A Prophecy For What The Film industry Will Be in 2020

There is a tendency in business to, once you’ve found a model that works, stay the course and not become distracted chasing trends. FedEx founder and CEO Fred Smith once said: “In business, the big thing is making sure the big […]


The Challenges of Building a YouTube Multichannel Network from Scratch

Every week I am contacted by someone who wants to start a YouTube network and many of them act like all they have to do is make a website and a forum, and things will just happen. Or I get […]


Don’t buy PSN Season Passes. The system breaks every week and Customer Support doesn’t give a damn.

Dear Sony management in charge of the North American customer support team: I am writing this post to let everyone who follows me know not to waste their money nor time purchasing Season Passes from the PSN (Playstation Network). I […]


My Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds Nmail Box (2003-2009)

Most people will not find this post to be interesting at all. This is a dump of all the letters I received inside a MMORPG called Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds that I played extensively when I was younger. […]


What Anti-GamerGate Articles Are Really About: Ad Revenue for Gawker

I do not support the harassment of anyone. I do however support the GamerGate movement. No, I do not support the imaginary GamerGate movement invented by the very journalists whose ethics have been called into question. I support the true […]