Wlinkster: New Scam on the Horizon using Facebook & Angelist profiles

I recently was approached by a guy on Facebook named Sagar Ranar who was connected to a business acquaintance, probably through the Startup List FB group that we’re both members of. Sagar made me a proposition that seemed really off; if I donated to a charity ran by Kathy Savitt he would convince her to share my startup with investors.

I don’t have time to write an in-depth report, but fortunately there is a guy who has been tracking this group for awhile, Shamik Daityari. His blog post about this Wlinkster group is here. 

Someone should let Kathy Savitt know her likeness is being used in a scam. I tried sending her an inmail via LinkedIn but usually my inmails get ignored.

BTW- Shamik has a startup of his own called The Blog Bowl with an interesting premise; blogging contests that help build awareness and back-links to a website. I think it’s a rad idea. I’m glad at least some good came of this; I was introduced to another interesting startup founder.