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Hi all,

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

The Zenither TV Anywhere platform has now launched in open beta mode! You can download the Android app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sciodev.zenither or watch the Free web app from the button at the top of http://www.zenither.com/ website.

The iPhone / iOS app has a few more things to tidy up but we expect it to go live toward the end of this week or the beginning of next, as it typically takes a few days for Apple to approve new apps.

I really want to take this time to thank our development team over at Scio. I know it’s been a long journey working for over a year on this project, and ya’ll have produced a really great product that I know is going to be used by a lot of people very quickly. I really appreciate how you guys have pulled together and helped us launch!

Now it falls on me to lead our team here in Hollywood to market it and get the revenue stream going so we can keep building it better and better 🙂 I’ve got a lot to live up to.

What do you mean by open beta?

We’ve launched the Android app for Zenither with a few features not yet implemented; primarily, the subscription and Future releases pages aren’t fully done, nor is commenting on episodes or the ability to purchase related merchandise. All of these features are done, server side and work great in the web app, but aren’t yet enabled in the mobile apps. That said these features will be released in the coming weeks for mobile once we finish the integration.

We had some unexpected challenges with creating this application — originally we expected to launch around April of this year. Mainly, it turned out creating a revolutionary, never-before seen creation is really hard! Ha, ha! But our amazing development team has worked miracles and made it possible, and it’s just taking a little longer to create the magic. Since summer is almost over we decided to release the mobile apps a little early so everyone can see the fruits of the labors.

The Roku TV app is a tad behind schedule…okay, it’s very behind schedule. The fault therein is on me, for being too ambitious in trying to have four apps (web, iOS, Android and Roku) created all at the same time. We currently expect the Roku TV app to be ready somewhere around September or November. Please look forward to it.

Please give us feedback!

Also — and I want to stress this — please make sure you give us feedback, whether it is by a review in the app store or sending us an email through the Help option in the apps and website. We’re looking to build the absolute best user experience anyone has seen in a TV Anywhere app and we cannot do it without you. We need to know what is working, what is broken and what can be improved. We also need to know what you love about the app, so we can do more of that. Absolute brutal honesty is the only way we can, together, build the best product for YOU.

So let’s do it!

Thanks everyone for believing in Zenither and coming together to make this dream come true.

Carey Martell

President, Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc.


Carey Martell is the President of Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc. He is also the founder of the Power Up TV multi-channel network (acquired by Thunder Digital Media in January 2015). Carey formerly served as the Vice President of Thunder TV, the internet television division of Thunder Digital Media. In the past he has also been the Director of Alumni Membership for Tech Ranch Austin as well as the event organizer for the Austin YouTube Partner monthly meetups. Prior to his role at MBS, Inc. and his career as a video game developer and journalist, Carey served in the US Army for 5 years, including one tour of duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Carey is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Carey also moonlights as the host of The RPG Fanatic Show, an internet television show on YouTube which has accumulated over 3.7 million views.