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Update: What’s Happened in Five Months as VP of Thunder TV

Note: I no longer work at Thunder Studios having exited the company. This article is an archive of my thoughts while serving as Vice President of Thunder TV. It dawned on me that it’s been five months since I took on the duties of Vice President of Thunder TV, the television division at Thunder Studios. As my new set of responsibilities have occupied a lot of my time, I’ve forgotten to keep this blog updated with what has transpired. I

I was interviewed on Big Pitch Radio today!

I was invited to be a guest entrepreneur on Big Pitch Radio today (airing in over 30 markets!) You can listen to the recorded podcast by going to the March 2015 archive page and looking for Episode 59 – 3/30/2015 – Jon Weisblatt, SDR Ventures, Carey Martell. Thanks for having me on the show guys!  

Power Up TV MCN Acquired by Thunder Studios

Thunder Studios acquired Power Up TV at the start of the New Year and with it my services as an executive player in the YouTube and online video streaming market. I have become the Vice President of Thunder TV, and its sister network Power Up TV, to develop and manage the department responsible for establishing a vertically integrated production studio.  This will include the renovations of 150,000 sqft studio facilities with a state-of-the-art production hub for content creators, $150,000 funding

A Prophecy For What The Film industry Will Be in 2020

There is a tendency in business to, once you’ve found a model that works, stay the course and not become distracted chasing trends. FedEx founder and CEO Fred Smith once said: “In business, the big thing is making sure the big thing stays the big thing.” I think that is a generally good idea, but sometimes the market truly is shifting in a way that forces a dramatic change in the business model. I think that time is upon us for

The Challenges of Building a YouTube Multichannel Network from Scratch

Note: This is an older article. I sold my MCN Power Up TV to Thunder Studios in January 2015. I now work as a consultant. Consider hiring me! Every week I am contacted by someone who wants to start a YouTube network and many of them act like all they have to do is make a website and a forum, and things will just happen. Or I get contacted by people who question my network’s numbers; they doubt we really

My YouTube Audience Growth Certificate

On this blog you’ll find a lot of articles I have tagged as YouTube Advice (click here to find them all). I like to consider myself pretty knowledgeable about using YouTube and I enjoy sharing this knowledge. Tonight I took the exam for YouTube Audience Growth Certification. In the immortal words of Peter Venkman: “No Studying.”   That said, I only got away with no studying because I’ve been using the YouTube CMS system for Content ID management for the

The Big List of Sites to Submit Your YouTube Videos

A Simple Tactic on How tо Get More YouTube Views You’ve just posted your recent YouTube video masterpiece. You’re super excited about how this creation you’ve worked so hard to make is now ready for the world, and you wait in anticipation for legions of people to comment telling you how great your video is…. …Except you don’t get more than a few dozen views. After three days. You’ve thrown a party, but nobody is showing up. That’s depressing, I know. But

Understanding YouTube Audience Development

Note: This is an older article. I sold my MCN Power Up TV to Thunder Studios in January 2015. I now work as a consultant. Consider hiring me! YouTube channels are a business like any other; you need to understand the conversion funnel process in order to fully optimize your efforts and be successful as a small business owner. The conversion funnel for YouTube content owners looks like this; Let’s talk about each type of person in the funnel and

The Secret to being a Successful YouTuber

Note: This is an older article. I sold my MCN Power Up TV to Thunder Studios in January 2015. I now work as a consultant. Consider hiring me! The Most Important Thing for YouTubers to Know   Let me level with you for a moment. What I’m going to say is the most important thing for ALL YouTubers to hear, and it is the secret to becoming successful on the platform. The secret is simple: Know what your “job” as

YouTubers, Help Me Help You

Note: This is an older article. I sold my MCN Power Up TV to Thunder Studios in January 2015. I now work as a consultant. Consider hiring me! There is a very famous scene in the movie ‘Jerry Maguire‘ where Tom Cruise’s character gets completely fed up with his client, played by Cuba Gooding. Jr. I think the scene is completely applicable to how I feel on a regular basis trying to help YouTubers make more productive decisions. The scene

Martell TV : The Indiegogo Campaign Post-Analysis

I think a lot of people misunderstand what crowdfunding sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter are. A lot of people think the job of the platform is to market and sell your project. That is not true. Crowdfunding platforms are actually more like an eBay Store listing. It’s an e-commerce page, but it is still a store. You still need to sell your perks and you still need to market the campaign. And you have to reach out. A lot of

Re-designing the Power Up TV Website

Update 5/3/2016: I am no longer affiliated with Power Up TV, having sold the company last year. This article remains for historical purposes. If you’d like the latest info on starting a YouTube MCN consider my book How to Start Your Own YouTube Network: An Insider’s Guide.   I now work as a consultant. Consider hiring me! *** As of this writing, Power Up TV has grown to over 1,200 YouTube Partners and generates almost $10,000 in total revenue per month. is used by Maker Studios to astroturf negativity for other networks

The most popular YouTuber forum is and I’ve had an account there for a good number of years, though I mostly lurked. But today I was banned for defending the Freedom network in this thread, You can see my ban screen and that it clearly says it was for ‘Spam’.   Of course I wasn’t spamming; as shown by replies back to my posts (such as the one below), I was participating in the discussion. I wrote several