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YouTube SEO Misunderstandings

In many ways, it really is the wild west out there in SEO land. Yesterday I posted a job on eLance requesting someone who specializes in Youtube SEO to help me improve the rankings of the videos on my channel, Most of the offers I’ve had are clearly from bots,

YouTube’s subscription feed sucks

Back in May ’12 I posted a video explaining why changes YouTube made to the subscription feed were bad for both creators and the users. The complaint is primarily directed at the “highlights for feed” filter, which works similar to the activity feed filter on Facebook where it only shows

Hey OkCupid, you just lost a 9 year customer. Here’s why:

About a month ago I found myself unable to login to my account. I couldn’t even reset my account. All I got was a message saying “Sorry, we’re having technical difficulties right now. Check back later.” I did a Google search for that string and discovered this “technical difficulties” message

Reddit, why do you hate indie creators so much?

I originally posted this into /r/AskReddit, where it was (expectedly) ignored. It is about how reddit’s self-promotion policy is hugely flawed. I decided to repost here so those outside that community’s bubble might read it. ———- My name is Carey Martell. I am entrepreneur, game journalist, disabled veteran and CEO