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How Television Will Be Next Year

There are several reasons why the traditional television model has been dying in the past decade. Some of these reasons are increased competition for viewer interest from video games, social sites like Facebook and online video platforms like YouTube and Netflix. But the most important reason is that TV channels that were originally focused on niche audiences ( examples: MTV, Sci-Fi and TLC ) have been forced to program their stations with cheaply produced reality shows designed to appeal to

Why Google Will Be Taken Down a Few Notches Soon

I used to love Google and all the amazing things they did. I’ve been using the Chrome browser since it launched, and I’ve used Gmail accounts exclusively since 2004; I was among those who received a beta invite key. But as the years go by, Google has gotten more greedy. It’s cliche to bring up their informal motto of “Don’t be evil” but it’s now clear to me that Google’s definition of evil is very different from my own concept

State of the Network (November 2nd 2013)

As I mentioned back in June, we’re currently in the process of getting a seed investment. An investment is a 4-6 month process. One challenge for us to grow the Martell Brothers Studios network organically has been our difficulty in getting channels into the network. Some of you may recall that we had to ask you to make brand new channels so we could add you, because you’d already entered your channel into a Partnership with Google and/or you had

How to Start a YouTube MCN Network : A Guide

Update: This is a very old article and video so I have revised this posting.  Not all of the information in this video is accurate. For example, it doesn’t cost $1 million+ to start an MCN anymore as the costs of operation have been greatly reduced by the introduction of automation software designed for MCN management. If you want assistance with starting a YouTube MCN you should see my page for a list of consultation services I can provide,

YouTube’s intentional disconnect from its customers

So the other day a YouTube employee announced they are removing the private YouTube creator thread (used for many years by long-time Partners to have intelligent discussions) and posted this, After we gave our feedback, ytCheryl edited her post to remove the request for our opinions, Of course, unless you subscribe to that Google Product forum to receive email alerts from new posts (like I do) you’d never realize she edited her post. Fortunately I am able to show the

Post SXSW and Martell TV Phase II

Well SXSW came and went. We had a lot of events we attended, and made some great contacts. We’re now showing off some demo footage of the Martell TV beta app, which we will release next month. But we’ve also released an Indiegogo page for our round 2 development.

The Public Domain and YouTube

There are around 50,000 films in the public domain, and this is good. Major networks like Turner Broadcasting Systems started out airing films and shorts in the public domain, and were able to grow empires by running advertising on the content. So it stands to reason that Youtubers can employ the same technique to fill gaps of programming and increase revenue for developing their own networks, right? Not exactly. Youtube has a fingerprinting technology called Content ID, which is available to

Why I Don’t Like The Media Conglomerates

As a company focused on entertainment, the most natural place to find investors would be from one of the major media conglomerates like News Corp. or Time Warner. Our competitor Maker Studios has certainly gone that route already, raising about 30 million dollars by doing so. But that is not the path I am taking Martell Brothers and I’ll tell you why: The world is too small. When a handful of companies own practically everything, that doesn’t give a lot of air

This is the beginning of the blog

It’s been almost six months since we launched our internet television network, so in the interest of becoming more transparent about how we run and what direction we are heading, I thought it was time to start running a personal blog. I’m no stranger to blogging, as I have maintained a few over the years, but I’ve never made any kind of personal diary blog. Let me bring you up to speed on how things have gone: I started watching