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My Life As a Mildly Popular YouTuber

I was recently asked to explain what my background in web television is, and why I’m so passionate about building Martell TV as a next generation TV Station platform. So in this post I’ll write a summarized bio of my life as a mildly popular YouTuber. There is a lot of press out there about how hundreds of people have built careers and fortunes from YouTube. Almost everyone has heard of creators like PewDiePie, smosh, Annoying Orange, RayWilliamJohnson, The Angry

Please Help Me Get To LA To Save My Startup

They say things get darkest before the dawn. It’s time to test it. I’ve been on a long journey with this startup, and it’s nearing the end-point. We just have a little further to go. I could write a lengthy post about all the many reasons, but it’ll be faster to just watch the video. If anything about what we’re doing resonates with you, please donate something. Anything will help, really. I will blog the names of all the pledgers

Wlinkster: New Scam on the Horizon using Facebook & Angelist profiles

I recently was approached by a guy on Facebook named Sagar Ranar who was connected to a business acquaintance, probably through the Startup List FB group that we’re both members of. Sagar made me a proposition that seemed really off; if I donated to a charity ran by Kathy Savitt he would convince her to share my startup with investors. I don’t have time to write an in-depth report, but fortunately there is a guy who has been tracking this

What I learned during Austin Startup Weekend

Last weekend I took part in the Startup Weekend event here in Austin. This year it was hosted at Tech Ranch Austin. For those who don’t know, Startup Weekend is like a 48 hour film contest for startups; several teams assembled by participants try to launch a startup in a weekend and compete for the chance to enter the global contest of startups. There are several thousand dollars of valuable services available to win. I was a member of the

Lessons Learned Pre-Seed as a Startup CEO

My startup has reached the point where we are making Station sales, and I think this is a good time to reflect on the things I’ve learned getting to this point. Most executives seem to talk about what went wrong after the company has ended, but I’d never heard of Sonar until I read their post-mortem. So I’m going to write a post-mortem report today, when sharing such thoughts is more valuable to myself and my readers. Besides, it’ll be fun

How Television Will Be Next Year

There are several reasons why the traditional television model has been dying in the past decade. Some of these reasons are increased competition for viewer interest from video games, social sites like Facebook and online video platforms like YouTube and Netflix. But the most important reason is that TV channels that were originally focused on niche audiences ( examples: MTV, Sci-Fi and TLC ) have been forced to program their stations with cheaply produced reality shows designed to appeal to

Fearing Failure Is A Completely Worthless Habit

Tonight I opened my email to receive a letter from the executive director of CTAN (Central Texas Angels Network) informing me that my company was not accepted for consideration in the current funding cycle. Oh well.  Last week Mark Cuban responded to one of my email cold calls saying the company wasn’t for him. Oh well. Yesterday a potential CTO candidate who might be able to help us finish development of Martell TV with a team working for equity…he wrote

Why Google Will Be Taken Down a Few Notches Soon

I used to love Google and all the amazing things they did. I’ve been using the Chrome browser since it launched, and I’ve used Gmail accounts exclusively since 2004; I was among those who received a beta invite key. But as the years go by, Google has gotten more greedy. It’s cliche to bring up their informal motto of “Don’t be evil” but it’s now clear to me that Google’s definition of evil is very different from my own concept

State of the Network (November 2nd 2013)

As I mentioned back in June, we’re currently in the process of getting a seed investment. An investment is a 4-6 month process. One challenge for us to grow the Martell Brothers Studios network organically has been our difficulty in getting channels into the network. Some of you may recall that we had to ask you to make brand new channels so we could add you, because you’d already entered your channel into a Partnership with Google and/or you had

To: Department of Veteran’s Affairs VR&E Officer Kelly Shupak

I must say I am impressed by the lengths that you and others at the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Houston Regional Offices Vocational Rehabilitation Services are going to deny me, a 70% Disabled Veteran, his rights. Your efforts go far above and beyond what is typically expected of a VA employee. In addition to the usual derelict of duty expected of everyone, you have now made false statements to not only a member of Congress but now a Senator in

Giving things “a good try”

I was talking to my dad the other day and expressing my frustrations with how the company has not grown as swiftly as I’ve wanted it to, but not for lack of trying. I tend to have at least two meetings every day with potential investors or clients. Although we have some interested parties we haven’t secured any deals because most investors want to see clients, and most clients want to see more features. It’s the whole chicken-and-egg dilemma. My

How to Start a YouTube MCN Network : A Guide

Update: This is a very old article and video so I have revised this posting.  Not all of the information in this video is accurate. For example, it doesn’t cost $1 million+ to start an MCN anymore as the costs of operation have been greatly reduced by the introduction of automation software designed for MCN management. If you want assistance with starting a YouTube MCN you should see my page for a list of consultation services I can provide,

YouTube’s intentional disconnect from its customers

So the other day a YouTube employee announced they are removing the private YouTube creator thread (used for many years by long-time Partners to have intelligent discussions) and posted this, After we gave our feedback, ytCheryl edited her post to remove the request for our opinions, Of course, unless you subscribe to that Google Product forum to receive email alerts from new posts (like I do) you’d never realize she edited her post. Fortunately I am able to show the