How to Create a Successful Facebook Fan Page Audience

The way you think about Facebook is probably wrong. This flawed thought process is holding you back. Facebook is *not* your personal diary, something to be kept hidden from all except close friends and family. Facebook is a distribution system […]


reddit AMA Featuring Thunder Digital Media Executives

Got questions? Rodric David and myself have been answering them since we started a thread on IAmA last week. Here’s the link: I Own the Largest Independent Film Studio in California! AMA!  


Why Thunder TV Is Important

We tend to focus too much on the technology and the business of entertainment, and we often forget that film-making – even in the online video world — is an art. Art is about expressing ideas and communicating values.  Art […]


Lamenting the Death of the Small Town Video Rental Store

As a person whose career is predicated on internet-based distribution of TV shows and movies it may shock you to learn there is a part of me that mourns for those who have been put out of business along the […]


Update: What’s Happened in Five Months as VP of Thunder TV

It dawned on me that it’s been five months since I took on the duties of Vice President of Thunder TV, the television division at Thunder Studios. As my new set of responsibilities have occupied a lot of my time, […]