to think what is taking place inside our town’s library is just more of the same shenanigans the NEEd members do in every other part of our town.

Personally, this angers me the most. I loved our public library as a kid. Without our public library’s collection I wouldn’t be the person I am today. They are robbing children of their futures with this insidious evil they are doing in our community.

List of Important Newberg School Teachers and Faculty Who Are Participants in the Mafia

First, let’s start with the elected members of the school board who are members of this criminal enterprise.


As detailed in a previous section of this article, they are key members of NEEd and collude with other members, making nefarious schemes in how to deceive the public about their collusion while coordinating a campaign of fear and intimidation against the other elected board members.

While most of NEEd appears to consist of teacher union membership and as such I believe it is an extension of their union activities that trespasses into racketeering (as I will explain later in this article), this is a list of Newberg School District employees who are part of the online mafia group I think are notable for their positions. Just be aware there are far more teachers in NEEd than just this.

  • Casey Petrie Principal at Chehalem Valley Middle School
  • Gregg Haworth Koskela Communications Coordinator and Bond Manager at Newberg School District and Former Lead pastor at Newberg Friends Church
  • Elaine Koskela Newberg high school Catalyst success coordinator
  • Karen Pugsley Administrator at Newberg Public Schools
  • Kathryn Dudley School Psychologist at Newberg Public Schools District Office
  • Kim Anderson Steffen Works at Newberg Public Schools according to Facebook profile, not in database
  • Erin Farley Dobias Newberg MVM school counselor
  • Jeff McDonough School Counselor at Chehalem Valley Middle School
  • Krys Williams NHS Catalyst, Alternative Education Teacher Assistant
  • Owen Lowe Instructional Assistant at Newberg School District
  • Joshua Reid School counselor at NHS Catalyst and leader for ‘PFlag Newberg’
  • David Jaimes Assistant Principal at Newberg Edwards school, Board Member at large at Oregon Association for Bilingual Education and Director Position 1 at Tigard Tualatin School Board
  • Drew Gallagher Newberg high school social studies teacher and Vice President of Newberg Education Association teacher union
  • Cassandra Thonstad – Newberg assistant principal Mountain View
  • Jennifer DuPriest Newberg schools Mabel Rush school counselor
  • Jody Doyle Jones Newberg school district Edwards kindergarten teacher
  • Tim Graham – Newberg school Catalyst principal
  • Nicole Miller Hyatt Behavioral Health/Special Education Coordinator at Newberg Public Schools
  • Shyla Jasper Newberg high school student and family advocate
  • Jess Pendergraft Newberg high school secretary registar
  • Vicki Klein Newberg school MVM bookkeeper
  • Reed Langdon Newberg school district Dundee principal
  • Tim Lauer Newberg school district Mabel Rush Principal
  • Kaylee Tolley Newberg high school secretary flexible learning center

As detailed early in this essay, I couldn’t find evidence of Joe Morelock posting inside the group, although communications with him are mentioned by NEEd members. I find it difficult to believe he has no knowledge about the NEEd group given its activities, large roster of school faculty who are members and his close ties to leaders of it, such as Kristen Stoller.

Again, I was able to find this group and get inside of it within less than 48 hours of trying to do so. Joe Morelock literally works with these people every day. If he doesn’t know this is going on then he’s probably the most incompetent superintendent in all of human history, and should still be fired.

At any result, I’m pretty sure a Superintendent’s job is to make sure things like NEEd don’t gain this kind of absurd power and control over the school district, and he’s failed in that duty. It doesn’t matter how many years a person has spent in education or what positions they have had, if that experience is useless at preventing these kinds of abuses from becoming rampant in all of the schools in the school district. Joe Morelock has failed the school, its students and the residents of Newberg, and I believe he should be fired from employment at the district, along with everyone else who is apart of NEEd.

I also want to mention that one of their rank members of NEEd is Heidi Hopkins, who is a “wellness teacher” that provides “mentorship” to students. This is her page,

According to the Newberg City website she has held these for students,

Here is a public statement Heidi made where she insults people for being “cis whites” and makes it clear her agenda is not about wellness but to indoctrinate young kids into her fringe political viewpoints.

These are the people who are the “teachers” in our town, who are clearly indoctrinating children into their madness. They hate America, they hate the democratic process of our republic, they see our history only in a negative light and they have a fanatical obsession with other people’s sexualities, genders and ethnicities.

These people are the only organized racist and sexist bigots I have been able to locate in the town of Newberg during my investigation.

Every single individual should be fired from the school and they should have their teaching licenses suspended. I would go so far as to suggest everything that is legally possible should be done to get the entire teacher union out of our school district, since it’s been used to organize a criminal enterprise. It’s corrupt beyond the point of redemption.

I am hopefully there is something in this article I have shown that is grounds for a termination of all agreements with the teacher union by the Newberg school board, I just haven’t spent the time to investigate this area yet.

What is the Definition of a Conflict of Interest, Legally?

There’s multiple classes of laws in effect here, the federal laws and state laws.

Oregon statue law defines conflict of interest cases,

Chapter 244 — Government Ethics

244.020 Definitions. As used in this chapter, unless the context requires otherwise:

      (1) “Actual conflict of interest” means any action or any decision or recommendation by a person acting in a capacity as a public official, the effect of which would be to the private pecuniary benefit or detriment of the person or the person’s relative or any business with which the person or a relative of the person is associated unless the pecuniary benefit or detriment arises out of circumstances described in subsection (13) of this section.

      (2) “Business” means any corporation, partnership, proprietorship, firm, enterprise, franchise, association, organization, self-employed individual and any other legal entity operated for economic gain but excluding any income-producing not-for-profit corporation that is tax exempt under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code with which a public official or a relative of the public official is associated only as a member or board director or in a nonremunerative capacity.

      (3) “Business with which the person is associated” means:

      (a) Any private business or closely held corporation of which the person or the person’s relative is a director, officer, owner or employee, or agent or any private business or closely held corporation in which the person or the person’s relative owns or has owned stock, another form of equity interest, stock options or debt instruments worth $1,000 or more at any point in the preceding calendar year;

      (b) Any publicly held corporation in which the person or the person’s relative owns or has owned $100,000 or more in stock or another form of equity interest, stock options or debt instruments at any point in the preceding calendar year;

      (c) Any publicly held corporation of which the person or the person’s relative is a director or officer; or

      (d) For public officials required to file a statement of economic interest under ORS 244.050, any business listed as a source of income as required under ORS 244.060 (3).

“Relative” has a special legal meaning here that is not the common meaning of the term,

“Relative” means:

      (a) The spouse, parent, stepparent, child, sibling, stepsibling, son-in-law or daughter-in-law of the public official or candidate;

      (b) The parent, stepparent, child, sibling, stepsibling, son-in-law or daughter-in-law of the spouse of the public official or candidate;

      (c) Any individual for whom the public official or candidate has a legal support obligation;

      (d) Any individual for whom the public official provides benefits arising from the public official’s public employment or from whom the public official receives benefits arising from that individual’s employment; or

      (e) Any individual from whom the candidate receives benefits arising from that individual’s employment.”

Interesting. Also interesting in that I cannot find a specific definition in the law for what ‘benefit’ means in this context, so it must therefore be the common definition for ‘benefit’ which can have many forms.

Let’s look at some of the statements of Guadalupe Martinez Zapata within the NEEd group,

While acting in her official capacity as a Oregon Board of Education Director, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata has admitted to asking relatives to sign an election recall for a school board member and encouraged them to ask others to do so. While as a private individual she can most certainly express her viewpoint, within the NEEd group Guadalupe Martinez Zapata is speaking to members of a PAC and a teacher union that is heavily intertwined with the activities of the PAC.

This is all incredibly illegal behavior.

ORS 260.432 Solicitation of public employees

No person shall attempt to, or actually, coerce, command or require a public employee to influence or give money, service or other thing of value to promote or oppose any political committee or to promote or oppose the nomination or election of a candidate, the gathering of signatures on an initiative, referendum or recall petition, the adoption of a measure or the recall of a public office holder.

No public employee shall solicit any money, influence, service or other thing of value or otherwise promote or oppose any political committee or promote or oppose the nomination or election of a candidate, the gathering of signatures on an initiative, referendum or recall petition, the adoption of a measure or the recall of a public office holder while on the job during working hours. However, this section does not restrict the right of a public employee to express personal political views.

It is long held that the legal definition for ‘coerce‘ is any request made by a supervisor or someone with any jurisdiction over those below them, since refusal of the request could impact their job and how that supervisor treats them, such as giving them more work or denial of promotion or other penalties. This is why managers who ask an employee beneath them on dates are considered to be engaging in sexual harassment and the relationship cannot legally cannot be considered consensual, due to the power the manager holds over the employees in their capacity as a superior.

I believe this interpretation of ‘coerce’ applies here to this situation. This is because as a member of the Oregon Board of Directors that governs over schools she is coercing the teachers of the local Newberg union (who are also public employees under her jurisdiction) into supporting the recall by telling them she is asking others to sign the recall. She has told them this because her desire is for them to also sign the recall petition and encourage others to do so. And we can see by all the likes and comments her will was carried out by them.

Finally if you still refuse to accept that she was acting in her official capacity as a representative of the Oregon Department of Education Vice-Chair, here she is carrying out official duties in that capacity within the group.

Distribution of educational news articles and information about scholarships that students can apply for is part of her job duties at the Oregon Department of Education.

It could even be argued that her messaging to these members about financial aid opportunities could be regarded as illegal, since she is rewarding the members of NEEd with special and exclusive access to her as the Vice Chair of the Oregon Department of Education. That kind of relationship in return for people to carry out her will in political campaigning is prohibited under

ORS 260.432 Solicitation of public employees

No person shall attempt to, or actually, coerce, command or require a public employee to influence or give money, service or other thing of value to promote or oppose any political committee or to promote or oppose the nomination or election of a candidate, the gathering of signatures on an initiative, referendum or recall petition, the adoption of a measure or the recall of a public office holder.

Likewise, I believe the public employees — such as the Newberg school faculty members who are members of the NEEd group, have violated ORS 260.432 in this way,

No public employee shall solicit any money, influence, service or other thing of value or otherwise promote or oppose any political committee or promote or oppose the nomination or election of a candidate, the gathering of signatures on an initiative, referendum or recall petition, the adoption of a measure or the recall of a public office holder while on the job during working hours. However, this section does not restrict the right of a public employee to express personal political views.

While it limits to “working hours” the line is deeply blurred when so many teacher union members are part of the NEEd group, and they post into it at all hours of the day, throughout the day, constantly, including during school hours and are actually rallying their students to protest alongside them –who they recruit during working hours.

As such, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, and any Newberg school faculty member who is part of NEEd, has committed 162.415 Official misconduct in the first degree;

(1) A public servant commits the crime of official misconduct in the first degree if:

      (a) With intent to obtain a benefit or to harm another:

      (A) The public servant knowingly fails to perform a duty imposed upon the public servant by law or one clearly inherent in the nature of office; or

      (B) The public servant knowingly performs an act constituting an unauthorized exercise in official duties; or

There is evidence for the relationship with her to reap rewards,

That was posted within the NEEd group.

As said before, this is all evidence of public corruption crimes.

Critical Race Theory is an ideology that allows criminals to justify their crimes while running around pointing the finger at everybody else., pretending to be virtuous when they’re really just another scumbag ruining good things for everybody else.

Newberg Public Schools Board Members And Their Activities As Part of the NEEd Mafia

Here is a list of the Neewberg school board members.

Several Newberg School Board members are also members of NEEd,

Brandy Coffman Penner seems to have been one of the founding members. Here are one of the messages she posted inside the NEED group in August,

And here is Brandy giving members of NEEd special access to insert their questions and comments outside of the official channels for the public to submit to the board,

Note that at the time I grabbed these screens, Brandy seems to have recently left the group, but her archived posts are still inside the group. She was not smart enough to delete her posts first before leaving it and so the evidence of her subterfuge while serving on the school board remains, and now you can see it, too.

As an aside I think it is hilarious a group of people who are advocating for an ideology they use to justify committing all the crimes their group routinely makes honestly believes this ideology will pass the Tinker test. It won’t and this article is evidence why it won’t. Critical Race Theory has literally turned an entire school district into a mafia.

Rebecca Piros is also a member of the group, too,

Don’t you find the audacity of these NEEd members to be something else? If anyone has watched the Newberg School Board meeting livestreams, you can hear Brandy Coffman Pender and Rebecca Nortness Piros frequently make jabs about how they think the other council members are meeting without them. Well, that is literally what they themselves do.

The NEEd school board directors use the NEEd mafia to try to help them claim there is a huge amount of support for them alone, when in reality there is only a few hundred of them. The city has a population of around 23,000 people but the NEEd members believe they need to control everything and so they play these games that probably violate the council rules while they obsess over trivial nonsense trying to find ways to get the board members to resign or change their votes that are illegal.

By the way, board member Ines Peña is also in the NEEd group as well.

So, of the Newberg School board, the three dissenting votes against the political flag bans are the people who are members of the NEEd mafia group. Real shocker, right?

Here’s the reality about these people; they don’t believe in the rules and the laws. When these things get in the way of their crusade, they break them. When they serve the crusade by trying to force their will on other people, they aggressively seek to enforce those rules, no matter how trivial, in a mad effort to snatch power and gain control.

What the majority of NEEEd members care about is virtue signaling. Almost no action they take is not unannounced to the group, because their actions are just a kind of theatrical stunt designed to solicit applause from the other members of the group for how “virtuous” they are. Here is an example,

The NEEd group has these kinds of posts often. You know what they don’t do though, is because solutions to actual problems. Everything is focused inward on themselves and how stunning and brave they are for telling someone off using the group’s terminology and talking points. They don’t care about how any of this stuff is a major distraction from actual problems and is instead wasting time and resources in a small town that has real issues that need dealing with.

This is what Critical Race Theory does to people. It makes them into criminal assholes who break the laws and rules, harass others when they don’t get their way and then disrupt others attempts to improve things. How much time do you think gets wasted in these school board meetings debating nonsense like whether to use the word “guys” to refer to a group of people? Give me a break. And this complaint came from Ines, whose native language (Spanish) consists of gendered language to a far more intense degree than English does. The entire English language and how everyone else speaks that language does not need to shift just because she and other people are in a cult that makes them delusional. If you feel people using gendered language makes you depressed that is something or you to discuss with a good therapist instead of insisting how English has been structured for centuries must change to meet your demands. The only person who would demand such a thing is a narcissistic virtue signaler who doesn’t care about anyone but themselves.

And you know what? I don’t think narcissistic psychos who form secret mobs and harass people illegally to intimidate them into changing votes or resigning from elected positions should be school board members, city councilors or anything in government.

By the way, the reason that the NEEd mafia school board members want to change the way that community members speak to meetings is because they are trying to stack the meetings to overwhelm the minutes of the meeting with their supporters. Because the NEEd members control the teacher union, they therefore also control the students because the teachers are the authority figures to the students. They grade their papers, they lead the classes, they can send them to detention and so on. They form bonds with the teachers.

Teachers have enormous power over the students, and are manipulating the kids of Newberg to support the NEEd cult activities, because most of the Newberg public school faculty are in the NEEd group. So what they want to do is have their hand-picked students overwhelm the request to comment forms and then they want teachers to speak next, because they control the teacher union. The desires of the NEEd board members should not be complied with, because they are just trying to manipulate the board and create a false perception their activity is moral when it is actually evil.

The NEEd group are very upset that they don’t have control over the school board anymore, where they frequently gave special access to their NEEd mafia members, since their board members controlled it.

Access that I suspect must be against the rules since they keep making such a big deal about how they imagine other board members to be talking outside meetings.

The reality is that all of these “white allies” are just puppets. This is why it is a cult. Once they gain a seat in government, they turn their decision making over to people who are “marginalized” per their special cultish definition of the word.

Tai Harden-Moore and Her Activity Inside the NEEd Mafia

Tai Harden-Moore is, of course, the primary leader of the mafia arm here in Newberg, while other officials coordinate with her from their offices outside of town. Tai’s primary motive is not really about the pride flags, and she is fixated on the BLM issue and as is typical for black supremacists such as herself, manipulating the “whites” with rhetoric that has to do with them, such as those who are in the LGBTQ communities.

She actually gets very upset when BLM is not represented enough. She is responsible for putting the BLM flag up on Erin McCarthy’s property after she saw it wasn’t included in the McCarthy’s initial virtue signaling,

And here is Tai complaining about BLM flags not being carried by the “white accomplices” of her cult,

The members of the NEEd mafia basically treat Tai Harden-Moore like their queen, and I believe that is what the ideology of CRT used by BLM groups tends to result in. Because the ideology preaches that “whites” have power unjustly and illegitimately, they must right this wrong by becoming an “ally” (subservient role) to the minorities, specifically those who are “Black” because that’s what “Black Lives Matter” is all about. This results in members becoming fanatical in their desire to prove how virtuous they are by becoming an “ally” to someone who is actually very nefarious and has convinced them of non-existent blood debts that are owed to her because of her ancestry, even if their direct ancestors didn’t have a damn thing to do with anything that happened to Tai Harden-Moore’s ancestors.

Here are some examples of their fanatic devotion to Tai Harden-Moore,

This post is less benign when you consider Brandy was chair of the school board when she wrote this inside the NEEd group. Pretty sure that’s a violation of law or rules, I just haven’t searched for it. It’s unethical to be sure.

AJ also wrote this,

As I recall Tai Harden-Moore went over her allotted time. Kim has transformed this into some massive slight, because she has been indoctrinated into thinking the normal rules of society do not have to apply to Tai Harden-Moore. This is of course what cult leaders do to people; convince them they deserve special exceptions they do not actually deserve.

In reality, there’s no need for a formal apology and yet here Kim is demanding one and publicly letting everyone else know that she is, because she is virtue signaling. Virtue signaling is a HUGE part of the BLM framework, because it is of all cults. They call it “being accountable” in their framework, which is just a way to emotionally motivate people to feel like they have done some enormously good deed when really they haven’t done anything worthy of such praise.

They are simply ‘signaling’ to their group they are virtuous person, while in truth, actually behaving very evil.

This how Tai talks to the people inside the group, saying the things she will not say publicly when people such as myself call her out on her nonsense,

Like all cult leaders, Tai Harden-Moore claims she has the secret to something, in this case, “ending racism”. This secret, she suggests, is by changing everything about our current government and society that will cause power to be “redistributed”. This only is effective on people who believe that something like ‘equity’ depends on people of certain ethnicities or genders or whatever all having political power and influence by virtue of these things and not due to any actual qualifications.

Tai Harden-Moore seems to believe she is qualified for the power she demands of her cult followers due to her education, but as I have demonstrated in my prior debate with her, the degrees she has been awarded are not worth the paper they are printed on. She is completely incapable of using logic to form her arguments, because her belief system is built on a fantasy version of the world where things like blood-guilts and debts are real, that morality depends on a person’s sexual orientation, gender and ethnicity, and so too does intelligence.

There can be no greater proof that Tai Harden-Moore lives in a fantasy world than this article I have written, because she foolishly thought she could just ignore a “cis white male” such as myself, and I would just go away and be unable to do anything to stop her activities in Newberg, Oregon. After all, she has been so very effective at convincing a bunch of stupid people to join her cult and carry out her will, falsely believing themselves to be morally superior, while in actuality, engaging in multiple crimes to such an extent that by the end of this article you will understand they have violated RICO laws and formed a criminal conspiracy under Oregon state law, too.

Evidence of Hate Crimes Committed by Tai Harden-Moore and the Mafia Group

There are several laws related to hate crimes that may be relevant to the actions of the NEEd mafia group. One of them is ORS 166.155, Bias crime in the second degree,

A person commits a bias crime in the second degree if the person:

Tampers or interferes with property, having no right to do so nor reasonable ground to believe that the person has such right, with the intent to cause substantial inconvenience to another person because of the person’s perception of the other person’s race, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or national origin;

A bias crime in the second degree is a Class A misdemeanor.

Tai Harden-Moore has previously admitted to having taken campaign signs because she wanted the candidate for office to ‘step aside’ for her, because Tai Harden-Moore is a black woman and she didn’t want to run against a ‘white’ person.

In a now deleted post by Becky Wallis on Facebook (an archive of which was sent to me), evidence was put forth that Tai Harden-Moore’s political campaign had engaged in theft of candidate signage (the ones belonging to Wallis) promoting her campaign and replaced that signage with that of Harden-Moore’s campaign.

Here are the messages I was sent by an anonymous source documenting Harden–Moore and her campaign admitting to taking the signs and replacing them with her own campaign signs.

Despite what Tai Harden-Moore and Suzan Huntington have claimed, they have committed a crime.

Unquestionably, this is tampering and interfering with property when they had no right to do so nor any reasonable ground to believe they had such right, and since the action replaced the signage with their own, it is clear the motivation was to sabotage their political opponents campaign with acts of malfeasance.

It also doesn’t matter if they returned the signs later; they took them for several days, and during those days of the election campaign the signs were not being used. The campaigns were deprived of their use of their property. This is theft and campaign interference.

In writing this section, I reached out to Becky Wallis about this incident and asked for a comment for the public record about the situation and she declined.

At the same time the sign stealing was taking place, candidates for office who are Caucasian were getting harassed and asked to “step aside” for candidates like Tai Harden-Moore. Here is evidence I was able to obtain. This is Brandon Buerkle asking the son of Renee Powell (who ran and won elected for the Newberg school board) if he would ask his mom to not run specifically so that someone of a different ethnicity (Tai Harden-Moore, the one running) could win the election.

Brandon is I think married to Korie Jones Buerkle, who is the Assistant Director at the Newberg Public Library. They are both deeply involved in the NEEd group and active in the efforts to indoctrinate the town into the cult idealogy.

So, I believe ORS 166.155, Bias crime in the second degree, has been broken here, as the theft of signs by the members of the NEEd group was racially motivated. It was a hate crime designed to interfere with our electoral process. It’s clear Tai Harden-Moore has racist attitudes against “whites” anyway, so it’s not hard to prove I think. Furthermore, because Buerkle is a member of the same criminal conspiracy that Tai Harden-Moore and Suzanne Huntington is, they share legal liability for the actions other members of the conspiracy perform that are illegal. This is how RICO works, as will be explained near the end of this article when I fully explain that federal law.

I also want to mention that Tai Harden-Moore’s campaign was fully supported by the NEEd group mafia and provide the evidence for that,

As you can see, the group was very involved with Tai Harden-Moore’s running for office early on.

The other major individual in this puzzle piece is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Department of Oregon Education, participated in the NEEd thread discussing her candidacy.

This will become important later when I discuss the RICO section, so keep all of this in mind. As we go through every claim here, I am working my way up to the RICO claim.

Evidence of Coordinated Efforts by NEEd Members to Manipulate Public Perception of Past School Board Meetings

Prior to the past election, the NEEd members had majority control of the Newberg public school board. These members were in the NEEd group (which I think is a violation of public meeting laws because it created a quorum that created communications the public did not have access to) and then used this private group to manipulate it with other NEEd members who made public comments supporting the resolution. I know this because they couldn’t stop themselves from virtue signaling inside the group, to earn clout and applause from other NEEd members.

The school board members seemed to have been part of NEEd since last year. I believe this because they are often tagged in conversations and the only way they could be tagged is if they were part of the groups. Their replies in some threads are gone, while they remain in others. For example,

This questioning of Brandy and tagging of her is proof she was a NEEd member. Her reply has been deleted however, yet some other posts by Brandy in the group do remain.

Here is an actual post by Brandy last January, giving the members of NEEd an exclusive update about board activity and how well the conspiracy to indoctrinate children into Critical Race Theory is going,

Here is yet another post by her in June thanking members of NEEd for sending in emails she can present to the public as support for her position, without publicly disclosing these emails all came from a group she belongs to and is a leader of, and that she asked for these emails,

Here is another one from last October,

Based on my investigation of what posts from her or mention her remain, I think Brandy Penner very recently left the group after deleting comments in it. However, some old ones remain, such as this one from November 19, 2020.

Another post discussing actions members should take to manipulate public perception and change the narrative,

Here is a recent example of some of the manipulation of board meetings encouraged by NEEd member and Newberg school board member Rebecca Piros that shows board members like her have left and then rejoined the group.

As you can see, the above conversation in the NEEd goup was 16 weeks ago ( June 5th).

Presently, Rebecca Piros membership in NEEd says she joined 2 weeks ago.

2 weeks ago is not possible given the dates of prior posts she made in the group. This means she LEFT the NEEd group and has since rejoined, probably believing doing so would delete her past post history.

Recently, NEEd has gained more members (around 50 in the past week). I think long time NEEd group members have been trying to hide their past activities the past few days I investigated, but some of them forgot to delete certain communications that prove they were actual members of NEEd for a year or more. I believe this membership and the nature of their communications broke public meeting rules by establishing a quorum, and the NEEd group was used by them to manipulate and control the board illegally. However due to the removal of some posts, it’s hard for me to prove that for certainty. I think it’s a plausible claim, though.

Here is something I want to share. This is a conversation within NEED while they watched the school board meeting in August of last year, when the board implemented the anti-racism resolution as a school policy. AJ Schwanz, Brandy Penner, Ines Pena and Rebecca Piros were all on the board at this time, and based on what I have seen, I think they were also members of NEEd or at least involved with it.

(Video of the board meeting)

Even if hypothetically Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and others weren’t members of NEEd at this time (despite the evidence I have to the contrary), it’s undeniable that NEEd was influencing the anti-racism resolution vote last year from the shadows.

By the way, Jeff McDonough, I noticed your little quote from Hamilton.

I have my own spin on a lyric from a song in Hamilton I’d like to share,


If we follow the chats and see where it leads,

Get in the weeds, look for the seeds of NEEd’s misdeeds!

As an aside, I find the mischaracterization of Dave Brown’s statements to be immature. We don’t teach Mein Kempf in the schools because its ideology is dangerous, and it takes a great deal of maturity to read it and not be swept up in its rhetoric. The kind of maturity young children do not usually possess. The idea there are books that should not be subject to study in our public school system is not a controversial one. The only reason the NEEd members are upset at Dave Brown is because he’s talking about their cult and the books they use to indoctrinate kids into Critical Race theory.

Here is another recent conversation where they discuss manipulating the rules for comments to so they can flood the comments with their own supporters, and hide this from the board when making their requests to comment.

This is the problem with believing that “equity” is more important than “equality”. They believe the rules should not have to apply to themselves because they feel more “correct” than other people and therefore are allowed to do more.

Anyway, the NEEd members engage in projection against the board members they dislike, accusing them of committing violations they themselves are making.

Great job, Haze Grace. Let’s tag all the school board members who are part of NEEd in our conversation about how school board members aren’t supposed to be participating in a group like NEEd.

There people are so incredibly delusional they aren’t even self-aware that they are doing the things they accuse others of doing.

“Rules for thee but not for me.

Another terrific job, Meghan Rogers Czarnecki. Let’s make sure that we tell everyone in our mafia how the laws work so nobody can claim ignorance that what they were doing is illegal, because we’re going to try to prove the people we don’t like are committing the crimes we already are committing.

This is the problem with motivated reasoning, the cult members become so fixated on only considering things that support their ideology they disregard anything that doesn’t support that narrative to where they can literally be committing the crimes they accuse others of doing with no evidence and don’t see how they are themselves the guilty ones.

Virtue signaling is not justice. It’s narcissism.

I rest my case on this particular claim. They were aware what they were doing is wrong and they did it anyway, because they felt they were right. That’s motivated reasoning.

I honestly think after reading this stuff from the teaching community in Newberg that we need to purge the entire school system of its teachers, and dramatically overhaul the curriculum to try to remedy the enormous damage these psychos have done to the kids. Teaching logic and rhetoric is going to have to be heavily emphasized to get these kids unbrainwashed from the madness they have been taught by these lunatics.

The NEEd group has of course continued to use its members to manipulate public perception about issues,

There are many communications like this, for pretty much every school board meeting since a conservative majority took the Newberg school board in the last election.

Here’s a request Brandy Penner made to the NEEd group,

This highlighted part from Emily Garrick-Steenson should be viewed as intimidation, because NEEd is the one working with the ACLU to sue the Newberg school district.

Cults and confirmation bias don’t mix well. I believe their interpretation of the laws such as the Hatch Act are wrong, for all the reasons I explain in detail in this article.

All of this is evidence of manipulation of the school boards, and I think may also be a violation of public meetings law.

Let’s look at what the Oregon Department of Justice website says about the activities of School Board members in the NEEd group,

The NEEd group is very obviously used by Penner, Piros and Peña to communicate and plan how to carry out their duties as school board directors. That is why they are members of NEEd. While we cannot see their personal Facebook messages between each other to see the whole scope of the communications between them, the evidence I have shown here proves Penner and Piros have coordinated with NEEd and consequently, each other, in planning for future board meetings and other business of the school board. It is also true the NEEd group was a major campaign contributor to Peña election to the school board, as I have shown in screenshots in this article.

As such I believe these three school board members who are members of NEEd – Rebecca Piros, Brandy Penner and Ines Peña — are violating the spirit of the public meeting laws, have developed invisible and illegal government as part of a criminal conspiracy against the school district. They should be removed from the school board by civil lawsuits, if not criminal charges brought by the local District Attorney office.


If you recall from earlier in this article, the Newberg Education Association (the teacher union) president Jennifer Schneider and vice president Drew Gallagher are active members in the NEEd group, as are many other members of that union.

It is my belief that, due to the presence of so many members of the Newberg Education Association within the NEEd group and the group being an extension of the union’s activities, Rebecca Piros, Brandy Penner and Ines Peña are violating public law through their secretive meetings with the union behind the backs of the other Newberg school board members, working in concert with them to remove their rivals on the school board from office with recalls and a campaign of harassment. This is all incredibly unethical and I think, illegal.

The remedy for their actions and behavior is to use the laws they have broken against them,

You can click this link to file your own complaint against Rebecca Piros, Brandy Penner and Ines Peña for their unethical behavior and probable violations of public meeting laws.

Evidence of Coordinated Harassment By the Mafia to Intimidate Any Citizen Who Dissents

The NEEd cult mafia doesn’t only go after school board members. Anyone who disagrees with them gets harassed. Here is an example of harassing people who participate in school board meetings who speak in favor of the BLM flag ban,

(The accusation he used a “white supremacy hand gesture” is a false accusation. Erin McCarthy is only saying this to justify the harassment she wishes to do)

And here is another example,

Take note that Lu Pita / Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education and Megan Corvus ‘liked’ this post, as did several Newberg teachers.

They will track you down and then do the same coordinated harassment they do to the school board members, just for disagreeing with them.

These are the tactics of antifa.

It is of course different than what I am doing, since I am exposing these people for committing crimes. It’s time they were removed from the shadows they operate in, as their ability to hide in the mob gives them power.

Alexa Capellen

Rachel Kendall Adams

Alanna Murphy

Alyson Lafky Larkin

Also, Kat McNeal is the one who is / was on the Newberg School board budget committee.

Chelsea RS” is Chelsea Shotts, who claimed that she works as a “behavioral interventionist” at the Newberg school district. She is listed in the school faculty director as a Education Assistant, Special Education Life Skills working in Dundee.

This should be enough for the victims of their harassment to get justice via a civil lawsuit. There was no legitimate reason for them to ask others of NEEd to target them for harassment.

Evidence of Intentions to Organize Violent Mobs

At the time I investigate, NEEd is starting to teach its members the violent tactics of antifa, which includes using people as human shields. This is incorrectly labeled “de-escalation” training, when it’s actually intended to escalate violence at demonstrations.

Note that Cherice Bock says ‘de-escalation training’ but then says it’s “important to stand up to white supremacists”. Sounds like a contradiction, doesn’t it? Again, he’s not talking about actual de-escalation training. He’s using yet another special BLM code word to obscure the actual intentions.

Wall of moms is in reference to the creation of a human shield wall by antifa to attack the Portland courthouse, using a wall of women to shield protestors throwing Molotov cocktails, firecrackers and bottle rockets, and using laser pointers to permanently blind police officers attempting to protect the courthouse from becoming burned down.

This is what they are planning to do in Newberg.

The website that Megan Corvus (a rep for Yamhill County Democrats) linked to, Up in Arms, is designed to encourage people to form angry mobs to protest and counter-protest other protest groups, specifically militia groups associated with the far right. The website is also designed to encourage people to resist against ICE immigration enforcement efforts as well.

Like many of these groups, you must focus on the consequences of its actions, and not what words they specifically say. They are versed in propaganda, and teach others how to frame their words to obscure their actual intentions, as shown in this part of their “guide”,

Framing is a propaganda technique. If they really intend to be peaceful, why must they specifically say marketing materials must be framed to appear peaceful?

Evidence of Stalking Newberg School Board Members

NEEd members have followed School board members around town to monitor them, as showcased in this thread,

Evidence of Coordinated Efforts by the Mafia to Intimidate School Board Members To Change Their Voters or Resign

The NEEd mafia, and by extension all other parties involved, are violating several aspects of federal and state law by coordinated efforts to use intimidation on school board members to change their votes or to resign from the school board.

This is by either damaging their finances (interference in commerce) directly through getting them fired by their employers or having business ties ended, as well as other harassment such as actual real doxxing (such as sharing personal addresses and things, which I DO NOT do as it serves no useful purpose in publishing such personal info as home addresses).

Here is an example of how the group got Brian Shannon fired from his job.

First, let’s look at some public facing comments,

This is a screenshot from Kristen Stoller’s personal Facebook profile,

This conversation is in reference to Brian Shannon being fired as a project manager for Selectron Technologies.

While there is no law that says a company can decide to distance themselves from an individual who they believe are violating some company rule, I must ask Selectron Technologies what choice led to his termination? If his termination was due to his political opinions and actions as a public figure that are entirely legal, then this company has violated Oregon law. Using undue influence, including job loss threats with the intent to influence individuals’ voting, political activities, and contributions is unlawful in the state of Oregon, per ORS 260.665 Undue influence to affect registration, voting, candidacy, signing petitions.

Newberg’s own municipal code also has rules prohibiting this kind of thing,

9.15.020 Obstructing governmental administration.

A. No person shall intentionally obstruct, impair or hinder the administration of law or other governmental function by means of intimidation, force or physical interference or obstacle.

They are undeniably seeking to force publicly elected officials conducting administration of a municipal corporation (which is a school district is) using intimidation. This is a violation of the local municipal code.

State law Or. Rev. Stat. § 162.235 has a similar provision,

(1)A person commits the crime of obstructing governmental or judicial administration if the person:(a) Intentionally obstructs, impairs or hinders the administration of law or other governmental or judicial function by means of intimidation, force, physical or economic interference or obstacle;(b) With intent to defraud, engages in the business of or acts in the capacity of a notary public as defined in ORS 194.215 without having received a commission as a notary public from the Secretary of State; or(c) With intent to defraud, engages in the business of or acts in the capacity of an immigration consultant, as defined in ORS 9.280, in violation of ORS 9.160.(2) This section shall not apply to the obstruction of unlawful governmental or judicial action or interference with the making of an arrest.(3) Obstructing governmental or judicial administration is a Class A misdemeanor.

Also I think they are engaging in a collective coercion efforts against the school board members and those affiliated with them.

ORS 163.275 Coercion,

A person commits the crime of coercion when the person compels or induces another person to engage in conduct from which the other person has a legal right to abstain, or to abstain from engaging in conduct in which the other person has a legal right to engage, by means of instilling in the other person a fear that, if the other person refrains from the conduct compelled or induced or engages in conduct contrary to the compulsion or inducement, the actor or another will:

(a) Unlawfully cause physical injury to some person;

(b) Unlawfully cause physical injury to some animal;

(c) Unlawfully cause damage to property;

(d) Engage in conduct constituting a crime;

(e) Falsely accuse some person of a crime or cause criminal charges to be instituted against the person;

(f) Cause or continue a strike, boycott or other collective action injurious to some person’s business, except that such a threat is not deemed coercive when the act or omission compelled is for the benefit of the group in whose interest the actor purports to act;

(g) Testify falsely or provide false information or withhold testimony or information with respect to another’s legal claim or defense; or

(h) Unlawfully use or abuse the person’s position as a public servant by performing some act within or related to official duties, or by failing or refusing to perform an official duty, in such manner as to affect some person adversely.

(2) Coercion is a Class C felony. [1971 c.743 §102; 1983 c.546 §4; 1985 c.338 §1; 2007 c.71 §45; 2015 c.751 §1]

Furthermore, I believe violations of federal law have also been committed, such as sections of Title 52 – VOTING AND ELECTIONS,

(b) Intimidation, threats, or coercion

No person, whether acting under color of law or otherwise, shall intimidate, threaten, or coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any person for voting or attempting to vote, or intimidate, threaten, or coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any person for urging or aiding any person to vote or attempt to vote, or intimidate, threaten, or coerce any person for exercising any powers or duties under section 10302(a), 10305, 10306, or 10308(e) of this title or section 1973d or 1973g of title 42.1

I also believe provisions of chapter 29 of title 18, United States Code, relating to elections and political activities have been violated, 18 U.S. Code § 594 – Intimidation of voters.

As for Oregon State law,

ORS 260.575 Use of threats and intimidation for purpose of extorting money

No person, for any consideration, shall:

Offer, propose, threaten or attempt to sell, hinder or delay any part of an initiative, referendum or recall petition.

Offer, propose or threaten to desist from beginning, promoting, circulating, or soliciting signatures to, any initiative, referendum or recall petition.

Offer, propose, attempt or threaten in any manner to use an initiative, referendum or recall petition or any power of promotion or opposition concerning such petition for extortion, blackmail or private intimidation of any person. [Formerly 254.580]

As you can see, while the law is titled as being about extortion it actually prohibits several kinds of actions. This is the importance of actually reading the entire sections of the laws instead of just skimming their titles.

For full context of the NEEd activities about intimidation of elected school board officials, here is the entire post from Kristen Stoller’s Facebook profile that shows everyone who publicly cheered for Brian Shannon’s firing,

This is of course only what was said publicly by NEEd members.

Kristen Stoller’s public profile comments are not enough to condemn them, so let’s look at messages from WITHIN their mafia Facebook group,

As you can see, there is some initial resistance to the idea of using intimidation and harassment, which quickly disappears when more prominent members of the mafia suggests it is virtuous to engage in illegal activity.

By the way, from the list of people who ‘liked’ the post asking for personal information about the school board members so they could organize a boycott,

Lu Pita AKA Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education.

Here is another thread from within the NEEd group talking about getting Brian Shannon fired.

If you had any doubt that these people harassed and intimidated an elected official’s employer because they want him to change his vote or resign, well there you go.

They did it to Newberg school board member Brian Shannon.

Next, here is a post where they plotted to harass School board chair Dave Brown and even try to get his students to share some kind of dirt the NEEd group can use to intimidate him with,

The group has many different ideas on how to intimidate school board members through the collection of personal information, such as this oddball one involving tracking down what churches they go to, which obviously serves no legitimate purpose other than to harass them and try to isolate them from the community as a form of intimidation.

Here is a followup post where NEEd members claim to know for sure that Brian Shannon was fired for his board vote as a result of the NEEd members’ harassment of his employer, which as I previously explained, is illegal.

I doubt the group that organized the intimidation that led to his firing is now suddenly wanting to “protect his family'”. This is why these type of psychos are called virtue signalers. They only care about appearing virtuous and they don’t believe in being virtuous. You can’t do these things to people in America just because you don’t like their vote. This is unmistakably voter intimidation of an elected official who represents other voters.

Here is another thread where the NEEd group members salivate at the mouth upon hearing rumors that their coordinated harassment and intimidation against Brian Shannon might have caused problems in his marriage, and are looking to exploit it for their political gain,

So, these psychopaths are both overjoyed at the idea that they might be able to exploit a problem in Brian Shannon’s marriage resulting from the fallout of the NEEd group’s coordinated harassment of anyone associated with him, and they also strategize how to take advantage of the situation to isolate Brian Shannon from his wife and children under the false guise of “support” and “comfort” to them.

I believe at this point in the article it’s beyond contestation that NEEd is breaking laws. For furthering my argument, recently the Department of Justice put out the following statement about intimidation and harassment of elected school board officials. The statement is related to the rise of “cancel culture” harassment against elected officials, such as school board members,

Justice Department Addresses Violent Threats Against School Officials and Teachers

At this time I want the public to know that I have already reported the members of NEEd to the FBI.

I don’t know if you need more evidence of how evil these people are, but let’s keep going since there is so much more of it.

NEEd Mafia Intimidation Tactics are Violation of Voter Intimidation Laws

I believe the NEED mafia’s political activism is violating the law in other ways as well, in regards to laws against voter intimidation. I see nothing in these laws that says they cannot apply to elected representatives when they vote on behalf of others in their districts.

For example, Recall Brian Shannon Page has said they are helping businesses that endorse the recall gain new customers, which is a financial incentive for them to endorse their political campaigning and vote a particular way. This is also a violation of ORS 260.665 Undue influence to affect registration, voting, candidacy, signing petitions. and it is also a form of conspiracy per Or. Rev. Stat. § 161.450, “Criminal conspiracy”.

I’d love to see which businesses are on this list, it’s likely in the email newsletters they are sending to supporters. I imagine it matches the ones mentioned in the NEEd group already.

At this time, I ask the residents of Newberg, and elsewhere in Oregon, to please submit to me via my contact form all evidence you possess of any individual who has been terminated from their job or even pressured by any of the mentioned ways as a consequence of their lawful political support for an issue such as that related to the school board. Such conduct by a private employer is completely and unquestionably illegal per ORS 260.665 Undue influence to affect registration, voting, candidacy, signing petitions and I intend to report every instance of its occurrence.

Illegal Financial Benefit (Favors) Provided To Businesses and Individuals Who Assist With Intimidation of Elected Officials

The NEED group engages in illegal activity that is prohibited by both state and federal laws to reward businesses for publicly pressuring elected officials to vote or resign.

Examples of this from messages within the NEED mafia group,

Pollinate Flowers is a business in town that has been active in the political campaign to recall Brian Shannon.

Here is more evidence for the NEEd mob providing financial rewards to businesses that help them harass school board members, such as Renee Powell.

This conversation is evidence the NEEd group has engaged in extortion through fear but we’ll talk more about this at the end when I discuss RICO charges.

As previously mentioned, the business owner of Potters Vineyard told Renee Powell in an email that she was ending the business relationship with Powell due to fear of the NEEd mob. The mob then gave financial benefit (purchasing products) to Potters Vineyard for ending the business relationship. What the mob has done is therefore a crime, as previously mentioned. I will talk more specifically about the full gravity of this situation in the RICO section of this article.

The NEEd mob also reward press who give them positive coverage and do not report the full facts of the stories, only their bias perspectives. Here are NEEd members suggesting others in the mafia group should subscribe to the Newberg Graphic because they love Ryan Clarke’s extremely bias reporting that benefits their group’s conspiracy,

Now I may have a bias but I am providing the full facts and evidence for what is happening in Newberg.

I am showing what Ryan Clarke and other “journalists” are not.

All Members of the Mafia Who Observed the Criminal Acts and Did Not Report Are Complicit in the Crimes Per Federal Law

I believe everyone who is a member of the NEEd group has committed this crime,

18 U.S. Code § 4 – Misprision of felony

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

The evidence for this claim is the fact they had access to the same information I have had, and yet they never reported it to the FBI.

How The Intimidation and Recall Effort Is Part of a Larger Conspiracy Involving County Officials

The NEEd group members are aware of the process for what happens if an elected board members resigns, such as what they are trying to force members to do.

At this time take notice that Bryce Coefield, City of Newberg councilman for district 4, is a member of NEEd and a participant in this discussion.

Here is another relevant discussion,

There are only three members of the board who opposed the vote to ban politically divisive symbols from the school board. These three members (Brandy Pender, Ine Pena and Rebecca Piros) are members of NEEd. AJ Schwanz herself has been on board committees I believe, and she is one of the public facing leaders of NEEd.

Based on these and other discussions within the NEEd group, it appears to me the intended plan was for NEEd to use coercion and intimidation to force the conservative majority board members they are harassing to resign, so that county commissioners can appoint new members to the board.

A county commissioner such as Casey Kulla, who is a member of NEEd,

The same Casey Kulla who put out this public statement on his official Facebook Page,

The weight of the evidence seems to imply to me that NEEd is a criminal conspiracy engaging in public corruption, with involvement from other elected officials. In fact, I’ve seen so much of this that there is no question in my mind that this is what it is.

NEEd Encouraging Members to Get the ACLU to Sue The School

The NEEd school board members have, during public meetings, claimed the school may be threatened with lawsuits by the teacher unions and ACLU. They mention these things as “proof” that the conservative school board majority is harming the school district with their votes to ban BLM and other political flags from the campuses.

In reality, NEEd – which has these school board members as leaders within its cult mafia – is orchestrating the lawsuits against the school district.

This is yet more proof they only care about their ideological crusade and the teacher union has turned against the school district for the current school board majority refusing to be a platform for their cult recruitment efforts.

NEEd Discusses Inviting Church of Satan To Visit Newberg Schools

Also, as a special treat, I figured that some of the church leaders in Newberg would like to see this thread in the NEEd group,

That’s right everyone, let’s invite the Satanic Temple to Newberg to visit the school children during class time. Somehow, that is going to help the students of Newberg.

Oh wait, it doesn’t. It only helps the agenda of the NEEd cult, somehow. Although I don’t really see how. Like many of their decisions, it’s not a well thought out one.

And can you guess who liked this suggestion, that the NEEd group should invite the Church of Satan into the Newberg schools?

Lu Pita AKA Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education.

This is the rest of the comments from that thread,

Great idea, super geniuses. Let’s file claims under false pretense and admit to doing so on our super secret Facebook group we use to coordinate our mafia business. I’m sure there will be no negative consequences of this at all.

Whoever Socrates is (seems to be a fake account for someone’s dog?), thank you for, in your eagerness to virtue signal to your fellow cult members, telling the entire world that part of the NEEd conspiracy is to intentionally get teachers terminated so you can file a lawsuit and collect money. Per well established case law, an employee that intentionally tries to get fired is actually legally considered to have quit their job. Normally, it is difficult to prove but you’ve made it incredibly easy by announcing NEEd’s plans to the world.

Evidence of NEEd Mafia Coordinating Press Coverage With “Journalists” to Manipulate the Narratives

Publicly using their positions and influence, NEEd members have tried to distort the narrative to make it seem like there are huge negative backlashes as a result of the school board ban. Here is an example from Brandy Penner, who as I have previously explained is a NEEd member.

In reality, the NEEd group is the one coordinating with the press and feeding them stories from within the school. They are the ones creating and encouraging the negative press about the town,

Yes, that is Joshua Reid, Newberg School counselor, admitting NEEd is coordinating with journalists to control the direction of the media narrative.

Journalists are also members of NEEd. As an example, here is Andrew Selsky, who lists his occupation as a Correspondent for the Associated Press.

Andrew Selsky wrote this news report, which due to his role at AP was widely repurposed across multiple media outlets, probably as part of a news package,

It seems a major conflict of interest and violation of journalistic ethical codes to be affiliated with the group you are reporting on without disclosing that information, doesn’t it?

The NEEd group has an actual thread in it where they share news stories and coverage, with comments about the stories that are revealing.

Here is a sample of the thread,

Also, here is proof that Brandy Coffman Penner actually likes the negative news coverage of our town, contrary to what she has said publicly.

Make no mistake; the NEEd group is the one who is creating the bad press about Newberg. They are the ones cooperating with journalists to mischaracterize what is happening. The bad press is a direct consequence of their cult’s activities, their corruption and their efforts to indoctrinate children into Critical Race Theory. They are using the media to obscure the actual facts, and these media outlets never once tried to investigate the people involved to see if they are being truthful about events in our town. I honestly doubt they even care.

Every news article that has a quote from a NEEd member should have retractions issued for it, telling the public the journalists failed to do their job and allowed a criminal conspiracy to use them to manipulate public opinion for the political benefit of the NEEd mafia cult.

I also want to point out that just recently, Maddie Koslov and Mikayla Greenstein went onto a KBOO radio program, Labor Radio, and did a segment, where they talked about how bad and terrible the school board members who voted to ban BLM flags are.

And guess what group these ladies are members of?

Thanks for telling me, Maddie.
I wouldn’t worry about that.
Teachers recruiting students into political campaigning is a Hatch Act violation, and probably coercion, too.
Hatch Act violation, tsk tsk!
More Hatch Act violations? Really?

Are you surprised? I wouldn’t be at this point, but the rabbit hole goes further and further.

By the way, one of these ladies (I couldn’t figure out which one) said during the program she is a rep for National Education Association (NEA). Feel free to contact them and let them know about what their rep is engaged in, as well as what the Newberg Education Association is doing. I think they deserve to know what their rep and the Newberg teacher union is dragging them into, don’t you?

NEEd Manipulating the “Newberg Businesses Are Being Boycotted” Narrative As a Way to Intimidate and Deceive

By now, having seen the evidence I have provided, it should be clear to you that NEEd is the group of people who are boycotting local businesses for supporting the conservative majority of the school board. Yet, the NEEd leaders, such as Brandy Penner who is on the school board, misrepresent this to the public and try to use it as a tool to pressure town residents to support their cause.

Here is a post from Brandy Penner’s Facebook page, which was reshared by AJ Schwanz inside the NEEd group, that is an example of this deception.

This is of course all part of the conspiracy.

  • NEEd members are the ones who are writing the letters to the press about how racist and awful Newberg is.
  • NEEd members are the ones meeting with press to talk about how racist and awful Newberg is.
  • NEEd members are the ones orchestrating the harassment and boycotting of Newberg local businesses who have any association to the conservative school board members.
  • NEED members are the ones sharing details about people’s family lives and what churches they go to, so they can pressure those church groups to isolate the conservative majority school board members from their communities.
  • NEEd members are the ones doxing local residents and harassing their employers for disagreeing with NEEd.

The NEEd cult mafia members and leaders, such as Brandy Penner, are the ones responsible for the boycotts.

They say one thing publicly and do another thing in the shadows, all with the goal of tricking the residents of Newberg into giving them more political power in town so the can force their cult beliefs onto everyone.

This is what corruption and tyranny look like. This is how a democracy falls. It doesn’t happen all at once, when barbarians invade the empire. It happens in your own backyard, when your neighbors conspire against you and corrupt the halls of government with your assistance, because you gave them support.

The reality is that the business boycotts are not a result of the conservative majority of the school board voting to ban BLM flags from school campus.

The truth is that the boycotts are the result of the NEEd group having controlled the school board last year and used its power and influence to teach children Critical race theory as per the ‘anti-racism resolution‘ from April 2020. NEEd uses the school district as recruitment grounds for their cult.

The new ban on BLM, Antifa and other political symbols this NEEd cult uses to indoctrinate the children into their cult’s ideology is a necessary step to stop what they are doing.

The NEEd cult mafia is organizing the boycotts in retaliation.

This is the truth about the issue.

The Truth About The ‘Slave Trade’ Snapchat Group Incident Involving a Student; It Was Intentionally Misreported by NEEd

Tai Harden-Moore and NEEd have used the incident over last summer involving a student who participated in an unsavory Snapchat group for their political advantage. The incident was mischaracterized by Ryan Clarke in his reporting on the situation. I believe he thought nobody else was going to find the screenshots he gained access to, so he could manipulate the story to serve NEEd’s agenda. However, I gained access to the screenshots too, since they were available inside the NEEd group (which, I think, also violates FERPA).

Both Ryan Clarke and Tai Harden-Moore, and numerous other people in Newberg including members of the faculty who know the truth, have claimed the Snapchat “Slave Trade” incident is proof of widespread racism in Newberg, Oregon.

Furthermore, the incident doesn’t even meet Tai Harden-Moore’s own special definition for racism, because the student was not, per the definitions of CRT, “white”, and is actually “BIPOC”.

The definition of racism Tai Harden-Moore claims to believe in doesn’t even fit this situation, as the student isn’t “white” per her worldview.

I possess all of the evidence for this. I know the truth about the situation and what it actually was about.

That is, I possess copies of the actual Snapchats of the student, as well as other communications by students who reported the student, which was leaked by school employees to NEEd. The leak was not directly to me, but from my understanding, to others within their inner circle and I gained the documents that were not distributed in the Facebook group from one of these individuals.

In any case, one of the reasons I am coming forward with this information is to refute the false characterization of the event in the press as an incident of racism and white supremacy in Newberg, and the use of this wayward student (who, from my understanding, was venting about being bullied in a way that just wasn’t healthy) as a scapegoat for the entire town to be labeled as racist. I also believe the mischaracterization of the situation is a violation of several laws, which I will share later in this section.

Because the individual in the Snapchat incident is a minor, I am not going to publish the evidence which I have that verifies the claim I have made. The evidence is instead something I prepared for the FBI as part of my complaint of the criminal activities of the NEEd mafia group, who I believe have broken several laws by mischaracterizing the incident for financial and political gain.

This is what I will say: The student was reported by peers. No evidence exists that I can find that other students in Newberg participated in it.

Let me explain the ethical problems at heart in this particular incident so others can understand why I am not publishing the evidence publicly but I am still reporting on it.

The first issue here is the individual is a student, so the school has violated privacy rights (which are defined by FERPA) by even informing the public at all about this matter. When pressed if it was proof of racism by concerned parents and the media, the school officials should have refused to comment at all, per FERPA guidelines, instead of throwing the student under the bus to serve their political agenda.

Instead, this is what the school chose to do, as reported by the KATU news article, Newberg HS condemns actions of student taking part in ‘slave trade’ chat online.

This is a copy of the letter sent to parents by principal Tami Erion,

Newberg High School became aware of a very serious and inappropriate incident on social media in which one of our students took part in a snapchat group termed “slave trade” and used photos of other Newberg High School students in the group. Attached to the photos were derogatory comments that included racial and homophobic slurs. This chat originated in Michigan in late 2020 but our administrative team was just made aware of the group and our student’s participation late Friday. Students, parents and community members appropriately reported the snapchat to school officials and we began an investigation immediately. While the investigation is still ongoing and we cannot comment on the specifics, we want to reassure our community that as we always do, we are following board policy as it relates to harassment, bullying and potential disciplinary actions.

We are deeply dismayed that this behavior and activity was exhibited by someone from our community. We condemn actions such as these which represent the antithesis of what we believe and where we stand as a Newberg Nation family. As a community, we continue to grapple with issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Newberg High School is committed to ensuring that ALL students are afforded a safe learning environment by prohibiting harassment based upon gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion or disability.

NHS administration is grateful for those individuals who came forward with information regarding this group chat. Interrupting harassment and bullying is an essential step in moving us forward toward a more inclusive environment for all. We are committed to confronting and following through with disciplinary consequences for incidents of harassment and bullying for the safety and well being of all students at Newberg High School. Finally, staff and counselors remain committed to supporting all students and will be available for individuals and groups adversely impacted by this event.


Tami Erion, Principal

Newberg High School

As the incident is about a private student disciplinary matter, and the student did not break any laws, the matter was therefore not of public interest until the school made it one with this press release. Whether the school had any right to even discuss the incident with the public is even more questionable, given the incident occurred off campus. Court rulings have been that schools do not have the right to police student activities outside of the campus. I also believe the distribution of the Snapchats that had students photos on them has subjected those students to further ridicule and embarrassment than was necessary, and as such, the school violated their privacy rights, too.

Nevertheless, the leaking of this incident to the press has allowed individuals such as Tai Harden-Moore to claim to the press the incident was proof of a widespread problem of racism in Newberg, when it was in fact not. Because Tai Hardan-Moore knew that no one within the school would refute her claims, she probably believed she would get away with this, since she controls the Newberg school district faculty via the NEEd group.

You doubt this? Well, let me also pose this question to you; if I could very easily obtain the Snapchats of the student, do you seriously think someone as influential as Tai Harden-Moore, who has almost the entire teacher union in her NEEd group, hasn’t done so?

Of course she can. And she claims she did. From within the NEEd group,

(Just as a note, I censored the parent’s information here because it can be used to discover the identity of one of the victims of the Snapchat incident, who is a minor. )

As you can see, Tai Harden-Moore admits that she knows the details of the incident. So, I believe Tai intentionally mischaracterized the situation because the press coverage and conversation benefited her group and its political activities.

Later, this is how the incident was discussed within the public NEEd group to the members outside of Tai’s inner circle when the Newberg school district published a statement,

The Instagram account I censored belongs to a minor and it shows some of the posts and the student who did the posts. Everyone who was part of this NEEd group had access to the direct link to the accuser on Instagram. They KNOW the kid who made the Snapchat group posts is BIPOC and the incident thus doesn’t meet their own standard of what “racism” is. The student in question is not a white supremacist and is ineligible to ever join a white supremacist group, because the student who made the posts is not “white”.

Was the incident racist using the common definition of the word? That is debatable given the nature of the messages, which I interpret as very inappropriate dark humor. It wasn’t a crime, however inappropriate and alarming. There was no violence nor was this done as a way to organize a harassment campaign against anyone. This kind of thing was childish and stupid, but it hardly warrants the kind of attention it has received. People say stupid, mean things on the internet all the time and it normally doesn’t get national attention, and if it were not for people like NEEd seeking witches to hunt, it wouldn’t have gained any.

I do acknowledge there is nothing about racism that means a person cannot be racist against their own ethnicity groups or other minorities, but that’s not how the NEEd group has characterized the incident. They have implied that the student who uploaded photos of other students was “white”. The student is, per their definition, not.

This incident has been used as fuel to claim Newberg has white supremacy,

In actuality, the incident has nothing to do with white supremacy.

So, what the NEEd group has done is use this case out of context to push an agenda while deceiving the general public about the actual details.

Another person who knew the poster is BIPOC is Ryan Clarke of the Newberg Graphic. From his Twitter page,

He clearly has access to the same material that I do. He knows who the poster of the content is.

Yet, here is the article that Ryan Clarke wrote about the article and quoted Tai Harden-Moore in,

First of all, the comments that Ryan Clarke quoted in his article were not said by Newberg school students. It was from people who don’t even live in this city that were also in the Snapchat group.

Second of all, Ryan Clarke knows this, because he read the same messages I did. Therefore I think it’s manipulation of the facts what Ryan Clarke has done, and to top it off, he helps turns the situation into a platform for Tai Harden-Moore to use to push the NEEd agenda, which benefits them. I mean, it certainly benefits Tai herself, since she provides consulting on ‘diversity’ and gains more prominence from this elevation of her message in the press.

Remember now, this NEEd mafia group involves multiple principals, assistance principals and school counselors at every school in Newberg, including the high school. Many of the key group members are aware that this was not a situation of white supremacy because the student in question is not “white” by the CRT definition. The evidence I have shared shows Tai Harden-Moore knew before she made her statements to the press the student was “BIPOC” and not “white”. Therefore, I believe Tai Harden-Moore is a liar, and so is Ryan Clarke. Tai Harden-Moore knows the incident does not prove Newberg has a widespread racism problem, because the incident involved one BIPOC student engaging in ‘dark humor’ that backfired hard. It has no reflection on the rest of the town.

Tai Harden-Moore has used the incident to recruit more “allies” for her political campaigning, and gain more personal benefit, and the only reason I cannot provide more supporting evidence here (such as the identity of the BIPOC student who posted them) is because of the privacy matters at the heart of this case. I seem to be the only person reporting on the situation that cares about presenting the truth while also trying to protect the student’s rights, that were already deeply violated by the Newberg school administration. What I am trying to do here is clean up the mess they made.

That is, the only reason I cannot prove to you in the public forum that Tai Harden-Moore knows the Snapchat incident was not about white supremacy in Newberg. Releasing all of the Snapchat messages is because it would violate student privacy laws such as FERPA. I’m not bound by FERPA but I am respecting it anyway as much as I can. I do in fact have the evidence to support the claims I have made.

What I can and have shown is that her NEEd group includes all of the most influential members of Newberg school district faculty and the teacher’s union, as well as three members of the Newberg school district board (Brandy Penner, Rebecca Piros and Ines Pena Anaya), and other journalists. They all had access to the original accusation and Tai Harden-Moore has admitted to speaking with the parents and superintendent about the case. The screenshots I have are ones which have been floating around in the teacher community, including among her inner circle of NEEd mafia members. Thus, I have reason to believe the mafia members who knew and have exploited this situation for their benefit are therefore guilty of several violations of law given their exploitation of the situation for their agenda, as his incident has been used to help justify the recall of Brian Shannon,

ORS 260.532 False publication relating to candidate or measure

No person shall cause to be written, printed, published, posted, communicated or circulated, any letter, circular, bill, placard, poster, photograph or other publication, or cause any advertisement to be placed in a publication, or singly or with others pay for any advertisement, with knowledge or with reckless disregard that the letter, circular, bill, placard, poster, photograph, publication or advertisement contains a false statement of material fact relating to any candidate, political committee or measure.

Tai Harden-Moore and others in NEEd have repeatedly claimed the Snapchat incident is proof of white supremacy and widespread racism in Newberg, and they have organized a recall of board member Brian Shannon under the claim that the board vote is leading to incidents such as the Snapchat group incident. Yet, Tai Harden-Moore knew the incident had nothing to do with the board vote to ban BLM flags, or Brian Shannon himself.

Likewise, I believe the NEEd group has also broken the law ORS 260.555 Prohibitions relating to circulation, filing or certification of initiative, referendum or recall petition

No person attempting to obtain signatures on, or causing to be circulated, an initiative, referendum or recall petition, shall knowingly make any false statement regarding the contents, meaning or effect of the petition to any person who signs it, attempts to sign it, is requested to sign it or requests information concerning it.

I believe that telling people to sign a recall petition while lying about the Snapchat incident and using that incident as “proof” that Brian Shannon should be recalled is a breach of this law.

Additionally, this NEEd mafia and its members who knew the truth have used this truth to alarm the public, creating a hysterical witch hunt in town in search of ‘racists. We now even have Proud Boy and Antifa showing up from Portland and fighting in our streets as a consequence of the NEEd group lying about the Snapchat incident.

The NEEd group members, and especially Tai Harden-Moore, have therefore in my opinion violated ORS 166.023, Disorderly conduct in the first degree,

A person commits the crime of disorderly conduct in the first degree if, with intent to cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, or knowingly creating a risk thereof, the person initiates or circulates a report, knowing it to be false:

(a) Disorderly conduct in the first degree is a Class A misdemeanor.

Many of the members of NEEd are completely aware that the Snapchat messages were not made by a “white” student but instead by a “BIPOC” student (using their own terms here) and therefore, in my opinion, they are guilty of this crime, for they have intentionally utilized the false narrative of the incident as proof of widespread racism and white supremacy in Newberg, Oregon. They have caused inconvenience, annoyance and alarm among the residents of the town for the benefit of the NEEd members, especially Tai-Harden-Moore, whose career is as a ‘social activist’ and diversity consultant. She profits from the hysteria.

To finish this section out, to the student in question who made the Snapchat posts, I believe the school administrators have placed you into the precarious situation where the only way you can clear your name and stop the current bullying by other students who also know it was you, is by suing the school and specifically the members of NEEd such as Tai Harden-Moore for their defamation. This also means you have to publicly admit you are the one who sent the messages in the Snapchat group. Unfortunately, due to the illegal conspiracy of the NEEd group and involvement of the school administrators, this incident will follow you in your personal life all throughout school, and likely even into adulthood because so many in our town know the truth. The only way for you to obtain justice to clear your name is by suing the ones who turned this into a media circus.

I do believe the student should sue the school administration, and members of NEEd, which is a sad thing to have to say but the student deserves justice for their privacy violations and how this has ruined their student life over what appears to be an extremely isolated incident of no public interest, and where the school administrators have failed the student by publicly shaming the student, and making our town the center of negative national attention using the student’s isolated incident of frustration and immaturity.

The school was supposed to give the student proper guidance in how to correct their behavior, not publicly shame them and feed them to the hyenas. This should have been kept a private matter between impacted parties.

Based on this incident alone, I believe the entire school administration who participated in the release of private student information and who knowingly has allowed the Newberg NEEd mafia to fundraise and recruit support for the Recall Brian Shannon PAC using this Snapchat incident, should be terminated immediately from employment by the school district and have their teaching licenses suspended by the state of Oregon. They have violated multiple school policies, violated the students’ rights to privacy and most importantly, they have violated federal and state laws related to the obscuring the facts for personal political gain. The school board should use its powers to terminate them all from employment, since Joe Morelock obviously isn’t going to do this.

Also the school board members who are participates in the Newberg mafia should be recalled from their seats. If they were smart I think they would resign immediately. This also goes for the Newberg city council members Bryce Coefield and Elise Yarnell Hollamon, who have participated in the NEEd group, too, and all of the other schools employees whom I have specifically mentioned who are members of this mafia cult.

How NEEd Felt About Gail Grobey Removing the American Flag From Newberg School Classrooms

The Newberg Graphic did report on Gail Grobey, a teacher at the school district and according to the news articles, one of the organizers of the teacher union, who said she wanted to remove American flags from the Newberg school district classrooms, which is illegal under Oregon law.

I couldn’t find Gail Grobey’s Facebook account as a member of NEEd, possibly because after the news story made national news she deactivated her Facebook profile. However, I do believe she is one of the people currently in the group posting under a fictitious username. Someone who may be a relative, Alan Grobey, is in the NEEd group.

In any case, this is how members of NEEd felt about Gail Grobey wanting to remove American flags from the classrooms,

If you have read this far, you’ll recognize the names of teachers like Elaine Haworth Koskela (teacher at Newberg Catalyst high school, success coordinator and married Gregg Haworth Koskela, Communications Coordinator and Bond Manager at Newberg School District) and Becky Raz, a teacher assistant. Angie Spracher is a Newberg school Special Education teacher at Chehalem Valley Midddle School.

You may also recall that Lu Pita is Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Oregon Department of Education.

Also, Melanie Mildenberger is on the Citizen Rate Committee for the City of Newberg and she is “triggered” by the American flag. Lovely.

Make no mistake. These people hate America and the only one of them that flies the American flag believes BLM and pride flags deserve equal placement and priority to it.

These cultists are in our classrooms, teaching our children to hate America, too.

Also as an aside, I couldn’t find many posts by Alan Grobey but I did find this,

Alan Grobey is around my age. He knows better than this, or at least he should.

While it is true that there are not as many African-American people in Newberg compared to Caucasians and Hispanics, or even Asians, there has been African-Americans in Newberg for a long time. My mother had classmates in Newberg who were African-American. Over a summer break during middle school, I briefly dated an African-American girl in town, who went to Open Bible (now called C.S. Lewis) and I recall her being very popular. I didn’t think much about her ethnicity at all, I just thought she was cute and funny. We didn’t keep dating because I spent the next half of the summer at my mom’s in another town (my parents were divorced by this point) and as I recall, she, being popular, started seeing someone else. I was disappointed, but there were other girls. It is what it is.

Several of my parents’ friends in the area had mixed ethnicity marriages and families, weekend BBQs with them was common event, and nobody ever thought anything of it. I never had my parents make such an absurd declaration as we having to be friends because of their ethnicity, as saying this was never necessary, because racism was completely absent from the culture of this area.

So, I disagree that the culture of Newberg is as Alan Grobey describes, or at least it wasn’t when I grew up here, and if it has changed, it’s not because of anything long-time residents have changed. This town was founded by Quakers and a Common Humanity approach to diversity has been the model since it was founded in 1889.

If racism exists in Newberg its because of other people recently moving here and bringing their stupid ideas with them, making people pay enormous attention to ethnicity in a town that culturally never did pay much mind to it. We certainly didn’t tell kids to segregate in schools, or that they owe or are owed a blood debt based on skin color.

Use of NEEd to Spam the School Board, Coordinated by School Board Councilors Brandy Pender and Rebecca Piros

School board members Brandy Coffman Pender and Rebecca Piros both are members of NEEd and routinely ask members of NEEd to submit letters to the board with opinions that they want, so they can deceive the public into thinking these are opinions randomly volunteered, instead of part of a coordinated political campaign orchestrated by NEEd.


I also find this part to be hilarious,

The NEEd group members literally break many laws in their own internal communications and yet here they are trying to go after others for the crime they are already committing, and the funny thing is, this just shows they know their actions are illegal.

From the Oregon School Board Association website,

As I have demonstrated with their past communications in the NEEd group, until this most recent school board election there was a quorum in the NEEd group and they used the group to gather information to deliberate on exclusively from members in NEEd. They continue to do this as well.

Use of Chehalem Cultural Center to Distribute Critical Race Theory Propaganda

The Chehalem Cultural Center, formerly Central Elementary School, has been used by the NEEd group to organize and spread their ideologies.

Feel free to watch this absurd video yourself if you like, and recognize how many faces are part of the NEEd group.

When the school district sold the building to Chehalem Park and Recreation District for $1, and the Austin family and state gave funding to repair it, I’m pretty sure this wasn’t what it was intended to be used for.

List of George Fox University Employees In the Mafia

The university has been infiltrated as well by employees who work for it and have access to students, able to indoctrinate them into the cult’s ideology. These are members of the group who work for GF University, which is based in our town.

  • Jenny Elsey Dean of Student Success and Equity/Title IX Coordinator at George Fox University
  • Jillian Contreni Sokso Director of the School of Communication and Design at George Fox University
  • Judith Irene Harris Works at George Fox University and Former Middle School Principal at Newberg Public Schools
  • Kathi Gatlin Adjunct Professor at George Fox University Adult Degree Program and Co-Founder / Partner at Companioning Center
  • Jere Witherspoon Student Care & Student Life Operations Specialist at George Fox University – Student Life Department
  • Cherice Bock Adjunct Faculty, Creation Care Program at George Fox University, Adjunct Faculty, Theology at University of Portland, Works at Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
  • Livia Mae Cerna Media Production Services at George Fox University, Dual Language Science Teacher at Mountain View Middle School and Family Programs Assistant at Coal Creek Family YMCA

By the way, George Fox University administrators, here’s a nice juicy chat for you all to read,

George Fox University admins, aren’t you glad you helped Tai Harden-Moore gain credibility using your university’s reputation as a platform jump, just so she could turn around and trash talk the university for giving her a job?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think universities ran by sexist racists go about hiring African-American women as professors. Given her behavior, I think it’s far more likely her bad attitude led to whatever problems she encountered while working at GF University.

Cherice Bock in particular has been a very active member of NEEd and its agenda, no doubt in part thanks to his status at the university, which has allowed him to say outright lies to manipulate people.

He’s also been involved in the recent sign waving at the flag.

There are other screenshots featuring him elsewhere in this article.

Newberg Churches Have Been Infiltrated

Newberg has long been known for its churches and unfortunately this community was mobilized against the town by this organized criminal enterprise.

Here is a short list of some church officials in town who are part of this organized criminal enterprise per their membership in the Facebook group,

Jennifer Maxwell Olsen Zion Lutheran Church Treasurer and Secretary

Rachelle Staley Co-executive director/social worker at Integrity Home Studies and works at Wayside Friends Church

And here is discussion among NEEd about infilitrating churches,

Members Involved With NEEd Who Are Veterans

I am appalled by many of the things I have seen in this group, but this sickens me so much I must specifically call it out.

There is no free speech issue except the one that NEEd has created by seeking to use criminal activities to undermine a lawful government body (the school board) after they lost control of it in an election for implementing CRT in the school system.

Per Supreme Court ruling Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier, public school districts have the right to limit speech on campus when that speech is contrary to the mission and purpose of the public schools.

The ruling is quite clear; public schools do not infringe on First Amendment rights when exercising control over student speech in school-sponsored activities, “so long as their actions are reasonably related to legitimate pedagogical concerns”

Critical race theory is a racial separatist ideology designed to trick people into believing they owe a blood debt to others based on ethnicity. Its viewpoints and values are as contrary to shared American values as Nazism is. The public school system is a limited public forum, and its activities must be aligned with its mission to teach children how to become functional contributors to the republic.

An ideology that teaches that America is systematically racist and must be dismantled and rebuilt to create racial separatism should never be allowed to be taught inside our public schools. Thus, Black Lives Matter, an organization that advocates for CRT has no place inside our schools, and the flag of this organization has no place inside its walls, either.

Furthermore, the gay pride flag and its many versions is a political symbol first invented in San Francisco for a movement within the Democratic party and to this day it is still a symbol aligned with the Democratic party. It is also used as a logo for hundreds of political activism non-profits; in fact, the NEEd group uses it for this same purpose in some of its political activist non-profits, such as the one that is literally called Pride Flag Newberg.

These symbols have no business inside our schools. They are not non-partisan symbols. They are not universal symbols. They are political symbols aligned with very specific political ideologies, and your attempts to use motivated reasoning rhetoric designed to confuse the issue has been undermined by the extremely political activities of your own organization.

Jay Wolf, you have forgotten the oath you made when you enlisted,

“I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;  bear true faith and allegiance to the same.

My criticism and singling you out is not because of a difference of ideology. You have become a member of a racial separatism group engaged in a criminal conspiracy against our democracy.

Have you lost your damned mind?!

I have no sympathy for you. You have been an active participant in this treasonous group for an entire month. You had access to the exact same information I have had access to for a week, and you did nothing except support them. In fact, you knew exactly what they were. They told you.

You decided to allow an anecdotal story from Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Department of Oregon Education, to back you down. She could have made the entire thing up. This was no reason to turn a blind eye to the activities of a group who are presently during your active membership in it using obviously unlawful methods to intimidate elected officials into changing their votes or resigning, during the time you are a member of it.

You have no excuse. Be ashamed, because your behavior is shameful. You had a duty to report. You instead supported them.

Members Involved With Various Political Non-Profit Groups and Other Charitable Companies

I haven’t been able to follow all of these leads yet to see what benefits these people have provided to NEEd, but I am listing them because they are members. They too had access to the same information I have shown you, and they did nothing except support the conspiracy.

  • Jessica Baker – Office Manager at Northwest Dyslexia Center
  • Gail Porter Continuing Care Coordinator at Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
  • Livia Mae Cerna Media Production Services at George Fox University, Dual Language Science Teacher at Mountain View Middle School and Family Programs Assistant at Coal Creek Family YMCA
  • Anne Falla – Victim Assistance Advocate at The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde, Former Executive Administrative Assistant at Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence and Former Executive Director at Henderson House Advocacy Center
  • Shannon Eof Board Member at Newberg Habitat For Humanity & Drummer at Tall Dark Whimsy

NEEd Members and Associates Who Own or Work for Businesses Based In Newberg

These are individuals who own businesses in town who were participants in NEEd and as such, endorsed the activities of the group to harass elected officials in an effort to change their votes or intimidate them into resigning, which as mentioned, is illegal.

Kristy Cearley Owner & Maker at Wood & Wine

Kat Stauffer, Caravan Coffee (proof)

Other businesses in the area are also profiting from the hysteria by selling merchandise and goods for political campaigning.

Jeri Frankenburger Clinical Manager at Providence Health & Services – Oregon Region

Various Licensed Professionals Who May Have Breached Organizational, State and Federal Laws Related to Their Occupations

I haven’t looked through the codes for all of the professional groups these people belong to and the agencies that supervise their conduct Those who are members of the State Bar is an obvious violation, but these other licensed professionals may be in violation of codes, too, for failure to report the conduct of this mafia they joined as a member.

  • Krista Lawless Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) at Ascend Therapy Services and Former Clinical Mental Health Therapist at The Hope Connection

Literally driving around in a clown car love bombing random people with cultish “free hugs” tactics from the 1960s hippie movement.

I’m taking a moment to comment on this.

Jenny Crackenberg, you’ve made the mistake of a circular reasoning and single cause fallacy. Racist beliefs of an individual can be the result of multiple factors that have nothing to do with the culture of a community the individual lives in. Take for example all your own CRT racist nonsense that is not an accurate reflection of the Newberg community and its history, and instead has been imported into this town from elsewhere.

Jenny Crackenberg, Krista Lawless and Amy Kopsa, how many lives have you ruined with your motivated reasoning while posing as a legitimate health professionals? If you can’t even identity that your own statements are nonsense then I doubt that you have ever helped anybody with whatever your brand of “counseling” is. Any mental health professional who would join a cult like NEEd is obviously unfit to be licensed as one.

Furthermore, the individuals who are members of Oregon’s Bar should in my opinion probably be disbarred for their participation in and refusal to report the criminal information I have seen organized with the group they are a member of. These breaches of the law were obvious to me; they have no excuse for their neglect to report it.

Anyone who’d like to report these so-called “therapists” for their unethical behavior as part of a criminal conspiracy against elected officials and which has also broken FERPA multiple times should inform the Board of Licensed Professional Counselors and Therapists.

Oregon Wineries and Vineyards Who Support the Critical Race Theory Cults

The winery business has had in my opinion a very negative impact on Willamette Valley. The value of property has skyrocketed throughout the area, which has priced local residents. A house that sold for around $200,000 ten years ago now sells for $500,000 or more.

The money of the wineries and vineyards is also channeled toward social activism.

Feel free to read their statement of support for Black Lives Matter and by extension, Critical Race Theory. Now that you’ve made it this far in my article you understand that the concept of ‘equity’ in this framework is actually a stand-in for racial segregation.

Outrageous Lies Against My Character Said by NEEd In a Pathetic Effort to Discredit Me

Kim Warrington McDonough, who is the wife of Jeff McDonough (School Counselor at Chehalem Valley Middle School) made a claim about me within the group that I would like to take the time to address, as it’s relevant to what the group does to detractors.

Here is the entire thread from within their group,

Everything Kim McDonough said is an absurd lie.

I have thought deeply about this, and I have no idea who Kim is, aside from being the wife of Jeff. I also have no idea what she is even talking about. I have never stalked anyone in my entire life and I’ve certainly never camped outside of anyone’s house to do so. I’ve never left dead flowers anywhere. I genuinely haven’t a clue what she could possibly be talking about and I think neither does she.

I can only assume her motivation to invent such an absurd lie is a sad attempt to defend the honor of her husband, Jeff McDonough, who very badly lost a public debate with me (which I wrote a previous article about) prior to Kim writing these lies in the NEEd group. I suspect her lie is a pathetic effort to discredit my character so that people will stop reading my articles that threaten to expose the criminal mafia cult she belongs to. If what she said wasn’t so absurd that I think no sane person would believe it, I’d sue her for libel.

Admittedly, I do find it amusing how they were so terrified of me. None of them can defeat me in a debate about their own belief system and how absurd the whole thing is.

I wonder how they feel about me now? I expect they will invent more unusual and absurd lies in a sad attempt to distract from the evidence I have provided in this article about their cult and its activities.

Furthermore, Kim was a participant of the harassment of elected board members, including searching for info like what churches they go to,

I think the only logical explanation for what Kim said about me is that this Kim person is a pathological liar, and the NEEd group seems to attract them and they feed off each others’ insanity, hysteria and nonsense.

So, who are you going to believe? Me, with overwhelming evidence of the crimes and conspiracy against residents of Newberg who resist their evil activities, or Kim, who has no evidence and who also engages in criminal conduct while virtue signaling about how amazing she thinks she is, in an sad effort to earn ‘likes’ on her social media posts?

Tell me, does anything I have exposed about this group feel like it is rooted in love, or does it look rooted in hate? I think the answer is hate and it is an obvious conclusion when the facts are brought to light.

I also won’t deny I harbor some hatred for these people now, after having seen the extremes they will go to destroy my hometown for their personal vainglory. But my motivations for exposing them does not change the evidence here, and what they have done.

Here’s another thread about me in the NEEd group,

  • Yes, I called the School Board Chairman Dave Brown during my investigation. That’s what reporters do when investigating school boards. I didn’t realize there was a school board meeting occurring, as unlike the members of NEEd, my life does not revolve around school board meetings.
  • No, I don’t know Dave Brown’ son.
  • Yes, I spoke with residents at the counter-protest rally, to gather some of the information presented in this report.
  • Saying I “don’t live in the state” is rather inaccurate. I have multiple residences. I’ve been back in the area for at least a year now.
  • There is no information in a school yearbook from twenty years ago that will help you today.

This has worked out though, as it led the NEEd group to get so flustered they did what they do; speculate, spread false rumors and create hysteria to feed on.

As far as I am concerned, this NEEd group is a hate group. They hate Newberg and its citizens, and think themselves so righteousness they can break the laws and deceive others to gain power over the city. I stand in the way of that by calling them out, and so they wished to discredit me with lies. As they are cowards, they don’t know how to do anything but lie. They lack the wit to reply to my claims. Lying is what moronic cowards do. Lies are not the tool of the genuine intellectual; lies are a netted web the liar gets caught up in when they are backed into a corner by truth.

Evidence of Collusion from Surrounding Cities and Interference in Newberg Politics

These are the people who are using their political positions to virtue signal publicly while actually engaging in a criminal enterprise conspiracy that violates multiple federal and state laws, as previously explained.

Yeah……I don’t think this group will be very crucial at all for that, Courtney Neron, soon to be former State Representative.

Sure looks like the residents of McMinnville need to take a closer look at their own city council. If this is what Remy Drabkin is involved with in Newberg, it wouldn’t surprise me what is happening in the shadows of the city she is actually in.

And these are people with connections to the schools in surrounding areas who are interfering as part of this NEEd mafia,

In fact, for some inexplicable reason the Facebook Page for the Portland Association of Teachers union is a member of the group. I’m no expert but I would imagine that the involvement of an entire school union from another town into the political activities of an organization in an entirely different town that has nothing to do with Portland schools is a violation of something, and further evidence of the abuse of unions to create a criminal enterprise to intimidate public officials into voting certain ways in the state of Oregon.

I mean, I can only assume it’s a union since they say they are on their website linked to from the Facebook Page.

I’ll just take them at their face value they are who they say they are.

Melissa Goff the recently fired Albany school superintendent who endorsed teaching CRT is a member of the NEEd group as well, and she is praised by its members as a martyr.

Members of the Press Who Are Part of the Mafia

These people have made severe violations of journalist ethical codes of conduct by participating in this group and not reporting the illegal activity within it. I think nothing printed in their publications should ever be believed to be “journalism” ever again.

  • Andrew Selsky, who lists his occupation as a Correspondent for the Associated Press, is also a member of NEEd,

Andrew Selsky wrote this news report, which due to his role at AP was widely repurposed across multiple media outlets as part of a package,

Seems a major conflict of interest and violation of ethical codes of journalism to be a member of the group you are reporting on without disclosing that information, doesn’t it?

I don’t have anywhere else to put her so I’m also going to include New York Times best selling author Kelly Williams Brown here as well, because she is a participant of this NEEd group, too. Her books Adulting and Graciousness are unreasonably popular.

Evidence of Out of Area Political Interference in Local Newberg Politics Organized by Tai Harden-Moore and Her Supporters

There has been a general feeling expressed by some Newberg residents that people from California have been moving to our small town and attempting to take it over using their influence and wealth brought from outside of our town. I believe there is some evidence to support this belief.

According to a source, Hollywood film cinematographer Matthew Moriarty (whose IMBD credits are here) and his family are a supporter of Tai Harden-Moore’s social activism in Newberg. His wife is Ingrid Moriarty, who is a very active member of Tai Harden-Moore’s social activism and the NEEd group.

According to this post, Ingrid is among those who met with Alexandria Cortez when she flew into Newberg as part of a political stunt. And who did she meet with? The NEEd mafia members, of course.

This is unmistakably a request for aid from a politician who does not represent nor have any jurisdiction over the affairs of our town, requesting for resources and aid. This is a blatant and obvious effort to pressure the residents of our town to make choices that are not reflective of the opinions and views of the residents of Newberg.

I feel that these people have moved to our city because of the wine tourism and they do not care at all about its history and other residents. This is why they are so willing to throw the entire town and its long century plus history under the bus in the national spotlight.

While I am absolutely not opposed to anyone moving to Newberg, I do think it is malicious to move to a town and then expect the community to bend and bow to your every will, according to values you import from other places — especially places that have the enormous social problems like Los Angeles and San Francisco, California and Portland, Oregon. These social problems such as widespread poverty, vagrancy, drug abuse and crime simply have never existed at any significant level in this town’s entire history. We’ve never had people picketing our main streets with signs accusing the town of being a ruled by white supremacists and politicians flying in from the entire other side of the country for a rally as part of a political circus show.

This fringe cult of actual racists desire to take over our town. Residents of Newberg should ask themselves if they are going to allow this to happen?

I saw that we do not. I say that wholly reject their rhetoric and goals, and we recall our Mayor Rick Rogers who endorses their activities to the degree he participates in their rallies and uses their Critical race theory code words in his videos to the city.

Recall Brian Shannon PAC Campaign Financing Contributors Documents

Recently, the Save our Schools Newberg Page released some documents showing the financial contributions to the Recall Brian Shannon PAC.

Amongst the many names who contributed is Matthew Moriarty (whose IMBD credits are here). As mentioned before, his wife Ingrid is an active NEEd member.

Lots of other contributors are members of the NEEd group as well, who you can find the full list of in the downloadable spreadsheet I made available.

No real shocker to this, just yet more proof of the NEEd group ties to the Recall Brian Shannon PAC.

Why the Newberg Mafia is an Actual Mafia Per RICO

By now I have shown enough pattern of illicit behavior that we can finally talk about RICO.

I have previously shown the coordinated harassment and coercion that the NEEd mafia is organizing against school board members Dave Brown, Brian Shannon, Trevor DeHart and Rene Powell, in a desire to force them to resign or change their votes. Let’s now talk about how this, when all of the evidence I have shown so far is also considered, makes this so much more.

I am willing to go on record to suggest everything I have shown so far is evidence for violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO), which was specifically created to arrest members of mafias. Let me explain my reasoning.

According to CRM 101-199,

It is unlawful for anyone employed by or associated with any enterprise engaged in, or the activities of which affect, interstate or foreign commerce, to conduct or participate, directly or indirectly, in the conduct of such enterprise’s affairs through a pattern of racketeering activity or collection of unlawful debt. 18 U.S.C.A. § 1962(c) (West 1984). The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO) was passed by Congress with the declared purpose of seeking to eradicate organized crime in the United States. Russello v. United States, 464 U.S. 16, 26-27, 104 S. Ct. 296, 302-303, 78 L. Ed. 2d 17 (1983); United States v. Turkette, 452 U.S. 576, 589, 101 S. Ct. 2524, 2532, 69 L. Ed. 2d 246 (1981). A violation of Section 1962(c), requires (1) conduct (2) of an enterprise (3) through a pattern (4) of racketeering activity. Sedima, S.P.R.L. v. Imrex Co., 473 U.S. 479, 496, 105 S. Ct. 3275, 3285, 87 L. Ed. 2d 346 (1985).

A more expansive view holds that in order to be found guilty of violating the RICO statute, the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt: (1) that an enterprise existed; (2) that the enterprise affected interstate commerce; (3) that the defendant was associated with or employed by the enterprise; (4) that the defendant engaged in a pattern of racketeering activity; and (5) that the defendant conducted or participated in the conduct of the enterprise through that pattern of racketeering activity through the commission of at least two acts of racketeering activity as set forth in the indictment. United States v. Phillips, 664 F. 2d 971, 1011 (5th Cir. Unit B Dec. 1981), cert. denied, 457 U.S. 1136, 102 S. Ct. 1265, 73 L. Ed. 2d 1354 (1982).

An “enterprise” is defined as including any individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity, and any union or group of individuals associated in fact although not a legal entity. 18 U.S.C.A. §  1961(4) (West 1984). Many courts have noted that Congress mandated a liberal construction of the RICO statute in order to effectuate its remedial purposes by holding that the term “enterprise” has an expansive statutory definition. United States v. Delano, 825 F. Supp. 534, 538-39 (W.D.N.Y. 1993), aff’d in part, rev’d in part, 55 F. 3d 720 (2d Cir. 1995), cases cited therein.

The courts have held that due to the Commerce Clause, any act of commerce applies for creating a RICO case and it does not require the commerce acts involve inter-state transactions or travel. Commerce need only be impacted slightly or de minimis

The important thing is the racketing, which in this case is extortion by fear against businesses that employ or have financial relationships with Newberg school board members.

18 U.S. Code § 1951 – Interference with commerce by threats or violence

Whoever in any way or degree obstructs, delays, or affects commerce or the movement of any article or commodity in commerce, by robbery or extortion or attempts or conspires so to do, or commits or threatens physical violence to any person or property in furtherance of a plan or purpose to do anything in violation of this section shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.(b) As used in this section—

(1) The term “robbery” means the unlawful taking or obtaining of personal property from the person or in the presence of another, against his will, by means of actual or threatened force, or violence, or fear of injury, immediate or future, to his person or property, or property in his custody or possession, or the person or property of a relative or member of his family or of anyone in his company at the time of the taking or obtaining.

(2) The term “extortion” means the obtaining of property from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right.

(3) The term “commerce” means commerce within the District of Columbia, or any Territory or Possession of the United States; all commerce between any point in a State, Territory, Possession, or the District of Columbia and any point outside thereof; all commerce between points within the same State through any place outside such State; and all other commerce over which the United States has jurisdiction.

I’ve bolded the parts that are applicable in these kinds of organized harassment campaigns by a union against an elected official.

“Commerce”, due to the Commerce Clause, just means any time money is involved, since money is the exclusive property of the Federal government in America. It’s a long winded legalese way of saying any crime involving a financial or monetary component.

The definitions of robbery or extortion could be applicable either way in this case, but extortion is most likely what the feds will go with, I assume. Note that the word “obtain” in this context of how RICO law is used just means removed from someone else. It doesn’t mean they have to get his money or property for it to be applicable; they do not. They simply have to deprive him of what he would have if they had not engaged in any unlawful content, such as their organized intimidation against the elected official due to his voting.

Normally, “cancel culture” tactics can be considered legal IF done under certain circumstances. For example, a journalistic reporting editorial such as this one, is not considered illegal because I am reporting on a matter of public interest. If someone else loses their job because of my report, it’s not my legal fault, because my goal is to report truth and if they cannot be employed when true facts are known that is on them not me.

This situation is different. This is a coordinated harassment and intimidation campaign by a teacher union and their supporters, against an elected public official to coerce him into changing his votes or to resign from his elected position, and who due to his role as a school board member also impacts their jobs. This is 100% illegal to do. Our democratic process can’t endure if this was normal political campaigning behavior for unions.

As an example of the consequences of the NEEd group’s illegal activity, School board member Brian Shannon lost his job and School board member Renee Powell had her merchandise removed from a winery showroom store, which negatively impacts their finances. Then when members of NEEd learned Powell’s relationship had ended with the winery via extortion by fear, members rewarded that winery with patronage,

Because this is organized extortion by fear using an actual labor union (which is what RICO was designed to deal with, organized crime within labor unions) and that when the extortion is successful the members then literally say they will now provide money (patronage) to the business for having ended ties to the public official, I believe this is a clear case where RICO has been violated.

Here is another thread in the NEEd group that shows the NEEd group members are responsible for the ending of the business relationship between an elected official and a private company, using extortion by fear,

Make no mistake; the business owners stated feelings to the NEEd members about why they ended the relationship does not change that the NEEd members goal in informing the winery and other businesses which Powell had a relationship was in a desire to imply, “if you don’t remove the products we won’t buy your items and may start other harassment against you like we are doing to Powell“. They threatened them with boycott.

And there is nothing in the NEEd group communications that implies they wouldn’t harass and boycott a company that refused to remove Powell’s products in retaliation for her vote going a way she didn’t like. After all, they are harassing the board members. If they are willing to organize harassment of an elected official, who won’t they harass?

Besides, I was able to obtain the actual emails between the winery showroom owner and Powell that shows it was due to intimidation and fear that the merchandise was removed,

As you can see, the owner Sandy of the showroom has given fear and intimidation by the NEED mob as the reason she removed Powell’s merchandise.

I believe this is sufficient evidence to show the NEEd group is in fact a mafia that used organized intimidation to create fear to harass an elected official, and then as an organized group they financially rewarded the business for ending ties with the elected official. That meets the federal law requirement for extortion and coercion, and this is one of the requirements for RICO.

The NEEd group’s membership consists of an actual labor union using intimidation to influence and pressure politicians through coercion and intimidation of other businesses to severe ties, and then the group gives financial rewards for ending those ties. That’s what the mafia did and it is illegal. Therefore, I believe it is correct to call NEEd a mafia and claim it has violated RICO.

As an aside, within their member lists is Kim Bibbee Heater who is the current HR director for the Allison, where as discussed by the NEEd mafia, the school board director Renee Powell has /had merchandise. The NEEd mafia has sought to have Powell’s relationship with the Allison ended, too.

Now, personally, after spending many hours reading through their messages (and screenshotting almost all of them, by the way) about the harassment of elected officials, I believe the motivation of the NEEd mafia group is to pressure the targets of their harassment to resign from the school board so that their preferred candidates, such as Tai Harden-Moore, can take office. Then they will be able to have full control over the town, as presently they already have members making up most of the Newberg city government and have several members on the school board already (Piros, Ines and Penner).

The NEEd mafia cult takeover of the town of Newberg will be complete if they can get Rene Powell, Brian Shannon and Dave Brown to resign from the school board through intimidation tactics. I can prove this with their own postings from when Tai Harden-Moore ran for office; the NEEd group collectively chose to support her, just as they did other candidates for government positions in Newberg such as Bryce Coefield. I have shared those screenshots of their communications previously in this article.

The group desperately wants to control the town of Newberg and the members of the group are eager to prove their loyalty by doing whatever is necessary to be part of this takeover. In fact, they are so desperate to prove this loyalty that any time one of the leaders makes a request, no matter how absurd, they jump at it. Case in point, when Lydia Keuler (who is married to the senior accountant for the City of Newberg) an admin of the group asks for them to spam report my previous article exposing Tai Harden-Moore they go to great lengths to virtue signal and prove their loyalty.

This, of course, is their most fatal flaw as an organized criminal group. These declarations of loyalty by members of the group is what allows their crimes to become a RICO case. RICO allows ALL members of an organization to be penalized for the criminal actions of ANY OTHER MEMBER of the group. If you can be proven to be loyal to the mafia group, you are subject to penalties under RICO.

These guys are just incredibly dumber than past gangsters, for organizing their racketeering on freakin Facebook, where the evidence can be easily recovered.

Also, the group is used to promote businesses such as Social Goods and the Pollinate flower shop.

As the group is literally part of the union and it is engaged in political activity, I am sure the group also being used to sell commercial services and products is illegal. The feds will need to piece together how that all fits together though.

The Group Is A Criminal Conspiracy Under Oregon Law

I believe the NEEd group members activity is also illegal under Or. Rev. Stat. § 161.450, “Criminal conspiracy”.

1) A person is guilty of criminal conspiracy if with the intent that conduct constituting a crime punishable as a felony or a Class A misdemeanor be performed, the person agrees with one or more persons to engage in or cause the performance of such conduct.

(2) Criminal conspiracy is a:(a) Class A felony if an object of the conspiracy is commission of murder, treason or a Class A felony.(b) Class B felony if an object of the conspiracy is commission of a Class B felony.(c) Class C felony if an object of the conspiracy is commission of a Class C felony.(d) Class A misdemeanor if an object of the conspiracy is commission of a Class A misdemeanor.

Here is the list of the mafia actions that I believe makes the activities of the NEEd group a criminal conspiracy;

The actions of Oregon Board of Education Director, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata and how it influences the actions of other members in the group.

  • Violations of ORS 260.432 Solicitation of public employees (acting in her official capacity to influence other public employees under her jurisdiction to take certain political actions, including signing and promoting a recall election, endorsement of a PAC activities and so on)
  • Violations of ORS 182.030 Employment of persons advocating violent overthrow of the Government of the United States or Oregon prohibited (her CRT ideology statements about needing to dismantle the American government and rebuild it into a racist society),
  • Violation of ORS 260.532 False publication relating to candidate or measure (accusing Newberg school board members of violating the law with their ban on political symbols and using this to encourage a recall election on them).
  • Violation of 162.415 Official misconduct in the first degree (as a result of all of the above)

The actions of every Newberg school faculty member who is a member of NEEd and its activities,

  • 162.415 Official misconduct in the first degree (obtaining special benefits by carrying out the requests of Oregon Board of Education Director, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata to sign a recall ballot and encourage others to do so, organized via a group whose activities overlaps with their duties as a public employee of the municipal corporation the school district is organized under, as the teacher union is deeply involved in organizing the NEEd group and distributing its messages)
  • ORS 260.432 Solicitation of public employees (using the NEEd group to organize the promotion of a political committee using school property during work hours, and even using the students as props for this promotional of the teacher’s illegal political activism).

(As a note, based on this alone, I believe the Newberg school board should do everything within legal power to end the Newberg school districts relationship with the Newberg Education Association teacher union because it is, in my opinion, a criminal enterprise due to its widespread membership participation in NEEd and its illegal activities. I do not see how such a criminal enterprise could possibly bargain in good faith with the school district it is willing to go to such criminal lengths to harass and attack when school board decisions are not to its membership’s liking. )

The actions of Newberg high school principal Tami Erion, other NHS administrators, and Newberg school district Superintendent Joe Morelock

  • Violations of Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (public release of information about the so-called ‘Snapchat Slave Trade’ incident, whose release violated students’ privacy rights because the incident was not a crime and therefore not of public interest to discuss with the public. I also believe the response may have been released to the public the way it was so that NEEd could leverage the school’s acknowledgment of the incident so it could be mischaracterized as proof of ‘white supremacy’ in the Newberg schools to justify the changes they want to make to its curriculum in teaching CRT, and the political activities of the NEEd group to recall school board members opposed to their agenda. They placed the student into a situation where the only way the student could dispute the accusation he is a white supremacist is by coming forward and becoming further target of public ridicule. This is a gross injustice and I think the Newberg school board should move to terminate all involved administrators in the decision to release the public statement)

The actions of Tai Harden-Moore and how it influences other members of the group

The actions of the collective NEEd group to get Brian Shannon and Renee Powell terminated from jobs and/or loss of business as means of intimidation to vote a certain way or resign from office,

  • Violations of 9.15.020 Obstructing governmental administration.
  • Violations of Or. Rev. Stat. § 162.235 h
  • Violations of ORS 260.665 Undue influence to affect registration, voting, candidacy, signing petitions.
  • Violations of ORS 163.275 Coercion (harassment and threatening businesses and employers associated with board members, church groups, etc. in an effort to intimidate the board members into changing their votes or resign)

The failure of every member of NEEd to report any of this wrongdoing,

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

Conclusion of the consideration of wrongdoing

When the activity of the groups; leaders and the lay members together as a collective are reviewed, it becomes plainly evident that the NEEd group is a criminal conspiracy under Oregon law, and as mentioned before, I think it may be a case of RICO, too.

How Did I Get All Of This Information So Quickly?

By now you’re probably wondering, “Hey, Carey, how the heck did you get all of this information about what is happening in Newberg so fast? You’ve only been talking about this problem for a week“.

Truth be told, this information was SUPER EASY to obtain because lots of people in town know this is going on,. Within less than 24 hours of becoming aware of this NEEd group I was able to get inside of it and locate their entire member list. Then I spent about 48 hours piecing together all of the information you see here, and creating a spreadsheet of who these people are so I could make note of key individuals and track relationships. Writing this article took me another few days.

I’d love to tell you precisely why Ryan Clarke was unable to do this same investigation for the residents of Newberg, but I don’t know the answer. I personally think he’s a propogandist and even if he may not have been aware of all of this information, I have been told by others he knew about some of it.

All I had to do was be willing to stand up and speak the truth, and many people in town came forward with evidence of wrong doing. Then I just followed the trail the evidence led to and beyond, this article practically wrote itself.

The real question related to Ryan Clarke is why he hasn’t been telling the truth in his articles when he quotes Tai Harden-Moore as merely a ‘concerned parent’ when she appears to actually be a leader in an organized criminal gang interfering with our city politics using deception, intimidation and possibly other crimes?

I think that is a good question you should ask his bosses at Pamphlin Media Group, whom you can contact via this page. Be sure to send them a copy of all of my articles, especially this one, when you ask why Ryan Clarke hasn’t reported on any of these things. If you get a response back from his bosses, I would love to know what it is.

Make sure you send them a copy of this lovely screenshot as well. Boy, did his statement not date well.

Ryan Clarke, I didn’t “imagine” a conspiracy. There is a conspiracy and I have exposed it. I have done the job you have failed miserably to do.

You talked down to me, but you and I are not equals; I am your intellectual and moral superior as far as journalism goes, and you will never disrespect me ever again without a painful reminder of this fact.

I believe the Newberg Graphic and Pamphlin Media Group owe the residents of this town an enormous apology and a retraction of every news story that falsely paints Newberg as a town of white supremacists. The only evidence for racists in Newberg is the evidence I provide in this article, that proves the actual racists are the ones led by Tai Harden-Moore as participants in her Critical race theory mafia. Almost every one of these people moved to Newberg in the past 10 years. They are not the product of this town’s community and culture. They came to Newberg from other areas and brought their bad ideas with them.

Now, many people seem to think I am angry in my past writings. No, I wasn’t genuinely angry then.

I’m furious now though, after having spent the the past 2 weeks going through all of the conspiracy documentation.

Ryan Clarke, I suggest you find a new profession, because journalism clearly is not suited for you. I had to involve myself in this matter because you didn’t do your job.

How Was This Cultish Mafia Able To Gain Any Power in Newberg?

I believe the cultural zeitgeist trends of present day American culture has been exploited to create this cultish criminal enterprise in our town. The strong tendency of left leaning liberals to virtue signal and focus on trivial nonsense they can share on social media websites like Facebook (instead of addressing legitimate social problems that are difficult to solve) and the decline of genuine progressive values has been directed toward indoctrinating Democrats into Critical race theory (and all the names it is taught under), which transforms these people into cult members using a series of “roleplaying exercises” that are being taught in academia. CRT relies heavily on motivated reasoning and indoctrinating people into the belief that logic and science are racist belief systems used to disempower minorities, and so these people never seek to employ it.

The situation is made worse because our colleges are used as the cult indoctrination centers, as the college students must perform the roleplaying exercises and learn the material in order to graduate from classes. This results in a high number of college graduates being indoctrinated into the cult, to such a degree they don’t even know how to use logic anymore in their own professions. Thus, they are cult members indoctrinated into a framework that relies on motivated reasoning, as I have written at length in my articles about.

These people then join other CRT affiliated social activism groups, like this NEEd group , wherever they move to. Many people from outside of Newberg have moved to the area to either work at the wineries, form new vineyards or work in the schools. They have brought their cultish ideas with them and spread them, and it makes it easy for them to organize a criminal enterprise when they are led by someone such as Tai Harden-Moore who does presentations in town with the City of Newberg blessing on why people must switch from being ‘Allies’ to ‘Accomplices’ using a framework that says American democracy is unjust and must be toppled.

When a person believes one impossible thing, they can be easily led to believe in other equally impossible things that utilize similar fallacious reasoning. This is why I stress the importance of returning to teach the Common Humanity approach in our school system, and to teach logic and rhetoric to kids at an early age, so children stop growing up to being victims of cult leaders like Tai Harden-Moore, and others who infiltrated our school system. We need to take back our education system so that it works for America again, instead of being used to poison people against America.

As demonstrated by the actions of the teachers and their indoctrination of children into the ideology of Critical Race Theory, it is obvious we’re not teaching the students logic and rhetoric anymore. They are instead being taught motivated reasoning, and that makes them susceptible to becoming exploited by groups like BLM. They think they have learned critical thinking skills, and they have not. At the very least, tax dollars spent on education are being wasted to teach kids material that does not benefit their lives nor help the republic maintain stability.

How are these kids supposed to grow up and take over the operation of our republic if they all believe our republic is evil and needs to be dismantled into a black separatist paradise, and they reject logic and science, while mistakenly believing their motivated reasonings are critical thinking and evidence? They obviously can’t.

Concluding Thoughts For The Residents of Newberg, Oregon; A Call to Action

This entire incident is a perfect example of why Critical Race Theory is an evil framework. Once you convince people that America is an evil country, they can use those beliefs to justify doing any illegal thing in their desire to “dismantle and rebuild” it.

We should ban Critical Race Theory in every publicly funded educational institute! In my opinion, teaching it to children is a form of child abuse, it poisons the mind and allows for the justification of all manner of evil. It should be banned from being taught to children and anyone who insists on teaching it should be weeded out from our school systems, for they have evil intentions, clearly. This situation is evidence that if they are allowed to take root in our institutions, they will turn those institutions against our republic.

I think it even needs to be banned in academia, too. Per the Government Speech Doctrine’s ability to allow the federal, state and municipal governments (including school boards) to deny funding to any organization that preaches anti-American values, no public funding should be spent into any universities or organization that teaches Critical Race Theory and advocates for it as a legitimate academic field. It’s just a crazy cult that utilizes the language of academics to indoctrinate people into so much madness they will form mafias in tiny towns like Newberg, Oregon in an effort to seize control of its local politics so they can use the local government to force everyone else into joining their cult.

But these larger issues are beyond my ability to do much about. For now, I am working to recall our city government officials who are aiding the CRT cultists in town in the indoctrination of children.

To the lawful residents of Newberg, as I have demonstrated with my list, there’s only a few hundred of these morons in this criminal cult. There is over 20,000 residents in this town district. There is no reason for this town to be controlled by them.

I ask the lawful residents of Newberg to wholly reject the political campaign and give no political support to anyone who has been involved in this criminal conspiracy against our elected officials. The conspirators motivation is to push a racist separatist movement that aims to undue 200 years of social progress. It has taken 200 years to create a country whose government is devoid of racism and delivers on the promises of the Declaration of Independence,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness

Whether you are a Republican or a Democrat, I call on you to fulfil your duty as an American citizen to oppose the tyranny of these criminal conspirators. This is not a partisan issue. I am a registered Democrat and I am wholly disgusted by the actions of Democrat affiliated activists in my hometown. They are breaking the law to obtain political power. They are brainwashing the children of our town into a racist agenda whose stated goal is to dismantle our democracy.

There is no question in my mind this is their goal. As I have proven in this article by quoting her own communications to the NEEd group, Guadalupe Martinez Zapata, Vice-Chair of the Department of Oregon Education, wants to dismantle and rebuild our country into a racist separatist system. This is their goal.

I say they are wrong!

I dare to say their actions are a treason against our republic!

Will you let these people get away with this conspiracy against our town? Will you not stand with me and uphold our sacred duty as a citizen of this country to oppose tyranny? Genuine tyranny is rare in our country. We have a duty as the inheritors of past generations of Americans’ will to fight against this tyranny.

I will fight them!

By the time you read this, I’ve long since reported them to the FBI. Now you too have read my criminal complaint against their organization.

I ask you to help me pluck these people by the root out of our government with recalls and lawsuits.

Use our democracy for what it was meant for and do not allow their treachery to go unpunished!

160 years ago, America was tested during the Civil War by those dissident few who sought to dismantle it.

America is tested once again! It will only endure if we rally together and oppose the tyranny of the dissident few.

Recall the conspirators from office!

Reject the recall of Brian Shannon!

Recall Casey Kulla!

Recall Rick Rogers, Bryce Coefield, Elise Yarnell Hollamon and Stephanie Findley!

Lastly, a Personal Message to Tai Harden-Moore and Everyone Else in the NEEd Mafia

I have seen everything you have organized and done. I have hundreds and hundreds of screenshots of your activity, that I have used to piece together your entire network. I know what power and influence you have. I am not afraid of you. I cannot be intimidated by the likes of you.

I am making it my personal mission to take down your traitorous cult.

This is Newberg, Oregon. This is not your personal kingdom. You will not be creating a black separatist paradise here where everyone who is “white” steps aside for you to lead it, I promise you that. If you thought this small town was going to be an easy target for your criminal conspiracy, you were a fool. This is my hometown. I will not allow you to do this anymore now that I know everything about your organization, who is part of it and how it operates.

Your false accusations of ‘racism’ will no longer work. You and your ‘ally-accomplices’ are committing crimes and I have presented the proof for everything. You should have paid better attention in law school. Your degree is obviously not worth the paper it was printed on.

Tai Harden-Moore, I had previously written that you must be intelligent and that you just had some bad ideologies; I was wrong. You are legitimately an absolute moron. I have never in my life read about such stupidity in a criminal organization such as the one in which you have created in my home town, of all places. You actually organized a criminal conspiracy using a Facebook group.

You are so dumb that you actually thought you were winning.

You’re not winning.

I have not yet begun to fight!

You messed with the wrong town. The high school team may be called the Tigers, but lions sleep here, too. You should never wake the lions up, and that is what you did. You have only yourselves to blame for moving to a town you thought would be easy prey to your nonsense.

I don’t care who you think you are. This is Newberg, Oregon. This is Small Town, America. President Hoover came from Newberg. Who the hell are you to come here and disgrace its reputation for your selfish nonsense?

I have only final question for you all,

Now, who the hell do you think I am?!

Let this be a warning to any other idiot sheep who comes to Newberg thinking of doing similar nonsense as what these crazed sheep have done, believing that forming a large group of sheep would somehow compensate for still being sheep;


I am a lion.

I will reach into the darkness you hide in and drag you out into the light.

Screw your law degrees, screw your useless education degrees, screw your wineries, screw your bars, screw your little stupid boutique shops and all this other crap you all brought to my town that you think entitles you to own it.

Leaders of the Newberg NEEd Mafia, I hope you all go to prison. From the bottom of my heart, I want you to know that it was me who reported you to the feds. While you spent time trash talking me and others in your little group, I spent hours and hours putting this all together with the aid of other residents in town who want to stop you just as much as I do.

And for those of you who were born in Newberg that were swept up in their cult; shame on you! Go spend some time at our Memorial Park by the veterans monument and reflect on your actions. People from our town have died for the freedoms we enjoy today, which you have decided to participate in the subversion of. Shame on you for undermining their ultimate sacrifices by your support of a criminal enterprise to subvert our democracy. You’re not ‘warriors’ — They, are warriors. And you have failed to uphold the legacy of our town.

This town was founded by people who opposed slavery!

This town has lost its sons, who fought and died for liberty!

It was not that long ago they paid the ultimate price for our freedoms!

You will not bring tyranny and racism here and get away with it!

This We’ll Defend!

About the Author

This is for other press, who I am sure will be picking this story up, and those in the press involved in this conspiracy who will be trying to discredit it as a means of saving their reputations.

I am a semi-retired entrepreneur in digital media, President of Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc. I was born in Newberg. I enlisted when I was seventeen, served five years of service, including a tour of duty during OIF. I’m an honorably discharged Army Veteran and a lifetime member of the VFW. I operate the men’s lifestyle magazine Millennial Gentleman. This is my personal blog and my hometown is a personal matter, so I chose this blog as the medium for this reporting.

I am the descendant of men who fought in the Revolutionary War for liberty against the British, for the Union in the Civil War against the Confederacy, and against the Axis powers in World War II. My family has lived in Newberg for nearly a century. It is my sacred duty as the inheritor of my ancestors’ will to ensure tyranny does not root itself here.

I am organizing a recall of the Newberg mayor Rick Rogers and the city council members who have allowed this conspiracy, especially those who actively participated in its organization. I support the Newberg School board members who voted to remove divisive anti-American political symbols from our schools — and this article is the only evidence you should need to see that decision to support the school board ban is the correct one.

To those who hate what I have done here, you can do your worst to discredit me. I’ll do my best, and I’ll win the narrative, because truth is on my side. It’s not on yours.

I believe in America.

Some of you should start believing in it again, too.

The American Dream is not yet dead.

The eyes of history are upon us. Who will stand up and defend America with me?

Also, not to sound like an e-beggar but I am an independent reporter. I am not part of any other media organization except my own small company. This article is exposing around 600 people as part of what I believe to be a criminal conspiracy and I anticipate they will try to sue me for libel despite all the evidence I show here. In reading this article, you will see they have already discussed suing me for libel over my past articles criticizing their activities, as they want to censure me. If you’d like to contribute to my legal defense fund so I may continue reporting on their activities, this is a link to my donation page. (Gofundme deplatformed me so I switched to GiveSendGo). Thank you and I hope this article informs you in a way that the Newberg Graphic has not.

If you are a resident of Newberg and want to help remove the cancer from our city government by recall of the mayor, as well as the city council members and school board members involved in this nonsense, please provide me your contact information in the following form so I can notify you when I file the recall and I will provide you with the necessary signature forms to fill out.


Carey Martell is the President of Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc. He is also the founder of the Power Up TV multi-channel network (acquired by Thunder Digital Media in January 2015). Carey formerly served as the Vice President of Thunder TV, the internet television division of Thunder Digital Media. In the past he has also been the Director of Alumni Membership for Tech Ranch Austin as well as the event organizer for the Austin YouTube Partner monthly meetups. Prior to his role at MBS, Inc. and his career as a video game developer and journalist, Carey served in the US Army for 5 years, including one tour of duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Carey is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Carey once moonlighted as the host of The RPG Fanatic Show, an internet television show on YouTube which accumulated over 3.7 million views during its run.