Hi folks, sorry for the long radio silence. We’ve had a lot of exciting things behind the scenes here at MBS, Inc. I want to give ya’ll a quick update so you stay informed on what has occurred and what is happening.

1. New GUI: We’ve got a brand new final design for the graphical user interface for Zenither.

More photos can be viewed at our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/zenitherTV

2. Patents: We’ve filed numerous patents related to the technology powering the Zenither application. We’ve even filed design patents to protect our innovative GUI from copy cats and imitators. We’ve spent an enormous amount of time infusing our application with a certain kind of style and feel to ensure Zenither has its own unique look and branding. This is why we’ve taken steps to protect this intellectual property.

3. Content Acquisition: Our team has recently attended trade shows such as MipTV in Cannes, France and NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada to acquire a large lineup of exciting programming for Zenither. We’ll have a number of third party networks supplying us with their high quality content in multiple verticals ranging from sports, fashion, news and movies. Furthermore we’ve entered into license agreements with new media influencers to bring their web series to Zenither, and these series will be scheduled into O&O stations curated by our team internally here at MBS, Inc.

4. Launch Plans: We originally were going to host a launch party in Los Angeles, CA this month but decided to postpone. The reason is because we want to ensure our mobile applications for iOS and Android are the absolute best possible experiences available for any video streaming application on either platform. This is a high standard to reach but one we are confident we can obtain. To make a launch date this month we’d have needed to cut too many features which we believe would be essential for the user experience, so we decided to postpone the launch party until the mobile apps are ready to launch. Tentatively we expect this date to be toward the middle of June, so look for our future updates related to this. Having said that the web browser version of Zenither is ready to go, and we’re currently preparing to conduct a “soft launch” of the Zenither service sometime next month. We’ll also announce through this newsletter when that occurs.

Thanks so much for your support and I look forward to sharing more exciting news with you all during our next newsletter.

Carey Martell

President, Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc.


Carey Martell is the President of Martell Broadcasting Systems, Inc. He is also the founder of the Power Up TV multi-channel network (acquired by Thunder Digital Media in January 2015). Carey formerly served as the Vice President of Thunder TV, the internet television division of Thunder Digital Media. In the past he has also been the Director of Alumni Membership for Tech Ranch Austin as well as the event organizer for the Austin YouTube Partner monthly meetups. Prior to his role at MBS, Inc. and his career as a video game developer and journalist, Carey served in the US Army for 5 years, including one tour of duty during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Carey is a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Carey also moonlights as the host of The RPG Fanatic Show, an internet television show on YouTube which has accumulated over 3.7 million views.