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The San Antonio VA Vocational Rehab Counselors are Violating My Rights

Today I received the following letter from my Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, Scott G. Alexander, telling me that he is going to remove me from the Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation Program: Now that it has come to this I have no choice but to go public in the hopes that, like with the VA backlog crisis, the shame of it will finally force the VA to do what it should have done to begin with: its job. I doubt I’m the

The things I want YouTube to change the most

#1) Remove the ‘Mark as Spam’ option so that only the VIDEO UPLOADER can mark the comment as spam. This feature is currently abused by trolls to silence comments they don’t agree with — even the responses from the person who made the video to begin with. On that note, remove the “this comment has too many negative votes” feature too. #2) Get rid of the ‘highlights for feeds’ garbage. Implement a better subscription feed system that is designed to accomodate

Bank of America, you have inconvenienced me for the last time.

Bank of America, eventually your people are going to wonder why you lost me as a customer. This is the reason. I need a bank who will honor their own checks. Bank of America clearly has a policy to not do so if they can find some trivial reason to not pay, even if it’s due to a mistake they caused in the first place. I’d also like a bank who doesn’t close their “existing mortgage loan departments” on Sat

Post SXSW and Martell TV Phase II

Well SXSW came and went. We had a lot of events we attended, and made some great contacts. We’re now showing off some demo footage of the Martell TV beta app, which we will release next month. But we’ve also released an Indiegogo page for our round 2 development.

Looking Forward: SXSW 2013

Now that I got the messy and uncomfortable, but necessary, blog post out of the way, I want to share my excitement for the events this month. I have made a lot of progress going through the Venture Forth program, and my pitch deck is nearly complete. I will be attending a variety of startup showcase events and performing pitches to potential investors. I hope to create a lot of positive buzz about my company, and get an investment so

The Department of Veteran Affairs Betrays Vets Like Me

I hate talking about my weaknesses. I like to focus on what I can change, and the future. I hate dwelling on the things I can do little to nothing about. It’s impossible to talk about my disabilities without feeling just a little bit helpless, and I absolutely despise both the pity and ridicule talking about such things brings; people either feel sorry for you, or think it’s a weapon to be used to knock you down. But I need

The Public Domain and YouTube

There are around 50,000 films in the public domain, and this is good. Major networks like Turner Broadcasting Systems started out airing films and shorts in the public domain, and were able to grow empires by running advertising on the content. So it stands to reason that Youtubers can employ the same technique to fill gaps of programming and increase revenue for developing their own networks, right? Not exactly. Youtube has a fingerprinting technology called Content ID, which is available to

Why I Don’t Like The Media Conglomerates

As a company focused on entertainment, the most natural place to find investors would be from one of the major media conglomerates like News Corp. or Time Warner. Our competitor Maker Studios has certainly gone that route already, raising about 30 million dollars by doing so. But that is not the path I am taking Martell Brothers and I’ll tell you why: The world is too small. When a handful of companies own practically everything, that doesn’t give a lot of air

This is the beginning of the blog

It’s been almost six months since we launched our internet television network, so in the interest of becoming more transparent about how we run and what direction we are heading, I thought it was time to start running a personal blog. I’m no stranger to blogging, as I have maintained a few over the years, but I’ve never made any kind of personal diary blog. Let me bring you up to speed on how things have gone: I started watching