‘Facebook Marketing: Guide to Strategies That Don’t Suck’ Now Available on Kindle

Hey, all. Been pretty busy with a variety of projects and totally forgot I published a new book on the 22nd. I’ve blogged about Facebook related subjects before but never put together a comprehensive guide to growing an audience with the platform. Now I have and the book is titled Facebook Marketing: Guide to Strategies That Don’t Suck.


Book Description:

Facebook is a relatively new platform but its influence cannot be denied; currently Facebook has 1.55 billion active users from around the world. No marketer can afford to ignore this channel as a way to directly reach out to customers. With millions and millions of visitors coming to the website every minute, Facebook has become a giant world market place where manufacturers, advertisers, sellers and businessmen and regular folk can come to display their products and share information for people to see. Yet it can be tough to find quality tips and information about marketing on Facebook that doesn’t suck.

In this workbook you will get a crash-course guide in how to setup a branded Facebook Page for your business and grow an audience using both organic (free) strategies. You will also learn how to conduct paid ad campaigns using promoted posts and Facebook Power Editor.

In this book digital media expert Carey Martell provides you all the necessary steps, tips, and tricks you need to know to increase user engagement, generate sales and build massive awareness. Whether you’re a startup entrepreneur or a corporate marketer, this book will become a valuable resource to you.

I should be releasing a book on Twitter sometime next month. That will mean I will have covered the Big Three : Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’ll be consolidating these ebooks into one paperback mega-book on social media marketing, so please look forward to that.