‘The Lean Channel: YouTube for Entrepreneurs’ Book Now Available

One of the most popular articles on my blog is my guide for creating a YouTube gaming channel.

Considering this, several months ago I started writing a detailed book that explains how to build a business around a YouTube channel. The result is The Lean Channel: YouTube for Entrepreneurs.

The book is basically an expanded version of the blog article, with information not covered in the article.

You can order the book off Amazon, as a Kindle eBook or the more traditional print version.


Have you ever wanted to start a business centered around producing YouTube videos? This book serves as a guide for the complete novice instructing in how to get started on your path to becoming a new media sensation and make money. Learn everything from how to setup your channel to how to brand your show.

Supplemental Material:

The book mentions there is additional downloads and information located on my book. You can find that information at https://careymartell.com/lean-channel-supplements/

Photos of the Printed Book

the-lean-channel-youtube-book1 the-lean-channel-youtube-book2 the-lean-channel-youtube-book3 the-lean-channel-youtube-book5 the-lean-channel-youtube-book4

Update 12/3/2015: 

I’m surprised how well the book has been received. It’s currently one of the top selling books for the ‘video production’ category.


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