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Fearing Failure Is A Completely Worthless Habit

Tonight I opened my email to receive a letter from the executive director of CTAN (Central Texas Angels Network) informing me that my company was not accepted for consideration in the current funding cycle. Oh well.  Last week Mark Cuban responded to one of my email cold calls saying the

State of the Network (November 2nd 2013)

As I mentioned back in June, we’re currently in the process of getting a seed investment. An investment is a 4-6 month process. One challenge for us to grow the Martell Brothers Studios network organically has been our difficulty in getting channels into the network. Some of you may recall

Giving things “a good try”

I was talking to my dad the other day and expressing my frustrations with how the company has not grown as swiftly as I’ve wanted it to, but not for lack of trying. I tend to have at least two meetings every day with potential investors or clients. Although we

Reddit, why do you hate indie creators so much?

I originally posted this into /r/AskReddit, where it was (expectedly) ignored. It is about how reddit’s self-promotion policy is hugely flawed. I decided to repost here so those outside that community’s bubble might read it. ———- My name is Carey Martell. I am entrepreneur, game journalist, disabled veteran and CEO

Post SXSW and Martell TV Phase II

Well SXSW came and went. We had a lot of events we attended, and made some great contacts. We’re now showing off some demo footage of the Martell TV beta app, which we will release next month. But we’ve also released an Indiegogo page for our round 2 development.