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The Graveyard of the Streaming Wars

The Streaming Wars is a ruthless battlefield where funding alone cannot guarantee success. Casualties of the streaming wars so far include 9×, Vidme and Go90 but there are many others too. In this article I’d like to provide my thoughts on why I think several platforms were doomed from the start, and how Zenither has the potential to still rise like a phoenix. Vidme is a notable example as it received a lot of fanfare when it first launched. Thousands

The Advice I Gave YouTube in 2010 and How I Used It to Design Zenither

My experience with YouTube stretches back all the way to its initial launch in 2005. I was among the first people to actively watch videos on the platform, and I created my own account in 2006 to publish my own videos, too. So as a long time user of the platform I have experienced all of the changes which had occurred on the platform, and seen how it changed over time. There have been times I had the opportunity to

The exploitation of children by social media sites is ridiculous and unnecessary

This article will likely be shorter than I could really elaborate on but I wanted to make a note of something. I am a fan of the YouTube Channel Nexpo which recently made the following video about a “children’s chat” site that allows adults to interact with children, seemingly to solicit them.       The responses the site admins gave about how they cannot secure the site is rather ridiculous. Look I have been using the internet since I

How to Stay Motivated as the World Burns Around You

Welcome to 2020, where nothing seems to go right. The year was starting out pretty good. I was super excited. We were going to pitch at some events at SXSW and get into conferences. And then we all know what happened. Now the world is crazy. It can be easy to sink into a depression about the current state of the world, but it’s helpful for me at least to remember where I have been before so that I know

Why YouTubers Should Start Channels on Zenither Before January 1st 2020

As you all should be aware, come Jan 1st YouTube is implementing AI bots to go on seek and destroy missions to remove children oriented channels from their platform. Channels deemed kids content will not appear in search, will lose commenting and they will also stop notifying subscribers about new video uploads. This is not hyperbole; this is happening. If you want to keep your businesses you have to adapt to the changing times. You need a new home for

An Introduction to Dynamic Television Broadcasting System Used by Zenither

Intro: With our Zenither TV Anywhere platform we have built “cable TV without the cable“. We believe our technology can allow us to be the #1 TV carrier in the world. This is a boastful statement but it is one based upon the strength of the technology which we have imagined and engineered. It’s not a hypothetical; right now we are doing TV broadcasting in a way that nobody else is doing it and which we believe is the future

How I Promoted My Self-Published Book to the Top of an Amazon Bestseller List

In the past I have written about how many authors are getting bad information on how to promote a self-published book. One of my core strengths as an entrepreneur is my marketing ability. It’s taken a lot of time, but by suffering through a lot of mistakes I’ve managed to find a process that works for me. I had built the Power Up TV network using certain techniques, and I’ve also applied these techniques to the books I have written,

The Entrepreneurial Life Requires Sacrifice

Six years ago ( 2012 ) I bought new shoes. This was to replace the pair of shoes pictured above, which I had purchased when I got out of the Army in 2005. So I wore these shoes for seven years. I took a photo of these shoes before I threw them away because I wanted to remember that. I’m starting this blog post by mentioning this because I think it illustrates how little money I had in my young

What Movie Theatres Should Do to Survive a Digital First World

It’s no secret that the movie theatre industry is in trouble. Last year attendance declined to a 23 year low. And while the foreign box office grows in revenue size much of this growth has been in countries like China which have restricted rules and only allow a small number of foreign films to receive theatrical distribution per year. Studios like Legendary Entertainment have allowed themselves to be purchased by Chinese owners in attempts to bypass these restrictions but these efforts

Zenither Open Beta Has Launched!!!

( This is a copy of the shareholder newsletter, also available at ) Hi all, This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The Zenither TV Anywhere platform has now launched in open beta mode! You can download the Android app at or watch the Free web app from the button at the top of website. The iPhone / iOS app has a few more things to tidy up but we expect it to go live toward the end of this week

Pre-Launch Party & Thunder Studios Lawsuit Update

( This blog post is a copy of the shareholder newsletter published by Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc. on 6/22/2018 and is available to read publicly at our Start Engine listing page at ) Hi folks, As this is our shareholder newsletter it is my job to keep everyone informed about matters of relevance to equity stakeholders. As we had two important events occur this month, I’m writing this newsletter a little early in order to honor my fiduciary duty as President

How to be Happy

“So trade that typical for something colorful And if it’s crazy, live a little crazy You can play it sensible, a king of conventional Or you can risk it all and see….” -Hugh Jackman, as P.T. Barnum in ‘The Greatest Showman’. I can be an acquired taste. I made a decision several years ago, to just try to be brutally honest when giving advice and I’ve tried to make this blog be a largely unfiltered place for my thoughts about

June Update: New Features, Our First Commercial and More!

Hi folks, I’d like to let you all know about some new exciting things that have been occurring here at MBS the past two months! Those of you following our Facebook page will know we’ve been making continual progress every day and we’re getting closer to launch, but for those who haven’t been following our page, here’s an update. 1. New offices: We’ve upgraded our offices to a location in downtown Los Angeles that is about 2,000 square feet. Our staff has settled