Don’t buy PSN Season Passes. The system breaks every week and Customer Support doesn’t give a damn.

Dear Sony management in charge of the North American customer support team: I am writing this post to let everyone who follows me know not to waste their money nor time purchasing Season Passes from the PSN (Playstation Network). I […]


My Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds Nmail Box (2003-2009)

Most people will not find this post to be interesting at all. This is a dump of all the letters I received inside a MMORPG called Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds that I played extensively when I was younger. […]


What Anti-GamerGate Articles Are Really About: Ad Revenue for Gawker

I do not support the harassment of anyone. I do however support the GamerGate movement. No, I do not support the imaginary GamerGate movement invented by the very journalists whose ethics have been called into question. I support the true […]


My YouTube Audience Growth Certificate

Tonight I took the exam for YouTube Audience Growth Certification. In the immortal words of Peter Venkman: “No Studying.”   That said, I only got away with no studying because I’ve been using the YouTube CMS system for Content ID […]


The Big List of Sites to Submit Your YouTube Videos

A Simple Tactic on How tо Get More YouTube Views You’ve just posted your recent YouTube video masterpiece. You’re super excited about how this creation you’ve worked so hard to make is now ready for the world, and you wait in […]